Floor Scrapers, Hand / Utility Scrapers and Replacement Blades

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  1. Warner Long Handle Scraper

    This tool is designed to deliver maximum leverage to wall and floor surfaces. Made of super-durable materials, this long scraper is angled to get into the tightest corners. Both sharp and dull edges handle problematic caked-on deposits with ease.

    • 4-inch blade; 48-inch handle
    • Carbon steel blade
    • Long handle for hard-to-reach areas
  2. Warner Short Handle Scraper, 9 Inch


    This short-handle scraper is ideal for removing wax, adhesive, paint, or dried-on gunk from a variety of surfaces. The reversible blades allow the user to choose between the sharp or blunt edge. The ergonomic comfort-grip handle accepts Ettore, Unger, and Mr. Longarm extension poles.

    • 4-inch blade, 9-inch handle
    • Industrial ground carbon steel blades
    • Reversible blades
    • Ergonomic soft grip handle with ribbing
    • Threaded end for extension pole
  3. 14-Inch Floor Scraper with 60-Inch Handle

    14-Inch Floor Scraper with 60-Inch Handle

    • 60" steel handle welded to angle iron bracket
    • 1 1/8" diameter handle
    • Plastic grip on end of handle
    • Heavy gauge spring steel blade
  4. Crain Big Scraper
    The Crain Big Scraper is designed for floor preparation work. It features an 8-inch-wide, heavy-duty replaceable blade and 59-inch telescoping twist-lock handle.
    • 8-inch heavy-duty scraper blade
    • 59-inch max handle length
    • Telescoping twist-lock handle
  5. Unger Light Duty Floor Scraper, 4 Inch

    This 4" light-duty scraper is ideal for removing gum and wax buildup along baseboards and floors. The razor edge is perfect for use on hard floors, while the blunt edge is better suited for vinyl floors. Includes one reversible carbon steel blade.

    • 4" zinc alloy angled head
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Ergonomic grip and long handle prevents fatigue and user discomfort
    • Ideal for scraping gum, stickers, wax, etc. 
  6. Floor Scraper 5-inch with 5-foot Handle

    Five-inch heavy-duty scraper with ergonomic handle for removal of ALL types of thick film coatings.

    • Designed for the professional for everyday use
    • Single grip handle
    • Great for epoxy and adhesive removal
    • Replaceable blades available
  7. Floor Scraper - Double Handle 8-Inch
    This floor scraper features an ergonomic double-grip handle with an 8-inch blade. It's ideal for removing ceramic or vinyl tile.
    • Ergonomic double-grip handle
    • 8-inch blade
    • Ideal for removing ceramic or vinyl tile
  8. 4-Inch Scraper with 4-Foot Handle

    This double-sided 4-inch-wide scraper features a razor sharp blade designed for stripping hard-to-remove floor coverings and adhesives. A 4-foot-long handle (48 inches) gives you the leverage you need to put lots of power behind the scraper. The heavy-duty aluminum construction stands up to the roughest scraping jobs.

    • 4-inch, heavy-duty scraping blade
    • Great for removing mastic and adhesive
    • 4-foot-long handle gives you powerful leverage
    • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  9. 2.5" Floor Spur with Double Grip Handle
    The 2.5" Floor Spur is a heavy-duty scraper with ergonomic handle that is good for removal of all types of thick film coatings. It is also ideal for edgework. This scraper measures 62 inches in length.
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Heat-treated investment cast head
    • Solid steel handles with multi-layer rubber grips
  10. Artillery Tools Contractor Demolition Set

    This handy set includes two different pry bars, so two workers can be demoing an area at the same time. Plus, with over 20 different tool combinations, there’s no demo task you can’t handle! Scraping, prying, removing, pulling—do it all with the Conctractor Demolition Set!

    • Includes 2 different bars
    • Allows 2 workers to perform demo tasks at once
    • Over 20 combinations of demo tools possible
    • Handy carrying case included
  11. Artillery Tools Glued Down Flooring Set

    The Glued Down Flooring Set from Artillery Tools is specifically designed to make removing glued-down flooring, such as hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl tile, easier than ever. It features the new Scraping Fulcrum, which allows you to apply more force at a more effective angle.

    • Features new Scraping Fulcrum
    • Effectively removes glued-down flooring
    • Includes steel handle and other scraping accessories
    • Comes with durable hard carrying case
  12. Artillery Tools Disaster Restoration Set

    The Disaster Restoration Set is a must-have for demolition jobs of any size. This handy kit contains a full assortment of tools, blades, and accessories that make tearing out flooring, sheetrock, decks, and siding easier than you ever thought possible!

    • Ideal for demolition jobs and restoration work
    • Contains assortment of handles, blades, and accessories
    • Tools stored in durable hard case
  13. Artillery Bar, 46"

    The Artillery Bar is designed for easy scraping and prying action on demolition and restoration jobs. It features a standard fulcrum and 3" blade, plus a total length of 46", ensuring the user can stay on his feet when scraping floors or roofing.

    • 3-inch blade
    • Heavy-duty construction; heavier weight for added strength and force
    • Removable 12" extension handle
    • Allows for stand up operation
  14. Artillery Tools Scraping Bar, 48 Inches

    The 48" Scraping Bar is a heavy-duty demolition tool that is ideal for scraping/prying up all types of flooring materials, particularly hardwood, linoleum, tile, underlayment and fiber board. It features a 6" blade with scraping fulcrum, plus a 12" extension and 24" steel handle.

    • Ideal for removing glued-down flooring materials
    • Features 6" blade and scraping fulcrum
    • Can accommodate a second 12" extension (sold separately)
    • Weighs 9 lbs fully assembled
  15. Artillery Ultimate Flooring Bar (UFB), 48"

    Designed for easy and fast removal of multiple types of flooring, the Ultimate Flooring Bar is ideal for demolition jobs of all sizes. It features a uniquely shaped Salvage Blade and Toe Kick that make it easy to pry up tile, wood, glue-down carpet, and more.

    • Designed to be used standing for maximum comfort
    • Salvage Blade slides under flooring
    • Toe Kick allows you to add extra force with your foot
    • Comfortable Ball Grip reduces fatigue and discomfort
    • Works with other Artillery Tools handles, fulcrums, etc.
  16. Warner Utility Scraper with Blades, 1 1/2 Inch

    This utility scraper is ideal for scraping hard surfaces to remove paint chips, stickers, adhesive residue, and other substances. Comes with a package of replacement blades.

    • Compact, handheld design
    • Ideal for general scraping applications
    • Comes with pack of 5 replacement blades
  17. Unger ErgoTec® Safety Scraper, Stainless Steel, 1 1/2 Inch

    The Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper features a unique locking blade sleeve that minimizes the potential for accidents. The press-and-push thumb slider advances and retracts blade sleeve. Convenient, easy-to-replace No. 9 razor blades.

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Stands up to heavy use
    • 1.5-inch width
  18. Unger ErgoTec® Safety Scraper, Green Rubber Grip, 1 1/2 Inch

    The Unger ErgoTec® Safety Scraper features a unique locking system that prevents the blade from sliding out while working. Just push the non-slip trigger forward and the blade is ready for use. The rubber-coated handle ensures a comfortable, confident grip.

    • Sturdy stainless steel construction
    • Non-slip trigger
    • Rubber grip helps prevent tool from slipping
    • Blades are easy to change out
  19. Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, 1 1/2 Inch (100 PK)

    These sharp stainless steel razor blades keep your Unger Safety Scraper or Mini Scraper working as well as it did the day you bought it. Convenient cardboard sleeve protects the user from accidental laceration and puncture wounds. Easy to replace.

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Stored in re-closable plastic tray
    • Each blade individually wrapped
  20. Unger Maxi Scraper, 4 Inch

    The Maxi Scraper is a lightweight, ergonomic surface scraper that offers a simple and easy blade change. The blade is reversible with one razor edge and one blunt end for versatile scraping applications. Comes with a cap to ensure safety when not in use. 

    • Ergonomic design
    • Rubber-coated handle
    • Reversible razor/blunt edge blade
  21. Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper, 6 Inch

    The Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper features a reversible carbon steel blade with two razor edges, making this tool ideal for scraping paint and stickers off large windows and surfaces. This tool can be used as a handheld scraper or locked into any Unger telescoping poles. 

    • Reversible blade with two razor edges
    • Fits ErgoTec Locking Cone
    • Lightweight ergonomic handle
    • 6-inch length
  22. Warner Short Handle Scraper, 4-Inch Blade

    This multi-purpose scraper is ideal for scraping off just about anything, from wax buildup to dried adhesives. The tool is designed to deliver maximum leverage on wall and floor surfaces. The industrial-ground carbon steel blades are tough enough to handle practically any scraping job.

    • 4-inch blade with 5- or 9-inch steel handle
    • Industrial-ground carbon steel blades
    • Designed to deliver maximum leverage on walls and floors

    Starting at: $9.40

  23. Unger The Brute Scraper, 12" Handle with 4" Blade

    Make tough jobs easy with The Brute Scraper from Unger! This reversible 4" carbon steel blade has a blunt edge for scraping cement or stucco work, and a sharp razor edge for scraping paint and tape. 12" metal handle with grip.

    • Strong 12" handle
    • 4" scraping blade; one side dull, one side razor sharp
    • Reversible carbon steel blade
    • Protective cap for blade included
  24. Unger ErgoTec® Scraper, 4 Inch

    The Unger ErgoTec 4-inch scraper is perfect for scraping windows, walls and floors. Use the razor edge to scrape paint and tape, or flip the tool over and use the blunt edge for cement and stucco. Includes one reversible carbon steel blade.

    • Non-slip bi-component rubber grip
    • Reversible carbon steel blade
    • Locks onto ErgoTec® Locking Cone
    • Comes with protective cap for blade

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