Concrete Safety - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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  1. 3M™ 6000 Series Half Facepiece Respirator

    Use the 3M 6000 Series reusable half mask respirator with confidence in a variety of situations. It provides lightweight, comfortable protection against particulates, gases, and vapors according to NIOSH approval standards.

    • One of the most lightweight respirators available
    • Numerous cartridge/filter options; used with 3M™ filters and cartridges
    • Reusable—just dispose of when used to capacity

    Starting at: $12.51

  2. 3M™ 6000 Series Full Face Respirator

    The full face 6000 Series Respirator from 3M helps provide respiratory protection from a variety of gases, vapors, and particulate hazards at concentrations up to 10 times the permissible exposure limit (PEL) when properly fitted and used with approved 3M cartridges and filters.

    • Low maintenance
    • Numerous cartridge/filter options
    • Filters and cartridges sold separately
    • NIOSH approved

    Starting at: $134.70

  3. 3M 2091 P100 Particulate Filter

    This NIOSH-approved P100 particulate filter helps provide respiratory protection in environments containing certain oil- and non-oil-based particles when combined with 3M Half and Full Facepiece Respirators according to NIOSH approvals.

    • Ideal for lead and asbestos work
    • P100 particulate filter
    • Contains no fiberglass
    • For use with 3M™ 5000, 6000, 7000, and 7500 series masks

    Starting at: $5.82

  4. 3M™ 60921 P100/Organic Vapor Cartridge/Filter (PR)
    Professional contractors looking for respiratory protection against certain organic vapors and particulates will appreciate these high-quality organic vapor cartridge/P100 cartridge/filters from 3M. They are approved by NIOSH and can be used for a variety of applications.
    • Great for mold and fire remediation
    • P100
    • Organic vapor relief
    • For use with 3M 5000, 6000, 7000, and 7500 series masks
  5. Economy Defender Safety Glasses
    These economical Defender Safety Glasses feature lightweight wraparound protection with adjustable temples. The molded nose bridge prevents slipping, so you don't have to keep pushing them back up your nose. These 99.9% UV protective lenses are also anti-fog and scratch resistant.
    • Anti-fog lenses
    • Scratch resistant
    • Adjustable temples
  6. Splash Goggles
    These goggles are made of a soft vinyl frame with a polycarbonate lens. Flexible frame molds comfortably to the face. These anti-fog, scratch-resistant goggles allow room for most prescription glasses. The adjustable headband provides a custom fit for any wearer. Available with direct and indirect ventilation.
    • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant lens
    • Flexible vinyl frame
    • Adjustable headband

    Starting at: $2.28

  7. Superlight Rubber Foam Knee Pads

    Bon's super-light molded rubber foam knee pads with entrapped air provide maximum cushion and comfort, making them a favorite of contractors everywhere. Flexible rubber straps are slotted to fit over buttons. Waterproof to keep you dry.

    • Molded rubber with entrapped air for maximum cushion
    • Flexible rubber straps are slotted to fit over buttons
    • Waterproof
    • Sold in pairs
  8. North A79 Safety Hard Hat

    This high-density polyethylene hard hat features a 4-point suspension system made from comfortable nylon. It is ideal for inspection and work in hazardous areas and protects from falling and flying materials. This hard hat also provides excellent side impact resistance. Rain trough and sweatband included.

    • Adjusts from sizes 6 1/2 to 8 1/2
    • 4-point nylon suspension system
    • Rain trough and sweatband included
  9. Pyramex Uncorded Disposable Earplugs

    Contoured fit polyurethane earplugs plug in gently and self-adjust to all size ear canals.

    • Noise Reduction Rating: 31 dB
    • Plug gently expands and self-adjusts to all size ear canals
    • Uncorded plugs; 200 per dispenser box

    Starting at: $27.57

  10. Max Lite Corded Earplugs (100 PR)

    Ideal for workers with smaller ear canals, Max Lite’s low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long-term wear, while its contoured T-shape delivers ease of handling.

    • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 30dB
    • Ideal size for workers with smaller ear canals
    • Corded
    • Not for use with frequencies below 500 Hz
  11. Chemical-Resistant Gloves

    These high quality solvent-resistant gloves are great for working with many solvents and acids. The flock-lined nitrile absorbs sweat and easily slides on and off. These gloves feature a comfortable, contoured fit and nonslip grip. Pairs individually wrapped. Aqua in color.

    • Color: Aqua
    • Pairs come individually wrapped
    • Flock-lined nitrile absorbs sweat
    • Gloves easily slide on or off

    Starting at: $3.09

  12. Mechanix Wear M-Pact 2 Glove, Large/Size 10

    For super protection and an unbelievable fit, try our M-Pact 2 Glove. Anatomically designed with advanced features that include tapered stretch side panels that form comfortably between fingers and a molded Neoprene cuff for a seamless fit to your wrist.

    • Heavy Duty Protection
    • Extreme Knuckle Guard
    • Complete Impact Protection From Fingertips to Wrist Area
  13. Ergodyne ProFlex 925F (X) Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves, Large (6 PR)

    Ergodyne's ProFlex 925F(x) Gloves provide hand, knuckle, thumb, wrist and palm protection as well as give you hi-visibility to get the job done right with maximum efficiency. 3 Years in the making, this glove is more than tough, it's Tenacious! Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves: Maximum back-of-hand impact protection meets superior abrasion resistance, dexterity and grip. 

    • The ultimate in hand protection
    • Superior abrasion resistance, dexterity and grip.
    • Enhanced grip and durability
    • Contoured neoprene cuff resists snagging while easy on/off
  14. Liberty Regular Shoulder Split Leather Palm Gloves with Rubberized Cuff

    This glove is one of the most widely used and recognized work gloves across several industries. The wide leather palm is flexible yet durable, making it ideal for use on almost any heavy-duty task.

    • Gunn pattern
    • Knuckle strap
    • 2 1/2" rubber safety cuff
    • Regular shoulder

    Starting at: $3.57

  15. Liberty Economy Shoulder, Split Leather Palm Gloves with Rubberized Cuff, Extra Large (PR)

    Heavy-duty leather gloves are important during rough work to protect hands and prevent puncture wounds. These gloves feature a rubberized cuff for added durability.

    • Heavy-duty leather
    • Protects hands during rough work
    • Rubberized cuff reinforced for durability
  16. String Knit Gloves (12 PR)

    These industrial work gloves are made from a durable cotton and polyester blend. They're ideal for protecting hands during rough work handling equipment, boxes, or other heavy items. Keep several in your truck handy for when your crew needs quick hand protection. One size fits all.

    • Industrial quality
    • Durable cotton/polyester blend
    • One size fits all
  17. Memphis Brown Jersey Gloves (6 PR)

    These large Memphis Brown Jersey Gloves help protect hands against dirt, chafing, heat, and abrasion. The cotton material and knit wrist makes this glove comfortable and durable for light duty jobs.

    • 6 pair per package
    • Knit wrist
    • Clute straight thumb
  18. Flannel/Cotton Work Gloves, White/Cream (PR)
    Constructed from single thickness woven flannel, these work gloves provide general-purpose hand protection and lightweight protection. White in color. One size fits all.
    • Standard weight cotton canvas
    • Clute pattern
    • Straight thumb
    • Knit wrist
  19. Handy Guard® Industrial Grade Nitrile Exam Gloves, 5 mil, Powder Free, Blue

    Enjoy dependable hand protection with these disposable 100% synthetic nitrile gloves. Powder-free and latex-free, there is no risk of allergic reactions to natural rubber latex protein. These gloves provide protection from chemicals, solvents, grease/oil, and blood/bodily fluids.

    • Latex- and powder-free
    • Puncture resistant
    • 5 mil thickness
    • Micro-textured surface for a non-slip grip
    • 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case (XL 90 per box)

    Starting at: $9.57

  20. Handy Guard® Latex Exam Gloves, 4 mil, Powder Free, White

    These top-quality, powder-free latex gloves are a popular choice among disposable gloves. Designed for general-purpose use in multiple applications, these natural rubber latex gloves provide superior stretch and flex for complete user comfort.

    • Powder-free latex
    • 4 mil thickness
    • Micro-roughened for non-slip grip
    • Superior flex, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity
    • 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case (XL 90 per box)

    Starting at: $7.12

  21. Handy Guard® Latex Exam Gloves, 4.0 mil, Powdered, White

    These high-quality exam gloves are the most basic and affordable latex option for non-medical, general-purpose applications. Made with natural rubber latex and pre-powdered with edible cornstarch, these gloves fit well and slide easily onto the user's hands.

    • Powdered latex glove
    • 4.0 mil thickness; non-slip grip
    • Non-medical, general-purpose use
    • Disposable
    • 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case (XL 90 per box)

    Starting at: $6.52

  22. PureGard Coveralls with Hood and Boots (Soot, smoke, light sprays, and other residue) (25 PK)

    This limited-use medium weight suit protects against soot, smoke, light sprays, and other residue. Perfect for fire restoration sites, it is ideal for general-purpose industrial jobs and is made from polyethylene film over spunbond polypropylene.

    • Zipper front closure; serged seams
    • Attached hood and boots
    • Elastic wrists and ankles
    • Sold in case of 25
    • Material: polyethylene film over spunbond polypropylene

    Starting at: $45.00

  23. PolyGard Coverall with Elastic Wrists and Ankles (Dust and non-hazardous work environments) (25 PK)

    These lightweight coveralls feature serged seams, a collar, elastic wrists and ankles, and a zipper front closure. They're made from a spunbond polypropylene, and are ideal for protection from light dust/dirt.

    • Zipper front closure
    • Lightweight
    • Elastic wrists and ankles
    • Sold in case of 25
    • Material: spunbond polypropylene

    Starting at: $27.97

  24. PolyGard Coverall with Hood and Boots (Dust and non-hazardous work environments) (25 PK)

    PolyGard Coveralls are perfect for non-hazardous carpet cleaning chores, applying coatings, and other jobs where cleanliness is important. Durable, mildew-resistant, non-allergenic, and disposable. Not water-resistant.

    • Zipper front
    • Attached hood and boots
    • Elastic wrists and cuffs
    • Sold in case of 25
    • Material: spunbonded polypropylene

    Starting at: $28.13

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