Scarifier Tooling

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  1. SMITH Manufacturing Flail-It Carbide Drum Assembly, 10"

    The Flail-It Carbide Drum Assembly is designed for use with the SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator. It is ideal for removing paints, coatings, and epoxies from asphalt and hard concrete. It also works well for leveling, profiling, and grooving concrete.

    • Removes a variety of coatings and profiles
    • deal to use with SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator
    • Can be used on asphalt, concrete, and steel surfaces
  2. Flait-It 6 Spike Tungsten Carbide Cutter

    These tungsten carbide cutters feature 6 spikes and are ideal for reducing high spots, texturizing, and preparing most asphalt and concrete surfaces prior to coating application, or for creating a final, non-slip finish.

    • Premium-grade, all-purpose cutters
    • Ideal for leveling high spots and surface prep tasks
    • Works with all 8" SMITH and EDCO 8-inch machines
    • Easy to install

    Starting at: $2.94

  3. Hardened Spacer for 8-Inch Scarifier Drum, 1/2"

    This hardened spacer fits all 8" SMITH and EDCO scarifier drums. It's easy to install and provides reliable performance.

    • Standard set of spacers for 8" scarifier drum
    • Works with SMITH and EDCO units
    • Easy to install

    Starting at: $0.31

  4. Extended Life Hardened Steel Shaft, 1/2"

    These replacement hardened steel shafts fit the SMITH Manufacturing SPS 8 and the EDCO CPM 8 scarifiers. They are designed for use with hardened spacers and carbide cutters.

    Starting at: $10.00

  5. Square Carbide Cutters

    Use these square carbide cutters for bulk removal of carpet, adhesives and coatings. They're designed to be run wet, and they are unparalleled for surface prep, speed, and efficiency.

    • For use with Edco strip-serts
    • Use on four sides
    • Ideal for mastic removal
  6. Replacement 8-Way Square Carbide Scrapers

    Made from premium-quality tungsten carbide, these 8-way square scrapers are designed to ensure the best results and longest life for all removal applications. They are ideal for mastic removal and fit all Onfloor and other planetary grinders. 

    • Premium-quality carbide
    • For use with Onfloor and other planetary grinders
    • Use on all 8 edges
    • Ideal for mastic removal

    Starting at: $11.04

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