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  1. 3M™ All-Purpose Multi-Sprayer

    The All-Purpose Multi-Sprayer features a 70 PSI Aquatec pump with viton seals to allow spraying of certain solvent-based and all water-based pre-sprays, deodorants, disinfectants, flame retardants, and carpet and upholstery protector products.

    • Comes with a 2-gallon jug
    • 70 PSI Aquatec pump with viton seals
    • Includes upholstery sprayer attachment and floor sprayer wand
    • Weighs only 15 pounds
  2. 3M™ Cordless Battery Multi-Sprayer

    This convenient rechargeable sprayer handles it all: protectors, pre-sprays, detergents, deodorizers, and more! Standard pump-up models only spray for a minute or so before you have to pump them again. But this model sprays for 90 continuous minutes per charge for the ultimate in efficiency!

    • Rechargeable sprayer; 90-minute spray per charge
    • Cordless convenience
    • Lightweight, just 15 pounds!
    • 70 PSI pump
    • Upholstery wand with 5001 t-jet
  3. Spray One, Electric Sprayer, 50 PSI

    Compact design and solid construction make the Spray One sprayer ideal for fast, easy, and uniform application of pre-sprays, protectors, and deodorizers. Carry it from job to job without back strain; it weighs just five pounds!

    • One-gallon capacity
    • 50 PSI
    • 30-foot power cord
    • Comes with two containers
    • Solvent-resistant viton seals
  4. ESS XT-3 MaxCharge™ Electrostatic Sprayer

    The XT-3 is a robust self-contained sprayer that is ideal for efficient application of any water-based chemical or fungicide. The 3-gallon pressurized tank requires no external air supply and provides a full 1.5 hours of continuous, uninterrupted spraying for maximum efficiency.

    • Self-contained sprayer
    • Produces electrically charged droplets
    • 25-ft standard hose
    • 3-gallon capacity
    • Compatible with any water-based chemical
  5. SMK C100WOL Lock-On Bucket Sprayer with Latch

    The C100WOL is a compact bucket top sprayer that makes applying approved products 200% faster and more efficient than old-fashioned hand-pump sprayers. It is ideal for use for low-volume, intermittent duty applications.

    • 25 PSI
    • Includes bucket-top latching mechanism
    • Variable speed control
    • Bucket and DEWALT Ni-Cad tool battery, 12 or 18DC sold separately
    • Self-priming up to 2.5 vertical feet
  6. SMK P100WO Water- and Oil-Based Products Sprayer

    The P100WO is a compact bucket top sprayer designed for use with water- and oil-based substances. This unit is designed durable, ensuring it can outlast the toughest working environments.

    • Fully enclosed pump housing
    • Variable speed control
    • Bucket and Dewalt tool battery, 12 or 18DC sold separately

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