Dispensers for Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Chemicals, and Hand Soap

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  1. Silhouette OptiServ®  Controlled Roll Towel Dispenser, Black

    Silhouette OptiServ Controlled Paper Dispenser is hands free so you only have to touch your personal towel, reducing the chance for cross-contamination from touching commonly used surfaces, such as levers or buttons. This makes it ideal for food preparation and healthcare environments.

    • Accommodates a variety of 8" roll towels
    • Black translucent finish
    • Hands free and ADA compliant with locking cover
    • Each pull of exposed towel dispenses a single 11" towel to control cost
    • Measures 12 1/8" x 16 13/16" x 9 13/16"
  2. Betco Clario™ Touch Free Foaming Dispenser, Black

    The Betco Clario Touch Free Foaming Dispenser saves you up to 60% per hand wash with foam soap as compared to other leading brands. Thirty percent more people will wash their hands if Touch Free products are provided.

    • Comes with 4 C-cell alkaline batteries
    • Battery life withstands 60,000 cycles or 6 cases of Clario foaming products
    • 2 year warranty
    • Uses same 1,000-ml bag as Clario Manual dispensers
    • 0.06 mL shot size

    Starting at: $32.96

  3. Betco Clario™ Touch Free Foaming Dispenser, White

    The Betco Clario Touch Free Foaming Dispenser saves you up to 60% per hand wash with foam soap as compared to other leading brands. Thirty percent more people will wash their hands if Touch Free products are provided.

    • Comes with 4 C-cell alkaline batteries
    • Battery life withstands 60,000 cycles or 6 cases of Clario foaming products
    • 2 year warranty
    • Uses same 1,000-ml bag as Clario Manual dispensers
    • 0.06 mL shot size

    Starting at: $32.96

  4. GOJO® TFX Touch Free Dispenser, Nickel Finish

    This touch-free dispenser features a handsome nickel finish that is easy to clean. This compact dispenser requires just three C-size alkaline batteries, which are included. Use with TFX touch-free system. 

    • Touch-free, trouble-free performance
    • Three C-size alkaline batteries included
    • Fully ADA compliant, UL/CE registered
    • Three-year guarantee
    • Dimensions: 6.375”W x 4.438”D x 11.25”H
  5. Betco Triton® 2-Liter Dispenser, Black
    This high-quality, durable dispenser from Betco accepts all Triton 2-liter soaps and provides for precise portion control, ensuring you get the most out of every ounce in the bottle. It's ideal for use in high traffic, high volume areas, such as airports, public restrooms, museums, and more.
    • Accepts all Triton 2-liter soaps
    • Precise portion control and consistent shot size
    • Heavy-duty construction
    • Ideal for use in high traffic, high volume areas
  6. Liquid Soap Dispenser Bulk

    This Bulk Soap Dispenser is designed to hold 50 ounces of liquid soap, so refills are kept to a minimum for busy janitorial staffers. The compact design fits just about any restroom in any setting.

    • Keeps refills to a minimum
    • Holds 50 ounces of soap
    • Streamlined for mounting in a variety of places
  7. Betco FASTDRAW® Foamer II Portable Foam Gun

    This durable foam gun utilizes Betco exclusive FASTDRAW products. Its features include a Surecomfort™-Grip handle, spay and rinse capabilities, and adjustable spray patterns.

    • Accupro™ Pressure Regulation Technology
    • Surecomfort™-Grip Handle
    • Secure locking button
    • Easily replaceable parts
    • Produces thick rich foam for extended contact on vertical surfaces
  8. Betco FASTDRAW® PRO Chemical Management System

    The FASTDRAW system is designed to take the guesswork and mess out of your chemical dispensing. Instead of fumbling around with measuring cups and funnels, the FASTDRAW system makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount of chemical every time.

    • Eliminates dilution guesswork
    • Slim profile maximizes un-used closet space
    • Spill proof to reduce mess and protects worker safety
  9. Clario™ Touch Free Dispenser Floor Stand

    This black metal floor stand is designed for the Clario TF Touch Free Dispenser.

    • Built-in dispenser tray catches any misses to keep floors clean
    • Sturdy construction and stable design avoids tipping
    • Easy to assemble with hardware included - saves installation time
    • Touch free dispenser sold separately
  10. Rubbermaid One Shot Low Profile Foam Dispenser, Polished Chrome

    This counter-mounted soap dispenser features Smart Sensor™ technology, which detects hands and automatically delivers the perfect amount of hand soap. This stylish and attractive dispenser helps reduce waste while promoting better hand washing in your facility.

    • Chrome finish
    • Touch-free delivery
    • Helps earn LEED credits
    • For use with 1600mL soap bottles

    Price: $107.40

    Sale: $45.97

  11. Continental Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Double Roll

    This heavy-gauge steel dispenser features a handsome chrome finish. It holds two rolls and is theft-proof—it will not open until the roll is empty.

    • Holds two standard toilet tissue rolls
    • Heavy gauge steel with chrome finish
    • Theft-proof
    • Weighs less than 2 pounds
    • Measures: 12 5/8" x 3 1/8" x 4 1/4"
  12. Revolution® OptiCore® 3-Roll Bath Tissue Dispenser, Black

    The Revolution High Capacity dispensing system is designed to minimize maintenance and maximize cost savings for high traffic areas. With its revolving design, the Revolution ensures that a roll is completely depleted before the dispenser will advance to the next roll, eliminating waste.

    • Holds three standard rolls
    • Black translucent color
    • Locking cover prevents theft
    • Dispenses one roll completely before advancing to the next
    • Measures 14 7/16" x 14 11/16" x 6 11/16"
  13. San Jamar® Duett Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black

    This San Jamar Duett Standard Bath Tissue Dispenser has a compact size, so it fits easily in just about any size washroom. Infinity System® prevents access to visible fresh roll until the first roll is finished. It conveniently holds two standard rolls of toilet tissue up to 5 1/2" diameter.

    • Holds two standard rolls
    • Black translucent break-resistant plastic
    • Replaceable finger lock
    • Measures 7 1/2" x 7" x 12 3/4"
  14. San Jamar® Oceans® Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Single Jumbo Roll, Black

    The San Jamar Oceans Single Jumbo Bath Tissue Dispenser holds a 9" tissue roll and provides easy access to the paper. The compact, narrow design maximizes paper capacity in a minimal space.

    • Holds one 9" roll; 3 1/4" core diameter
    • Black translucent break resistant plastic
    • Replaceable finger lock
    • Universal dispenser holds any brand of jumbo toilet tissue
    • Measures 10 1/4" x 5 5/8" x 12"
  15. Kimberly Clark Insight Coreless JRT Bath Tissue Dispenser, Smoke
    Coreless JRT Bath Tissue Dispenser has no keys or moving parts and is 28% smaller than the leading Jumbo Roll Jr. Tissue Dispenser. Tissue just snaps into place.
    • No keys or moving parts
    • Meets the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, 28CFR Part 36 (1994)
    • 28% smaller than the leading Jumbo Roll Jr. Tissue Dispenser
  16. DublServ® HC 80400 High-Capacity Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black

    DublServ HC 80400 features patented OptiCore® technology, which prevents stub roll waste associated with coreless designs. The entire roll must be used before the next roll is accessible, so you won't be throwing away unused product when it comes time to switch rolls.

    • Accepts two 2,000-sheet rolls of high-quality toilet tissue
    • Attractive translucent black finish
    • OptiCore® technology prevents stub roll waste
    • Measures 16 5/8" x 9 15/16" x 4 3/4"
  17. DublServ® Side-by-Side Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black

    This sleek side-by-side toilet tissue dispenser has a clean, contemporary design. It holds two rolls of patented OptiCore® tissue and features a controlled-use design that provides for complete use of each roll before advancing the next.

    • Holds holds two rolls of OptiCore® tissue 
    • Black translucent, break-resistant plastic
    • Sleek, contemporary styling
    • Accommodates DubleSoft®, DublNature®, and EcoSoft®
    • Measures 11 1/16" x 8 13/16" x 7 5/8"
  18. San Jamar® Oceans® Universal Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Twin Jumbo Rolls, Black

    This dispenser holds two 9" rolls of any brand of jumbo toilet paper. It features a slimmer design that uses minimal space, so it can be easily installed in most commercial restrooms. Infinity® System prevents access to spare roll until the first roll is completely depleted.

    • Holds two 9" rolls; 3 1/4" core diameter
    • Black pearl in color
    • Break-resistant plastic
    • Designed to reduce roll stub waste
    • Measures 19" x 5 1/4" x 12"
  19. OptiServ Hybrid® Hands Free Towel Dispenser, Black

    This dispenser will administer paper with the wave of a hand with the batteries installed, and it also offers a mechanical hands-free pull that can be used. Paper is easily dispensed with one hand using a light grasp and less than 5 lbs of force. No pinching or twisting of the wrist is required to dispense the towel.

    • Accommodates 8" controlled roll towels
    • Translucent black finish
    • Operates with or without batteries
    • Electronic touch-free and mechanical hands-free operation
    • Measures 12 1/8" x 16 13/16" x 9 13/16"
  20. San Jamar® Oceans® Lever Roll Towel Dispenser with Auto Transfer, Black

    The San-Jamar Oceans Lever Roll Towel Dispenser holds 8" wide paper rolls up to 8" in diameter. It also features an auto transfer mechanism that allows for complete usage of the stub roll, eliminating waste and saving you money.

    • Holds 8" wide paper rolls up to 8" in diameter
    • Black pearl break-resistant plastic
    • Auto transfer to full roll
    • Reduces waste
    • Measures 11 1/2" x 11 1/4" x 13 1/2"
  21. San Jamar® Tear-N-Dry Universal Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser, Black

    This touchless dispensing system takes germ control to the next level. There are no levers or buttons to press. Users simply tear off a towel and the sensor activates to present another sheet!

    • Holds one roll of paper towels up to 8" x 8" and one 4" stub roll
    • Black pearl break-resistant plastic
    • Portion-controlled touchless towel dispenser
    • Heavy-duty lock prevents theft
    • Measures 16 1/2" x 11 3/4" x 9 1/4"
  22. San Jamar® Oceans® Ultrafold Towel Dispenser, Black

    The San-Jamar Large Capacity Oceans Ultra Fold Dispenser handles both multi-fold and C-fold towels. It features a slimmer profile while still accommodating a larger capacity that is designed to prevent overloading.

    • Holds 450 C-fold or 750 multifold towels
    • Black pearl finish
    • Present® system ensures smooth dispensing
    • Larger capacity reduces the need to refill
    • Measures 11 3/4” x 6 1/4” x 18”
  23. Alliance™ High-Capacity Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser, Black

    With nearly TWICE the capacity of other electronic hand towel dispensers, the Alliance Electronic Dispenser offers the highest capacity in the industry. It seamlessly transfers between rolls and offers convenient dispensing options.

    • Holds two full rolls of towels 1,000 feet each
    • Two dispense modes: valet or on-demand
    • Variable paper length: 11" or 18"
    • Battery and product status indicator lights
    • Use with EcoSoft®, DublNature®, or Artisan™ Green Seal™-certified roll towels
  24. OptiServ™ Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser, Translucent Black

    The OptiServ Hands-Free Dispenser is designed to ensure you only touch your personal towel—no levers, buttons, or switches. It dispenses and cuts a pre-measured 11-inch towel for maximum usage control, and is ideal for use in food service and healthcare environments.

    • Dispenses 11-inch portion of towel each time
    • Holds an 800-foot roll with 4-inch stub roll
    • Extra high capacity
    • ADA compliant
    • Translucent black finish

    Price: $20.00

    Sale: $8.00

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