Concrete - Industrial Floor Squeegees and Replacement Blades

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  1. Aluminum Slide-In Squeegee Frame, 24 Inch

    This 24-inch frame is made from durable, solid aluminum and is designed for notched applicator squeegees. The threaded handle adapter allows this frame to be used with any threaded handle. 

  2. Tolco Floor Squeegee

    Choose the squeegee that makes quick work of cleaning wet floors. This multi-functional floor tool is ideal for patios, decks, garages, basements, driveways, restaurants, and more. A durable foam blade handles the toughest surfaces. Handle not included.

    • Standard 22- or 30-inch head
    • Durable foam blade
    • Ideal for patios, garages, decks, floors, and more
    • Use with tapered handle, BB-TPH60-EA (sold separately)

    Starting at: $16.17

  3. Red Notch Floor Squeegee with Frame

    This metal frame features a notched squeegee blade made from solvent-resistant red neoprene rubber. Handle not included.

    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Solvent resistant
    • Non-marking

    Starting at: $39.59

  4. Red Rubber Squeegee with Frame, No Notch

    This squeegee features solvent-resistant red rubber set within a heavy-duty metal frame. The squeegee has no notches for smooth application.

    • Heavy-duty metal frame
    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Solvent resistant

    Starting at: $36.42

  5. Non-Marking Squeegee, Gray, 24"
    This 24" gray non-marking squeegee features a heavy-duty metal frame and EPDM rubber blade that is rigid with just the right amount of flex to conform to the floor.
    • Heavy-duty metal frame
    • 24-inch length
    • EPDM gray rubber blade
  6. Double Sponge Squeegee, 24 Inch

    24" Double Sponge Squeegee

    • Steel frame
    • Double foam blades
    • Great for moving concrete dust
  7. Neoprene Floor Squeegee, 24 Inches

    These industrial floor squeegees are formulated from a blend of top grade Neoprene designed to tackle the messiest jobs, be it from petroleum products or petroleum by-products, oil, or grease.

    • Special order item
    • No minimum order required!
    • Free technical support!
  8. Heavy-Duty U-Crack Squeegee

    This U-shaped squeegee measures 9.5 inches deep and 3 inches wide. It is outfitted with a 5/16" x 2.25" neoprene rubber blade attached to a solid steel frame for effective and reliable squeegee performance to fill deep cracks. Accepts most standard tapered wood handles.

    • U-shaped design ideal for filling deep cracks
    • 5/16" x 2.25" neoprene rubber blade
    • Measures 9.5" deep by 3" wide
    • Replaceable blade (sold separately)
    • Uses tapered wood handle
  9. Red Notch Squeegee Refill

    This red notched squeegee refill is made from non-marking, solvent-resistant rubber. It is semi flexible.

    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Solvent resistant
    • Semi-flexible rubber

    Starting at: $20.84

  10. Flat Red Floor Squeegee Refill, 24 Inch

    Flat Red Floor Squeegee Refill

    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Re-fill only
  11. Squeegee Refill Gray (EPDM)

    Squeegee refill gray (EPDM) with various size notches

    • Gray non-marking
    • Various size notches
    • Refill only

    Starting at: $20.84

  12. Non-Marking Gray Squeegee Refill, 24"

    This 24-inch non-marking gray squeegee refill fits in 24" frames. The high-quality rubber resists chips and fraying, ensuring you get smooth, streak-free surfaces.

    • 24" squeegee refill
    • Non-marking rubber
    • Gray in color
  13. Squeegee Blade, 5 mil

    Squeegee Blade - 5 mil

    • Various sizes
    • No minimum order required!
    • Free technical support!

    Starting at: $19.00

  14. Squeegee Blade, 10 mil

    10 mil squeegee blade in various lengths.

    • Blue nitrile squeegee
    • U-shaped notch
    • Great for Planiseal EMB

    Starting at: $22.50

  15. Flat Squeegee Blade, 18 Inches

    Flat Squeegee Blade

    • Blue nitrile blades
    • Solvent resistant
    • Same-day shipping!
  16. Squeegee Blade, 20 mil, 24 Inch

    A 20 Mil blade will spread material at 80 feet per gallon. The blade has two sides and if cleaned & stored flat can be used on several projects. Will wear faster on a blasted floor.

    • 36 inch length
    • 20 mil
    • Free technical support!
  17. Replacement Rubber Blade Set for 18-Inch Ermator Floor Tool

    These replacement rubber blades fit the Ermator Floor Tool. Packaged with one long and one slightly shorter blade.

    • Includes one long and one short blade
    • Long blade measures 17 1/4"
    • Short blade measures 15 1/2"
    • Designed to fit the Ermator Floor Tool

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