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  1. Dart® Foam Cups, 8 oz (1,000 PK)

    This 8-ounce styrofoam cup is the perfect size for a hot cup of coffee or tea. These cups can be used with both hot and cold beverages. The insulated foam keeps beverages at the proper serving temperature inside and hands comfortable on the outside. Manufactured with no harmful CFCs.

    • 8 oz capacity
    • Foam
    • White
    • Insulated for use with hot or cold beverages
    • One-piece construction prevents leaks
  2. Dart® Foam Cups, 16 oz (1,000 PK)

    Dart Insulated Foam Cups keep beverages at their optimal serving temperature. Whether hot or cold on the inside, hands stay comfortable on the outside. 

    • Insulated foam maintains beverage temperature
    • Ideal for both hot or cold drinks
    • One-piece construction ensures there are no leaks
    • 25 cups per sleeve; 40 sleeves per case (1,000 cups total)
  3. Boardwalk® Translucent Plastic Cold Cups, 9 oz (2,500 PK)
    These 9-oz cups are lightweight, translucent, and 100% recyclable. They're ideal for all your cold beverage needs.
    • Holds 9 oz of liquid
    • Lightweight and translucent
    • 100% recyclable
  4. SOLO® Insulated Thin-Wall Foam Hot/Cold Drink Cups in Jazz Design, 8 oz (1,000 PK)
    Thin-wall foam cups provide insulation for hot and cold beverages. Cheerful green and purple cups add color to any environment.
    • 8 oz capacity
    • Jazz design
    • Insulated
    • Great for hot or cold beverages
  5. Hot Cup Sleeves For 10-24 oz cups, Brown (1,000 PK)

    These hot cup sleeves are made from durable Kraft paper. They help protect your hands when holding hot beverages. Each sleeve fits 10–24 oz cups and firmly grips the cup without slipping off.  

    • Durable Kraft paper construction
    • Fits cups 10–24 oz
    • Sleeve firmly grips cup—won't slip
    • Protects hands from hot beverages
  6. Boardwalk® Medium Weight Polypropylene Spoons (1,000 PK)

    Get the convenience of plastic cutlery, but without the inconvenience caused by flimsy, lightweight products. These utensils feature a mediumweight polypropylene design—combining durability and strength.

    • Teaspoon size, medium weight, white
    • Spoon measures 5.75"
    • 1,000 pieces
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Bulk Pack
  7. Dixie® Heavy Weight Plastic Spoons, White (1,000 PK)

    These disposable plastic teaspoons are made from high-quality polystyrene for exceptional rigidity and durability. They're ideal for use with hot or cold dense, heavy foods. White in color, these spoons coordinate with other white plastic cutlery.

    • 6" length
    • Can be used with hot or cold foods
    • Ideal for luncheons and break rooms
    • White

    Price: $35.35

    Sale: $24.19

  8. Boardwalk® Medium Weight Polypropylene Forks (1,000 PK)
    These sturdy forks are great for eating all types of foods, from salads to heavy lasagna or thick sausage. Unlike flimsy plastic cutlery that can barely stab through Jell-O, these medium-weight polypropylene forks are strong and durable. They're ideal for most office kitchens or breakrooms.
    • White
    • 1,000 pieces
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Fork measures 6.125"
    • Bulk pack
  9. Dixie® Plastic Heavy Weight Forks, White (1,000 PK)

    These heavy-duty, dinner-length forks are perfect for use during office parties, luncheons, and other events where high-quality plastic cutlery is needed. These forks are made from strong, shatter-resistant polystyrene, so they can lift and spear heavy foods without bending or breaking.

    • 7 1/10" length; standard dinner-length
    • Made of strong, shatter-resistant, polystyrene
    • Ideal for luncheons and break rooms
    • White

    Price: $39.83

    Sale: $24.19

  10. Dixie Heavy Medium Weight Plastic Knives (1,000 PK)

    Give your guests this sturdy, heavyweight utensil. It's perfect for company lunchrooms, picnics, or anywhere a high-quality plastic knife is needed.

    • Upscale image at a value price
    • Equivalent to many competitors' heavyweight offering
    • No short counts or broken pieces -- guaranteed

  11. Dixie® Heavy Weight Knives, White (1,000 PK)

    These full-size, dinner-length plastic knives are white in color, making them an attractive choice for any facility. Made from shatter-resistant, ultra durable polystyrene, these heavy-weight knives feature one serrated edge for cutting a variety of foods hot or cold.

    • 7 1/12" length
    • Can be used with hot or cold foods
    • Ideal for luncheons and break rooms
    • White

    Price: $39.83

    Sale: $24.19

  12. Dart Quiet Classic Laminated Foam Plastic Bowl, 10-12 oz (1,000 PK)
    Made from lightweight yet strong insulated foam, these bowls can hold up to 10-12 oz of hot or cold foods without cracking, bending, or breaking. They're coated with a glossy plastic lamination that provides excellent leak and cut resistance too.
    • 8 packages of 125 bowls (1,000 total)
    • Made from insulated foam with glossy plastic lamination
    • Lightweight yet strong
    • 10-12 oz capacity
  13. Dart® Foam Laminated Plate, 6 Inch, White (1,000 PK)

    Lightweight, yet strong, Dart Foam Laminated Plates can handle heavy portions without bending. The insulated foam, which can be used to serve both hot and cold foods, is protected by a glossy plastic lamination that offers cut resistance and prevents leaks.

    • Lightweight, yet strong; won't bend with heavy portions
    • Insulated foam accommodates hot or cold foods
    • White
    • 6-inch diameter
    • Classic China-like design suitable for both casual and upscale use
  14. Paper Plates, White (1,000 PK)

    Looking for a simple paper plate to stock your kitchen or break room? These affordable paper plates are white in color and have no coating. Though liquids will soak in eventually, they still do a great job protecting the table surface underneath. These plates are lightweight and ideal for serving most meals.

    • Available in 6- and 9-inch diameters
    • Uncoated white paper
    • Lightweight design

    Starting at: $19.20

  15. Interplast Group Ice Bucket Liner, 3 Quart, 12" x 12", 0.24 mil, Clear (1,000 PK)

    These clear plastic ice bucket liners are specifically designed for the clean and sanitary holding of ice. They're perfect for use in the food service and hospitality industries. Each 0.24 mil plastic liner measures 12" x 12" and holds up to 3 quarts.

    • Each liner measures 12" x 12"
    • Each holds up to 3 quarts
    • Designed for clean and sanitary holding of ice

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