Foam Blocks and Tabs and Floor Protection

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  1. Brown Kraft Paper, 18 Inches x 900 Feet

    Brown kraft paper adds a professional, finishing touch on jobs requiring extra attention to detail. Simply roll out this durable paper along high traffic areas and watch how impressed your customer is when she sees how much you care about her home!

    • Brown kraft paper adds professional touch
    • 40-pound paper
    • Measures 18 inches x 900 linear feet
  2. Trimaco Easy Mask® Carpet Film, 36

    Easy Mask Carpet Film firmly bonds with soft surfaces, such as carpet, providing a non-skid, tear-resistant surface and offering protection against tracked-in dirt, dust, and spills. Use for up to 30 days on synthetic carpet. When the job is done, simply peel it up and dispose!

    • Up to 30 days of use on synthetic carpet
    • Not for use on hard surfaces or wet carpet
    • Non-skid and tear-resistant
    • Leaves no residue
    • Reverse-wound (sticky side up) for easy installation
  3. Carpet Shield

    This temporary masking product is designed to protect synthetic carpets from tracked-in dirt, spills, dust, and damage. Simply roll out the Carpet Shield on high traffic areas and confidently walk on it repeatedly without fear of causing rips or tears. This product features a polyethylene film that resists tears and punctures—even from tools or high heels!

    • Available in -24 and -36 inch widths
    • 200 feet in length
    • Non-residual adhesive
    • Non-skid surface
    • Resists punctures and tears

    Starting at: $42.12

  4. Hard Floor Shield, 24 Inches x 200 Feet

    The Hard Floor Shield provides a durable, non-skid surface that protects wood and tile floors from tracked in dirt, spills, dust, and damage in high traffic areas. Can be used on virtually all hard surfaces, such as ceramic, marble, VCT, laminates, etc.

    • 24-inch by 200-foot roll
    • Versatile floor protection
    • Durable, non-skid surface
  5. Red Rosin Paper, 36 Inches x 167 Feet

    This multi-purpose building paper provides a superior moisture barrier and is useful on flooring projects and other applications where reliable flooring protection is needed. This roll measures 36" x 167'.

    • Heavy-duty masking paper
    • 500 square feet per roll
    • Ideal for use as protective barrier on floors
  6. Builder Board, 38 Inches x 100 Feet

    Builder Board is water-resistant, contractor-grade construction board that creates a temporary barrier that keeps water, mud, paint, and other substances from soaking through and damaging expensive flooring. The slogan "Because we care about your floor" is prominently displayed on the product.

    • Says "Because we care about your floor"
    • Repels water, mud, paint, and more
    • Protects floors from foot and vehicle damage
    • 45 mil thick

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