Concrete - Industrial Floor Squeegees and Replacement Blades

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  1. Red Notch Floor Squeegee with Frame

    This metal frame features a notched squeegee blade made from solvent-resistant red neoprene rubber. Handle not included.

    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Solvent resistant
    • Non-marking

    Starting at: $38.14

  2. Red Rubber Squeegee with Frame, No Notch

    This squeegee features solvent-resistant red rubber set within a heavy-duty metal frame. The squeegee has no notches for smooth application.

    • Heavy-duty metal frame
    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Solvent resistant

    Starting at: $36.42

  3. Non-Marking Squeegee, Gray, 24"
    This 24" gray non-marking squeegee features a heavy-duty metal frame and EPDM rubber blade that is rigid with just the right amount of flex to conform to the floor.
    • Heavy-duty metal frame
    • 24-inch length
    • EPDM gray rubber blade
  4. Double Sponge Squeegee, 24 Inch

    24" Double Sponge Squeegee

    • Steel frame
    • Double foam blades
    • Great for moving concrete dust
  5. Aluminium Slide-In Squeegee Frame, 24 Inches

    This aluminium slide-in squeegee frame features 2 lock screws for easy and secure squeegee replacement. The heavy-duty aluminum stands up to daily use and abuse without falling apart.

    • Heavy-duty aluminum
    • 2 lock screws for squeegee replacement
    • Squeegee included
    • 24" width
  6. Neoprene Floor Squeegee, 24 Inches

    These industrial floor squeegees are formulated from a blend of top grade Neoprene designed to tackle the messiest jobs, be it from petroleum products or petroleum by-products, oil, or grease.

    • Special order item
    • No minimum order required!
    • Free technical support!
  7. Heavy-Duty U-Crack Squeegee

    This U-shaped squeegee measures 9.5 inches deep and 3 inches wide. It is outfitted with a 5/16" x 2.25" neoprene rubber blade attached to a solid steel frame for effective and reliable squeegee performance to fill deep cracks. Accepts most standard tapered wood handles.

    • U-shaped design ideal for filling deep cracks
    • 5/16" x 2.25" neoprene rubber blade
    • Measures 9.5" deep by 3" wide
    • Replaceable blade (sold separately)
    • Uses tapered wood handle
  8. Ermator Floor Tool
    This 18" floor tool connects to a 2" wand. It is designed to smoothly glide along hard floors.
    • 18" width
    • Connects to 2" wand, standard on all Ermator units
    • Smoothly glides along the floor
  9. Red Notch Squeegee Refill

    This red notched squeegee refill is made from non-marking, solvent-resistant rubber. It is semi flexible.

    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Solvent resistant
    • Semi-flexible rubber

    Starting at: $20.84

  10. Flat Red Floor Squeegee Refill, 24 Inch

    Flat Red Floor Squeegee Refill

    • Red neoprene rubber
    • Re-fill only
  11. Squeegee Refill Gray (EPDM)

    Squeegee refill gray (EPDM) with various size notches

    • Gray non-marking
    • Various size notches
    • Refill only

    Starting at: $20.84

  12. Non-Marking Gray Squeegee Refill, 24"

    This 24-inch non-marking gray squeegee refill fits in 24" frames. The high-quality rubber resists chips and fraying, ensuring you get smooth, streak-free surfaces.

    • 24" squeegee refill
    • Non-marking rubber
    • Gray in color
  13. Squeegee Blade, 5 mil

    Squeegee Blade - 5 mil

    • Various sizes
    • No minimum order required!
    • Free technical support!

    Starting at: $19.00

  14. Squeegee Blade, 10 mil

    10 mil squeegee blade in various lengths.

    • Blue nitrile squeegee
    • U-shaped notch
    • Great for Planiseal EMB

    Starting at: $22.50

  15. Flat Squeegee Blade, 18 Inches

    Flat Squeegee Blade

    • Blue nitrile blades
    • Solvent resistant
    • Same-day shipping!
  16. Squeegee Blade, 20 mil, 24 Inch

    Squeegee Blade - 20 mil application thickness made of chemical-resistant nitrile.

    • Blue nitrile squeegee
    • U-shaped notch
    • Great for Planiseal EMB
  17. Replacement Rubber Blade Set for 18-Inch Ermator Floor Tool

    These replacement rubber blades fit the Ermator Floor Tool. Packaged with one long and one slightly shorter blade.

    • Includes one long and one short blade
    • Long blade measures 17 1/4"
    • Short blade measures 15 1/2"
    • Designed to fit the Ermator Floor Tool

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