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  1. Hospeco® #4 Maxithins® Feminine Napkins (250 PK)

    These feminine napkins are each packaged in a #4 size box, so they easily fit in most feminine hygiene product dispensers. Each pad features a reinforced four-wall design for leak protection side-to-side and front-to-back.

    • National brand name known and trusted by women
    • Absorbent pads feature four-wall protection
    • 250 individually boxed napkins
    • #4 vendor boxes easily fit inside most dispensers
  2. Hospeco® #8 Maxithins® Feminine Napkins (250 PK)

    Maxithins is a national brand name women recognize and trust. Maxithins feminine napkins feature a moisture-proof backing and absorbent channels that lock away liquid and prevent leaks. An adhesive strip holds the pad securely in place. These thin sanitary napkins are ideal for stocking most dispensers in public restrooms.

    • National brand name known and trusted by women
    • Absorbent channels and moisture-proof backing
    • 250 individually boxed napkins
    • #8 vendor box
  3. Hospeco® Original Regular Tampax® Tampons (500 PK)

    Tampax Tampons are packaged in a case of 500. Each tampon is inside its own cardboard tube to prevent it from being crushed or damaged. These tampons fit in most feminine hygiene product dispensers.

    • Regular absorbency
    • Each tampon packaged in a protective cardboard tube
    • Fits inside most dispensers
    • 500 per case
  4. Hospeco® Stainless Steel Feminine Hygiene Waste Receptacle

    This stainless steel waste receptacle was designed for the proper disposal of feminine hygiene products and other waste. The hinged lid stays open when you lift it, so waste can be disposed of, and then closes tightly, locking away odors. Contents of the receptacle can be emptied from the bottom of the unit to prevent hand-contact with soiled materials.

    • Stainless steel waste receptacle
    • Designed for the disposal of feminine hygiene products
    • Wall mountable (screws not included)
    • Dimensions: 11.625" x 8.25" x 4.5"
  5. Hospeco® Waxed Paper Receptacle Liners (250 PK)

    Women's restrooms stay neater and cleaner when wax bags are supplied to dispose of sanitary products. The protective wax lining prevents liquid leaks. Get 250 in one box sized to fit most receptacles currently on the market.

    • Help keep women's restrooms cleaner
    • Waxed lining prevents liquid leaks
    • Each liner measures 9" x 10" x 3 1/4"
    • 250 per box
  6. Kraft Waxed Paper Liner (500 PK)
    These feminine hygiene product disposal bags from Kraft are made from brown waxed paper and can be used with all wall- and floor-type sanitary napkin receptacles (sold separately). The waxed paper helps retain moisture and keep the receptacle clean.
    • Feminine hygiene disposal bags
    • Waxed paper helps retain moisture
    • Helps keep women's restrooms cleaner
    • Each liner measures 7 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 10 1/4"
    • 500 per box
  7. Hospeco® Swing-Type Double-Entry Metal Floor Receptacle, White

    This floor receptacle is designed for the disposal of feminine hygiene products and other waste. It features a swinging lid that allows items to be disposed of from either side.

    • Designed for the disposal of feminine hygiene products
    • Swing-type hinge lid for waste disposal from either side
    • Durable metal construction
    • Color: White
  8. Hospeco® Waxed Liners for Swing-Type Feminine Napkin Receptacles (500 PK)

    These waxed liners are designed for the clean and safe disposable of feminine hygiene products in women's restrooms. These liners can be used with floor receptacle RA-STFNR-EA or other swing-type receptacles (sold separately). Each liner measures 8" x 7" x 8".

    • Waxed paper liners
    • Designed for the disposal of feminine hygiene products
    • Fits swing-type floor receptacles
    • Each liner measures 8" x 7" x 8"
  9. Hospeco® Wall Mount Sanitary Napkin Recetacle, ABS Plastic, White

    Encourage the proper disposal of feminine hygiene products by providing this small, discrete receptacle in every stall of your women's restroom. It easily installs on the wall and opens from the top (screws not included). The white ABS plastic construction resists damage and is easy to clean.

    • Receptacle for feminine hygiene products
    • Made from ABS plastic
    • Opens from the top
    • Wall mount (screws not included)
    • Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 4"
  10. Hospeco® Health Gards Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

    This high-impact plastic toilet seat cover dispenser is a must-have for heavily trafficked public restrooms. The design saves toilet tissue and shows restroom patrons your concern for their health and hygiene.

    • High-impact plastic
    • Save money on toilet covers
    • White color blends in with most backgrounds
    • Shows customers you care about public hygiene

    Starting at: $7.79

  11. Hospeco® Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, Chrome

    Show your patrons that you are concerned with their health and hygiene with this chrome toilet seat cover dispenser. The attractive chrome is easy to clean and ensures proper dispensing of toilet seat covers.

    • Easy-to-clean chrome
    • Save money on toilet covers
    • Easy to install
    • Reinforces professional, clean image in restrooms
  12. Hospeco® Health Gards® Toilet Seat Covers, 1/2 Fold

    Maintain a higher standard of hygiene in public restrooms with these high-quality flushable toilet seat covers. They are universal in size and fit just about every toilet and dispenser out there.

    • High-quality flushable toilet seat covers
    • Half-fold size accommodates most restroom stalls
    • Helps maintain high standards of cleanliness

    Starting at: $31.73

  13. Hospeco Dual Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Dispenser, Metal, White

    This coin operated (25¢) vending machine dispenses both pads and tampons. It holds up to 15 #4 size sanitary napkins and 25 tampons, making it a great choice for use in small to medium-size offices or public restrooms. The white all-metal case provides attractive durability. The restock lock helps prevent tampering.

    • Capacity: 15 Sanitary Napkins (No. 4 size box) and 25 tampons
    • Coin operated (25¢)
    • Restock lock helps prevent tampering

    Price: $351.72

    Sale: $254.02

  14. Boardwalk® Premium Toilet Seat Covers (5,000 PK)

    Help promote clean restrooms and tell your customers you care about their health with these premium toilet seat covers. Made from 100% biodegradable, quick-dissolving tissue, these half-fold covers provide adequate seat protection and dissolve quickly once flushed.

    • Premium-quality toilet seat covers
    • 100% biodegradable, quick-dissolving
    • Fits most dispensers
    • 250 per box; 20 boxes per case

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