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  1. Golden Star® Easy Change Wet Mop Handle, Fiberglass, Yellow, 60-inch

    This durable mop handle is designed with an easy release lever that quickly drops soiled mop heads with minimal handling, which means your hands stay cleaner and drier throughout the moping job. No more touching gross mop heads!

    • Quick-release lever
    • Drop dirty mop heads with minimal handling
    • Durable fiberglass construction; will not rust or support bacteria growth
    • Used with narrow headband wet mops
    • 60-inch length

    Starting at: $12.52

  2. Golden Star Mop Handle and Holder
    The swing bar release at the end of the Quickway metal head lets you change mop heads in a flash. The wood handle measures 60 inches long for plenty of reach.
    • Comes complete with handle and holder
    • Change mop heads quickly
    • Swing bar release
    • 60-inch length

    Starting at: $7.48

  3. Continental Speed Change Mop Handle, 60-Inch

    This speed-change fiberglass mop handle works with any mop that has a headband. Measures 60 inches.

    • 60-inch length
    • Durable fiberglass handle
    • Works with any mop that has a headband

    Starting at: $9.05

  4. Rubbermaid® Invader® Side Gate Wet Mop Handle, Large Yellow Plastic Head, Gray Fiberglass Handle, 60 Inch

    Removing and replacing mop heads just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Invader Side Gate Wet Mop Handle from Rubbermaid. Just slide on any 1-inch (2.5 cm) headband mop and secure it in place with the convenient thumb wheel clip. Release the clip and slide off the mop head when finished. It's that easy!

    • Side gate mop handle
    • 60" in length
    • Gray fiberglass handle
    • For use with 1" headband mops only

    Starting at: $24.12

  5. Clincher Mop Holder

    The Clincher Mop Holder (head only) features a locking collar that accepts any wood or fiberglass handle up to 15/16 inch in diameter. The no-slip locking device with twist-lock grabs the head and holds it securely in place while you tackle job after job.

    • Mop holder only
    • No-slip locking device holds mop head firmly
    • Jaw-type mop holder with twist lock
    • For use with a tapered handle
  6. Rubbermaid® Commercial Gripper® Mop Handle

    The Rubbermaid Commercial Gripper Mop Handle features plastic jaws that firmly grip the mop head and hold it securely in place. This easy-to-use mopping accessory allows for quick mop changes and fits most 5-inch-wide headband mops.

    • Plastic jaws firmly grip mop head
    • Allows quick mop changes
    • Ideal for 5" wide headband mops
    • Includes one 60" mop handle
  7. Continental Snap-On Fiberglass Handle

    The regular Swivel Snap handle features a 180-degree swivel action or rigid position and spring clip.

    • Made from durable fiberglass
    • 60-inch length
    • Perfect for use with dust mops

    Starting at: $12.29

  8. Sta-Flat™ Wet Mop Handle with Metal Tip
    The Sta-Flat Wet Mop Handle fits any screw-type mop. The plastic screw tip twists easily on and off. The wooden handle measures 1" in diameter and 60" in length.
    • Plastic screw tip fits any screw-type mop
    • Easy to use
    • Wooden handle measures 1 x 60 inches

    Starting at: $6.28

  9. Creative Products Microfiber Telescopic Aluminum Mop Handle

    This telescoping aluminum handle works with friction lock mop heads. It also features has a hole to work with clip attachable heads. When collapsed, this handle measures 39.5". Fully expanded, it measures 72".

    • For use with tab, hook, or pocket frames
    • Telescoping aluminum handle
    • Compatible with friction lock and clip heads
  10. Wedge Mop Frame

    This frame scoots under tight corners and equipment and behind furniture—virtually everywhere dust is found! Sold with attached handle.

    • For dust mopping tight corners
    • Handle and frame together
    • Designed to fit wedge mop
  11. Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick Connect Extension Handle 48-72 Inches

    This adjustable and extendable pole from Rubbermaid features a one-step quick-connect mechanism that makes attaching mops and dusters a cinch! This extension handle also features a cushioned grip and matching twist lock for comfortable, ergonomic control.

    • Extends from 48" to 72"
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • User-friendly grip
    • One-step connecting system
  12. Rubbermaid Pulse Mop Kit

    The Rubbermaid Pulse features an onboard reservoir that holds up to 21 oz of solution—that's enough to clean 850 sq ft of floor space! Includes 18" Quick-Connect Frame and two microfiber pads. Also compatible with Rubbermaid 11" and 24" frames.

    • Includes handle with fluid reservoir
    • Includes one 18" Quick-Connect Frame
    • Includes two microfiber pads
    • Lightweight, only 4 lbs fully loaded
    • Dispenses three streams of cleaning solution
  13. P&G Swiffer® Sweeper Mop 10-Inch Wide Mop, Green (3 PK)

    The Swiffer Sweeper Mop removes dust, dirt, hair, and allergens from floors and other hard surfaces. The soft, dry cloth creates an electrostatic charge that holds on to dust and dirt like a magnet. When the job is done, simply throw away the cloth—and the dirt with it!

    • Lightweight construction
    • Swivel head adjusts for hard-to-reach areas
    • 10" wide
    • Handle breaks down for easy storage
  14. The Mopster™ 16-Inch Bucketless Mopping System

    This complete mopping system includes a 32-ounce dispensing bottle attached to a 54” handle. The mop head features a 16” Velcro frame that securely holds your cleaning pad in place as you push it across the floor.

    • Eliminates waste water completely
    • Reduces water and chemical usage
    • Includes handle assembly, dispensing bottle, frame, and chemical identification sheet
    • 16" frame fits 18" pads
  15. Bucketless Mop System, 21 Inch

    The Bucketless Mop System is a self-contained floor maintenance tool that goes where a traditional mop and bucket can't. It features a 52-oz gravity-fed tank that delivers the right amount of solution with the push of a button. Instead of stopping every few feet to dip and wring the pad, you can clean without interruption.

    • 52-oz gravity fed tank
    • Self-contained system—no bucket required
    • 21-inch wide microfiber pad; launderable
    • Use for dust mopping or damp mopping
    • Easy-to-use push-button operation; no batteries required
  16. Geerpres CAT G7 Chemical Applicator Tool

    The CAT G7 makes it easy to apply floor finish and other chemicals quickly and consistently. This self-contained backpack system features a new Cling-On" mop frame to hold mop heads securely in place without Velcro. The redesigned ball valve improves solution flow by 20%. 

    • Ergonomic backpack reduces fatigue and discomfort
    • New ball valve improves solution flow by 20%
    • Cling-On" mop frame holds mop head in place without Velcro
    • Chemical bag holds 1.5 gallons of solution
    • Reduces labor and chemical costs

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