Extension Poles and Handles

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  1. Threaded Wood Handle with Metal Tip

    This lacquered wooden handle features a threaded metal tip. It measures 60 inches in length and 15/16" in diameter.

    • Threaded metal tip
    • 60-inch handle
    • 15/16" diameter
    • Lacquered wood

    Starting at: $4.27

  2. Threaded Wood Handle

    This threaded wood handle is 60 inches in length and 1 1/8" in diameter. The threaded tip fits most brooms and mop heads with threaded sockets.

    • Length: 60 inches
    • Diameter: 15/16"
    • Threaded wooden tip

    Starting at: $4.01

  3. Tapered Wood Handle

    This tapered handle is 60 inches in length and 1 1/8 inches in diameter. It is made from strong, high-quality wood, ensuring it stands up to heavy use.

    • Tapered point
    • Length: 60 inches
    • Diameter: 1 1/8 inches
    • Strong and durable wood

    Starting at: $5.76

  4. Unger OptiLoc™ Telescopic Pole

    The Unger OptiLoc Telescopic Pole gives you the reach you need to clean windows way up high. This pole includes the ErgoTec® Locking Cone, making it easy to attach Unger washers and squeegees.

    • Telescoping pole
    • Locking cone
    • Various lengths

    Starting at: $33.75

  5. Sherlock GT Extension Pole, 4-8 Feet

    Sherlock GT Convertible poles have a R042 Conversion Tip stored in handle. It gives common threaded tools the quick on and off feature, making them GT compatible, so painters can use any tool with the system!

    • Special bayonet Grip Tip™ holds Wooster tools in place
    • R042 Conversion Tip makes all threaded tools GT compatible
    • Instantly change tools with one push
    • Hexagonal aluminum inner pole prevents twisting

    Starting at: $36.75

  6. Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick Connect Extension Handle 48-72 Inches

    This adjustable and extendable pole from Rubbermaid features a one-step quick-connect mechanism that makes attaching mops and dusters a cinch! This extension handle also features a cushioned grip and matching twist lock for comfortable, ergonomic control.

    • Extends from 48" to 72"
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • User-friendly grip
    • One-step connecting system
  7. Creative Products Microfiber Telescopic Aluminum Mop Handle

    This telescoping aluminum handle works with friction lock mop heads. It also features has a hole to work with clip attachable heads. When collapsed, this handle measures 39.5". Fully expanded, it measures 72".

    • For use with tab, hook, or pocket frames
    • Telescoping aluminum handle
    • Compatible with friction lock and clip heads
  8. Unger Pro Aluminum ACME Floor Care Handle, 58 Inch

    This anodized aluminum handle features a threaded zinc alloy tip and a fluted finish for added strength and durability. It has an improved grip for a comfortable hold. A convenient hang-up hole lets you store this handle on a hook when not in use. Ideal for AquaDozer® squeegees as well as other products with universal sockets.

    • Anodized aluminum handle
    • Threaded zinc alloy tip
    • 58" length
  9. Unger Pro Aluminum 56 Inch, 1.5 Degree Socket Floor Handle

    This 56" aluminum handle features a 1.5° tapered tip. The fluted finish provides added strength and durability. A convenient hang-up hole lets you store this handle on a hook in your supply closet when not in use.

    • 56" long handle
    • 1.5° taper socket
    • Aluminum construction with fluted finish
    • Ideal for WaterWand™ and PushPull squeegees
  10. Unger Pro Aluminum Knock Down Floor Handle, 3 Section, 56", 1.5 Degree

    This heavy-duty handle comes in three individual sections that assemble into one 56" handle with a 1.5° taper tip. The fluted aluminum construction is very lightweight and easy to handle. 1" diameter.

    • 1.5 ° tapered tip
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • 1" diameter
    • 56-inch total length
    • Handle comes in three sections
  11. Unger Pro Aluminum Handle, 61 Inch, 3.0 Degree

    This 61" handle has a 3.0° taper socket and an ACME threaded zinc alloy tip. It is designed for use with ACME products, 3.0° tapered, or universal threaded sockets. This handle is made from anodized aluminum with a fluted finish for exceptional strength. Convenient hang-up hole.

    • Anodized aluminum construction
    • 3.0° taper socket
    • ACME threaded zinc alloy tip
    • 61" length
  12. Unger Fixi Clamp

    The Fixi Clamp easily attaches to tapered handles or extension poles. It is made with adjustable jaws which are ideal for holding sponges or rags in place while you clean.

    • Ideal for holding sponges or rags
    • For use with tapered handle or extension pole
    • Adjustable jaws
  13. Unger Flood Sucker Bulb Changer

    Safely and easily change hard-to-reach floodlights with the Unger Floor Sucker Bulb Changer! This six-point suction cup holder securely attaches to flat-faced bulbs for easy and confident removal. The threaded insert mates with all Unger telescoping poles.

    • 6-point suction cup holder
    • Change flood lights from the ground
    • Fits all Unger telescoping poles (sold separately)
  14. Unger The Bebbe Broken Bulb Remover

    Safely remove a broken light bulb base from the socket with The Bebbe from Unger. This fully insulated tool comes complete with the plastic tray for catching broken bulb pieces.

    • Removes broken light bulbs from socket
    • Fully insulated
    • Complete with plastic tray
  15. Unger Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer

    The Unger Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer conveniently snaps onto Unger telescopic poles for quick and easy bulb changing in high, hard-to-reach areas. The rubber-coated spring steel fingers offer quality turning power and the fingers adjust to fit any-shaped bulbs. For use with CFL bulbs.

    • Rubber-coated spring steel fingers adjust to fit any-shaped bulbs
    • For use with CLF bulbs
    • Fits Unger telescoping handles (sold separately)
  16. Unger NiftyNabber® Pro

    The Unger NiftyNabber Pro is ideal for picking up bottles and debris, including cigarette butts and other small objects. It can also be used to retrieve items from high shelves. The powerful, gear-driven claws and over-molded fingers provide excellent gripping power.

    • All-purpose grabber
    • No bending—no backaches
    • Powerful claws grip small and odd shaped items
    • Available in 18, 26 and 51 inches

    Starting at: $27.05

  17. Unger NiftyNabber® Trigger Grip, 32 Inch

    This indoor/outdoor claw tool enables easy item retrieval as well as hygienic waste collection and disposal. The smooth-action, ergonomic trigger grip simplifies use while the full 360° head rotation provides flexibility. Gear-driven claws feature magnetic tips for added versatility.

    • Comfortable grip and smooth trigger-pull action
    • Magnetic-tipped claws hold onto cans and other metallic refuse
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • 32-inch shaft
  18. Unger People's Paper Picker Pin, 42

    Remove refuse and litter simply and effectively with the Unger People's Paper Picker Pin (try saying that 5 times fast!). The strong, sharp replaceable tip allows you to spear paper, aluminum cans, and plastic cups. Since the pole measures 42" in length, there's no need to bend, stoop, and break your back.

    • Strong, sharp tip ideal for spearing paper, cans, and plastic cups
    • 42-inch pole helps eliminate bending and stooping
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Comfortable hand grip
  19. Unger People's Paper Picker Pin Replacement Pin

    This replacement pin fits the Unger People's Paper Picker Pin Poles (sold separately). This sharp, strong pin provides reliable performance and easily pierces paper, styrofoam, and aluminum cans. The plug fits tightly, ensuring slip-free use.

    • 4 inches in length
    • Fits People's Paper Picker Pin Pole (sold separately)
    • Stainless steel pin
    • Sharp tip easily pierces paper, plastic, styrofoam, and aluminum cans
  20. Unger AquaDozer® ACME Insert

    The Unger AquaDozer® ACME Insert snaps easily into the three-degree tapered socket of AquaDozer® heavy-duty floor squeegees (sold separately). This insert converts squeegees from tapered sockets to ACME sockets, conveniently allowing the use of either type of handle.

    • Converts sockets from tapered to ACME
    • Easily fits AquaDozer squeegee (sold separately)
    • Nylon insert
    • Green color
  21. Carlisle Aluminum Multi-Purpose (Fixi) Clamp

    The Fixi Clamp easily attaches to tapered handles or extension poles. It is made with clamping jaws ideal for holding dry cleaning sponges or rags in place while you clean.

    • Ideal for holding sponges or rags
    • For use with tapered handle or extension pole
    • Self-clamping jaws
    • Durable aluminum construction
  22. Unger WaterWand™ ACME Insert

    This adapter enables you to use WaterWand squeegees with Acme-threaded-end extension poles. The strip-resistant die cut ensures durability. This adapter easily attaches to all Unger® extension poles.

    • Fits Unger extension poles
    • Converts tapered to ACME compatible sockets
    • Strip-resistant
  23. Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter, Plastic

    This cranked joint angle adapter allows users to adjust tools to clean at any angle up to 300°. This tool attaches directly onto a pole and accepts a variety of squeegees and washer tools.

    • Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
    • Adjusts angle of cleaning tool up to 300°
    • Plastic construction
    • Easily attaches to poles and accepts squeegees and washer tools
  24. Unger ErgoTec® Locking Cone
    The ErgoTec Locking Cone prevents select Unger tools from falling off the telescopic pole. The locking cone securely locks onto a pole and is compatible with all Unger extension poles. This locking cone features fast took change with a quick-release button.
    • Locking cone
    • Prevents tools from falling off telescopic pole
    • Quick -release button

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