Concrete Floor Rakes and Smoothers

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  1. Wire Gauge Rake

    This Wire Gauge Rake is ideal for applying self-leveling coatings and lower viscosity materials. It features six contact points made from super strong spring steel. The radial or loop design eliminates chatter and vibration common with pin-type gauge rakes, ensuring a smooth, uniform material thickness.

    • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
    • Adjustable height
    • Six contact points
    • Ideal for use on uneven or pitted surfaces

    Starting at: $51.35

  2. CAM Gauge Rake

    The CAM Gauge Rake is a "goof-proof" exclusive, patented tool designed for the easy application of coating material at pre-set and uniform depths. This is a must-have tool for floor coating applicators and decorative concrete contractors.

    • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
    • Wing nut ends for CAM replacement

    Starting at: $59.49

  3. Straight Blade Smoother, THA, 24 Inches

    Straight Blade Smoother - THA - 24 inches

    • Steel blade
    • Aluminum frame
    • Threaded handle adaptor
  4. Smoother, Straight Blade, 22" Wood Frame

    Lightweight yet durable smoother/spreader. Features a 22" frame with a 23 1/2" x 2" heat-treated steel blade, fan shaped for next-to-wall coverage, and a reversible "threaded" handle adapter assembly allowing for use as a smoother or spreader.

    • Steel blade
    • Wood frame
    • Threaded handle adaptor
  5. Smoother Steel 24" Wood Frame with Adapter

    Smoother Steel 24" Wood Frame with Adapter

    • Steel blade
    • Wood frame
    • Threaded handle adapter
  6. Smoother, Flexible Blade, Round Edge, 24 Inches

    The 24" x 5" rounded corner steel blade is bent and angled to maximize blade contact with a range of surface coating materials. This smoothing tool can also serve as a spreading tool and even a surface preparation tool.

    • Blue steel blade
    • Used to smooth cementitious materials
    • Threaded handle adaptor
  7. Two-Way Wallcovering Smoother, 10 Inch
    Two-way wallcovering smoother
  8. Gauge Rake Replacement Sleds

    Gauge Rake Replacement Sleds. Sold in a package of 2.

    • Special order item!
    • No minimum order required!
    • Metal sleds
  9. CAM Set

    CAM Sets - Various Sizes.

    • Pack of 2 per set
    • Multiple sizes
    • Same-day shipping!

    Starting at: $16.24

  10. Straight Blade Smoother Squeegee Replacement, 24 Inch

    24" Straight Blade Smoother Replacement

    • Steel blade replacement
    • Same-day shipping!
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  11. Thin Coat Applicator THA, 24 Inches

    Thin Coat Applicator THA - 24 inches

    • Thin plastic blade
    • For micro-toppings
  12. Replacement Wire Set for a Wire Gauge Rake

    Replacement Wire Set for Wire Gauge Rakes of different sizes

    • Sold in pack of 3 or 4
    • Aluminum wire gauges
    • Same-day shipping!

    Starting at: $8.82

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12 Item(s)