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  1. 3M™ All-Purpose Multi-Sprayer

    The All-Purpose Multi-Sprayer features a 70 PSI Aquatec pump with viton seals to allow spraying of certain solvent-based and all water-based pre-sprays, deodorants, disinfectants, flame retardants, and carpet and upholstery protector products.

    • Comes with a 2-gallon jug
    • 70 PSI Aquatec pump with viton seals
    • Includes upholstery sprayer attachment and floor sprayer wand
    • Weighs only 15 pounds
  2. 3M™ Cordless Battery Multi-Sprayer

    This convenient rechargeable sprayer handles it all: protectors, pre-sprays, detergents, deodorizers, and more! Standard pump-up models only spray for a minute or so before you have to pump them again. But this model sprays for 90 continuous minutes per charge for the ultimate in efficiency!

    • Rechargeable sprayer; 90-minute spray per charge
    • Cordless convenience
    • Lightweight, just 15 pounds!
    • 70 PSI pump
    • Upholstery wand with 5001 t-jet
  3. Spray One, Electric Sprayer, 50 PSI

    Compact design and solid construction make the Spray One sprayer ideal for fast, easy, and uniform application of pre-sprays, protectors, and deodorizers. Carry it from job to job without back strain; it weighs just five pounds!

    • One-gallon capacity
    • 50 PSI
    • 30-foot power cord
    • Comes with two containers
    • Solvent-resistant viton seals
  4. ESS XT-3 MaxCharge™ Electrostatic Sprayer

    The XT-3 is a robust self-contained sprayer that is ideal for efficient application of any water-based chemical or fungicide. The 3-gallon pressurized tank requires no external air supply and provides a full 1.5 hours of continuous, uninterrupted spraying for maximum efficiency.

    • Self-contained sprayer
    • Produces electrically charged droplets
    • 25-ft standard hose
    • 3-gallon capacity
    • Compatible with any water-based chemical
  5. Battery Powered Sprayer and 5 Gallon Container

    The Battery Powered Sprayer is an electric autonomous sprayer with continuous jet. It allows pulverization of any liquid product or low-pressure cleaning simply by immersing the hose and its suction strainer in any container. Every part of the sprayer in contact with the product is made of brass or plastic (no parts made of aluminum).

    • Ideal for spray applications or low-pressure cleaning
    • Uses 3–4 times less liquid than traditional spraying equipment
    • Includes sprayer, 5-gallon bucket, and 2 batteries
    • Lightweight design; easy to use
    • Sprays up to 10 yards
  6. SMK C100WOL Lock-On Bucket Sprayer with Latch

    The C100WOL is a compact bucket top sprayer that makes applying approved products 200% faster and more efficient than old-fashioned hand-pump sprayers. It is ideal for use for low-volume, intermittent duty applications.

    • 25 PSI
    • Includes bucket-top latching mechanism
    • Variable speed control
    • Bucket and DEWALT Ni-Cad tool battery, 12 or 18DC sold separately
    • Self-priming up to 2.5 vertical feet
  7. SMK P100WO Water- and Oil-Based Products Sprayer

    The P100WO is a compact bucket top sprayer designed for use with water- and oil-based substances. This unit is designed durable, ensuring it can outlast the toughest working environments.

    • Fully enclosed pump housing
    • Variable speed control
    • Bucket and Dewalt tool battery, 12 or 18DC sold separately

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