Cut, Abrasion & Heat Resistant Gloves

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  1. SHOWA Best ATLAS® Assembly-Grip 370B Nitrile-Coated Nylon Gloves

    Featuring black nylon that is lightly coated in dark gray Nitrile, these gloves protect protection from abrasion, are resistant to oils, and still allow for maximum tactile sensitivity while providing a secure grip. The lightweight nylon is extremely comfortable and breathable. An elastic knit-wrist prevents debris from entering the glove.

    • Dark gray nitrile-coated palm
    • Ultra lightweight nylon lining
    • Excellent touch sensitivity and dexterity
    • Available in sizes Medium to Extra Large

    Starting at: $3.73

  2. MCR Safety Ninja Force 13 Gauge Dyneema Gloves

    The Ninja Force 13 Gauge Dyneema glove from Memphis Gloves (MCR Safety) has a fiberglass shell with a polyurethane coating on the palm and fingertips for enhanced grip. These performance work gloves have a gray coating that conceals dirt and provides excellent dexterity.

    • Made with 13 gauge Dyneema 
    • Gray coating conceals dirt and provides excellent dexterity 
    • Cut resistant (Cut level 5)
  3. SHOWA Best Glove ATLAS® Ventulus® 380 Nitrile Palm-Coated Knit Glove (12 PR)

    The Atlas® Ventulus® 380 features a blue nitrile-coated palm with unique microporous waffle pattern that provides an ultra strong, vice-like grip—even in wet or oily applications.

    • Excellent for high-grip precision work
    • Waffle embossing offers the strongest grip
    • Thin enough to offer excellent tactile sensitivity
    • Available in sizes Medium to Extra Large

    Starting at: $55.16

  4. SHOWA Best Glove ATLAS FIT® 300 Palm-Dipped Gloves
    The palms of these gloves are coated with a blue natural rubber to protect your fingers and palms from abrasion; the rough textured surface gives you extra gripping power too. The knuckles of these gloves are not coated, ensuring you get full range of motion from wrist to fingertip.
    • Rubber-coated palms for more gripping power
    • Uncoated knuckles maintain flexibility and keep your hands cool
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • Available in sizes Medium to Extra Large

    Starting at: $3.02

  5. SHOWA Best Glove ATLAS® Grip KV300 Cut-Resistant Gloves (12 PR)
    To protect your hands from cuts, abrasion, and punctures, choose these cut-resistant gloves from ATLAS. The palms are coated with a durable natural latex on top of the Kevlar knit lining. So not only are you protected from cuts and punctures, but the textured surface also gives you a secure grip.
    • Cut- and puncture-resistant
    • Kevlar knit liner
    • Flat-dipped palms in blue natural latex
    • Uncoated knuckles help maintain flexibility and keep hands cool
    • Available in sizes Medium and Extra Large

    Starting at: $82.91

  6. SHOWA Best Glove CharGuard™ Heat-Resistant Gloves (12 PR)
    CharGuard Heat-Resistant Gloves from SHOWA Best Glove are designed to protect your hands from hot surfaces up to 500ºF. Choose these gloves for handling hot castings, lab sampling with hot glassware or moldings, plastic molding manufacturing, and food processing and service.
    • Insulated non-woven liner
    • Heat resistant up to 500ºF
    • Great cut resistance
    • Proprietary textured grip
    • Available in sizes Small to Extra Large

    Starting at: $149.16

  7. Ansell HyFlex 627 Light-Duty Gloves, Dyneema / Lycra / Polyurethane, GY, Large/Size 9 (12 PR)

    The Ansell HyFlex® 11-627 gloves deliver a perfect balance of comfort and sure handling with superior cut resistance. The liners have an innovative yarn structure that contains an optimal rate of Dyneema®. This offers high levels of cut resistance, for a safe use in controlling, handling and assembly applications involving contacts with sharp pieces

    • Available In Sizes 6 to 11 
    • Dyneema and Lycra liner 
    • Breathable liner gives wearer a cool and comfortable fit for all day protection 
    • Cut protection ratings are ANSI level 2, EN level 3
  8. Zorb-IT® Ultimate Sponge Nitrile-Coated Gloves (12 PR)
    Zorb-IT Ultimate gloves are made from a cut-resistant shell made from DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers spun with stretchable, breathable Lycra®. The shallow-dip sponge nitrile coating absorbs oil and water to deliver a superior grip when handling wet or oily materials.
    • Sponge nitrile coating
    • Maximum oil absorbency (MXOA)
    • Cut-resistant Kevlar lining
    • Available in sizes Medium to Extra Large

    Starting at: $70.93

  9. Neoprene/Latex Flock-Lined Gloves, Large (12 PR)
    Featuring blue neoprene over yellow latex, these flock-lined gloves provide excellent resistant to chemicals, cuts, and punctures. Use these gloves with confidence for general cleaning applications or heavy-duty restoration work.
    • Blue neoprene over latex
    • Flock lining for added comfort
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals, cuts, and punctures
    • Size Large
  10. X-Grip® Gray Polyurethane Palm-Coated Gloves
    X-Grip is a polyurethane palm-coated glove made from a highly cut-resistant fiber called WoolTran. The low weight make these gloves comfortable, even when wearing all day.
    • Level 3 cut resistance
    • Extremely low weight
    • Offers protection against cuts, abrasions, and hazardous materials

    Starting at: $6.80

  11. Memphis Gloves Ultra Tech Nitrile Foam-Dipped String Knit Gloves, Large (12 PR)

    Ultra fit, ultra comfort, and ultra protection are the distinguishing characteristics of Ultra Tech gloves from Memphis Glove. Ultra Tech provides a better fit and improved functionality over other gloves.

    • 15 gauge shell
    • Good to excellent tactile sensitivity
    • Excellent comfort and fit
    • Cut and abrasion resistance
  12. Memphis Glove Predator Nitrile-Palm-Coated Jersey Gloves, Large (12 PR)

    These gloves feature a nitrile (NBR) rubber coating for superior cut, abrasion, snag, and puncture resistance. In tough jobs, these gloves outlast leather, plus they feature a 100% cotton jersey lining for comfort, even at low working temperatures. Treated with Actifresh to keep the smell under control. Launderable for long life.

    • Palm coated
    • 2 1/2" safety cuffs
    • 100% cotton jersey lining
    • Actifresh treated for odor, germ, and bacteria control and retardation
    • Launderable
  13. Memphis Glove Predator Nitrile Fully Coated Jersey Gloves, Large (12 PR)

    These gloves a completely covered in a nitrile (NBR) rubber coating for superior cut, abrasion, snag, and puncture resistance across the bottom and tops of your hands. A 100% cotton jersey lining ensures user comfort, even at low working temperatures. Treated with Actifresh to keep the smell under control. Launderable for long life.

    • Extra rough, fully coated
    • 2 1/2" safety cuffs
    • 100% cotton jersey lining
    • Actifresh treated for odor, germ, and bacteria control and retardation
    • Launderable
  14. Ansell® NitraSafe® Fully Coated Nitrile Cut-Resistant Safety Glove, Extra Large/Size 10 (12 PR)

    In sharp, oily, puncturing, and abrasive environments, NitraSafe 28-359 gloves outperform leather and cut-resistant automatic knit liners. A unique combination of nitrile coating and Kevlar fibers enables the gloves to resist cuts nine times better than leather-palm designs with twice the puncture resistance and over 20 times the abrasion resistance.

    • Incorporates DuPont™ Kevlar® for
    • Superior cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance over standard leather palm gloves
    • Nitrile coating repels oil and grease
    • Gold safety cuff design
    • Available in sizes 8 to 10
  15. NorthFlex Red Foamed PVC Palm Coated Gloves, Large (12 PR)

    The NorthFlex Foamed PVC Palm Coated Glove is a light and comfortable general-purpose glove that offers high abrasion resistance and exceptional grip. It is well suited to applications where workers handle both wet and dry objects and need moderate protection from mechanical hazards.

    • Large; Size: 9
    • An excellent general-purpose glove
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Red foamed PVC palm coating
    • Machine washable or can be dry cleaned
  16. Ansell HyFlex Ultra Lightweight Assembly Gloves, Black / Yellow, Size 9 (12 PR)

    The Ansell Hyflex CR 11-500 glove is a cut-resistant glove with a stretch liner made from a blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Spandex. This liner is coated with black foam nitrile on the palm and fingertips, providing excellent protection from nuisance nicks and abrasion.

    • DuPont™ Kevlar® and spandex stretch liner
    • Superior cut and puncture protection
    • Black foam nitrile palm and finger coating
    • Close "second skin" fit
    • Silicone- and latex-free
  17. ATLAS® 660 Triple-Dipped Heavyweight PVC Gloves
    For tough work that requires durable hand protection, choose ATLAS 660 Triple-Dipped Heavyweight PVC gloves. Since they are triple dipped in heavyweight PVC, these gloves are exceptionally strong and abrasion resistant. They're also extremely soft and flexible, ensuring you get full range of motion from palm to fingertip.
    • Fully-coated triple-dipped BLU PVC
    • Extremely abrasion resistant
    • Oil- and chemical-resistant
    • Breathable cotton lining
    • 12" length
    • Available in Medium to XX-Large

    Starting at: $3.95

  18. Liberty 13" Regular Shoulder Welding Gloves

    For protection from heat and welding sparks, these gray, economy-grade split leather gloves are ideal. They feature a wing thumb, fully welted fingers, cotton stitching, and full cotton sock lining for extra strength, durability, comfort, and flexibility. In addition, these welding gloves stay soft to give you improved dexterity.

    • Full cotton sock lining
    • Wing thumb
    • 13" length

    Starting at: $4.12

  19. Kevlar Sleeves with Thumb Slot, 18"

    These double-ply 18" knit Kevlar sleeves are great for protection against cuts and burns. They are 2-ply with sewn edges and a thumb slot.

    • Double-ply
    • 18" length
    • Thumb slot
    • Sewn edges

    Starting at: $4.89

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