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  1. Fresh Products Wave 3D Urinal Screen and Deodorizer (10 PK)

    From its unique post-and-lattice design, which breaks up the urine stream on its way through the screen, to its powerful 30-day fragrance content, the Wave 3D will help your restrooms stay cleaner and fresher longer. The Wave 3D features long protrusions on both sides, so it works the way it's supposed to no matter which side is facing up.

    • Freshens the urinal and restroom for 30 days
    • Built-in date tabs remind you when to change the screen
    • Installs correctly every time
    • Long protrusions reduce splash and cleaning time

    Starting at: $19.99

  2. Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens (10 PK)

    Unitex Premier Urinal Screens fit any urinal and are 200% more fragrant than traditional urinal screens. The newly improved design features 40% higher spikes that help to reduce splashback, keeping restrooms and pant legs clean.

    • Improved design reduces odor and splashback!
    • Uses organic deodorizing compounds
    • Flexible clamshell design
    • Two sided anti-splash texture
    • Helps prevent cross contamination

    Starting at: $18.56

  3. Big D Urinal Screens with Non-Para Enzyme Block (12 PK)

    This extra duty urinal screen with non-para block is intended for urinals in high-use restrooms. The screen design elevates the block to reduce contact with water, prolonging its life and ensuring fragrance is only released after flushing. The larger block allows for discharge of more cleaners and deodorants with every flush.

    • Urinal screen with non-para enzyme block
    • Cherry scent
    • Intended for high-use areas
    • Good for 1,500 flushes
  4. Big D Urinal Screens with Para Block (12 PK)

    Get long-lasting odor protection with high-quality urinal screens with para blocks. The uplifting cherry scent perfectly masks the odors that normally plague busy urinals.

    • Cherry scent
    • 4-oz para block
    • Protects urinal from debris
    • Provides total deodorization
  5. Mops-N-More Urinal Para Blocks, 4 oz (12 PK)
    These cherry-scented 4-ounce para blocks, sold in lots of 12, are the perfect deodorizer for bathroom urinals.
    • A must-have urinal accessory
    • Cherry scent
    • Air and water soluble
    • 24-hour odor protection
  6. Mops-N-More Urinal Non Para Blocks, 4 oz (12 PK)

    These 4-ounce non-para blocks are great for controlling odors in the urinals of restrooms. They are completely water-soluble and will not clog your drains.

    • Evergreen scent
    • Activated by water
    • 4-oz block
    • Lasts up to 1,000 flushes
    • Contains no paradichlorobenzene
  7. Big D Urinal Deo-Gard Floor Mat (6 PK)

    These disposable floor mats not only make restroom maintenance easier and faster than ever, but they also reduce slipping and tripping and prevent cross-contamination. Sold in a case of 6.

    • Disposable floor mats
    • Fresh mountain air scent
    • Each mat absorbs up to 2 mL of liquid per square inch
    • 17.5" W x 20.5" L x 0.25" thickness
    • Helps keep restrooms clean and prevents cross contamination
  8. Betco SmartScreen with Bioactive Enzymes, Ocean Breeze (72 PK)
    This fragrance-infused sanitary mat combined with a bio-active enzymatic block effectively blocks and neutralizes urine odors. Ideal for use with the Betco Smart Restroom System.
    • Ideal for use with the Betco Smart Restroom System
    • Fragrance-infused sanitary mat combined with bio-active enzymatic block
    • Neutralizes urine odors at the source
  9. Fresh Products P-Shield 2.0 Urinal Mat, Black/Black (6 PK)

    The P-Shield 2.0 is uniquely designed urinal mat that works better than competing mats, plus it promotes a more professional, high-end look. It reduces urine contamination, fights odors, and enhances the overall appearance of any restroom.

    • Disposable floor mats with upscale design
    • Super-absorbent core holds 2–4 times more urine
    • Infused with mold inhibitor and odor counteractant
    • Slip-resistant bottom minimizes accidents
    • Lasts 8–10 weeks (60 days)

    Price: $53.92

    Sale: $45.83

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