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  1. Grout Scrub Brush with Swivel Head

    This grout brush, designed to be used with a threaded handle, gives you complete control over the smallest crevice, so you finish fast with great results.

    • Swivels for complete control over the smallest crevices
    • Cleans out grout
    • 9-inch brush block
    • Use with threaded handle
  2. Nylo Grit Brush

    This brush is made of silicon carbide-impregnated nylon bristles that are self-replenishing as the brush ages. Aggressive enough for general scrubbing or stripping finishes, this pad will outlast 100 floor pads!

    • Must be used wet
    • Outlasts 100 pads
    • 5-inch center hole
    • Select your brush 2" smaller than your machine size

    Starting at: $184.23

  3. Clean Grit Brush

    The Clean Grit Brush is ideal for use on irregular surfaces and grout lines where pads are ineffective. This general scrubbing brush comes in handy for frequent maintenance cleaning on a variety of floors.

    • Ideal for use on irregular surfaces
    • Gets into grout lines where pads can't reach
    • 5” center hole
    • Available in 15" and 18"
    • Sold without clutch plate

    Starting at: $184.23

  4. Showerfeed Rotary Brush

    The carpet cleaner's choice for shampooing the most heavily soiled carpets. The 0.028 gauge nylon bristles do an outstanding cleaning job on all carpet types. The showerfeed block is heavy-duty, water-resistant plastic and won’t crack, warp, or rot. Sold with 5” center hole. Note: Does not include clutch plate.

    • Use for general to heavy hard floor scrubbing and carpet shampoo
    • Nylon bristles are more flexible and last longer
    • Water-resistant plastic block
    • Sold with 5-inch center hole
    • Available in multiple sizes

    Starting at: $54.48

  5. Raptor Tile and Grout Brush

    The Raptor Tile & Grout Brush has a triple-bristle head with over TWICE the bristles of competing brushes. The Raptor offers a wider sweep pattern and unique angular design for more efficient scrubbing in hard-to-reach areas. An ergonomic comfort-grip handle reduces hand fatigue and ensures total user comfort.

    • Cleans both thin and thick grout lines
    • Triple-bristle head with 2X the bristles of competing brushes
    • Unique curved design for cleaning around fixtures
    • Great for showers and countertops
    • Ergonomic, anti-fatigue handle
  6. Shark Mini Hand Held Grout Brush

    The Shark Mini features a curved handle that makes the tough work of scrubbing grout lines much easier on your hands and wrist. Plus, the strategically-angled bristles provide plenty of surface area, so you can use the Shark Mini on grout lines big or small.

    • Cleans both thin and thick grout lines
    • Angled edge bristles clean surrounding tile at the same time
    • 50% more bristles than comparative tools
    • Thick nylon bristles won't bend, break, or soften with repeated use
  7. Shark Tile & Grout Brush

    The Shark Tile & Grout Brush not only features 50% more bristles than competitive brushes, but they're also thicker and more durable. You can scrub as hard as you need to, and the bristles won't bend, break, or become too soft.

    • Cleans both thin and thick grout lines
    • Angled edge bristles clean surrounding tile at the same time
    • 50% more bristles than comparative tools
    • Thick nylon bristles won't bend, break, or soften with repeated use
  8. Tile and Grout Brush
    This tile and grout brush features an ergonomic comfort grip handle and sturdy nylon bristles to make scrubbing dirty tile and grout a cinch. It fits into the smallest crevices and is easy to control.
    • Ideal for cleaning tile and grout
    • Comfort grip handle
    • Sturdy nylon bristles
  9. Grout Brush, Nylon

    This toothbrush-style grout brush features nylon bristles that are great for cleaning in small crevices.

    • Nylon bristles
    • Great for small crevices
    • Toothbrush-style
  10. Grout Brush, Brass

    This toothbrush-style grout brush features brass bristles for more aggressive grout cleaning. It offers more scrubbing power than nylon bristles, but is less abrasive than stainless steel bristles. Choose this brush for super-stubborn dirt and grime.

    • Brass bristles for more aggressive cleaning
    • Great for small crevices
    • Toothbrush style
  11. Grout Brush, Stainless Steel

    The stainless steel bristles of this grout brush are designed to give you maximum aggressiveness when cleaning grout lines and caked-on grime. Choose this grout brush for removing the toughest stains, such as rust, from tile and grout floors. 

    • Stainless steel bristles for aggressive cleaning
    • Ideal for scrubbing away rust spots
    • Great for small crevices
    • Toothbrush style
  12. Stainless Steel Grout Brush, 5 Inch

    Featuring stiff stainless steel bristles, this brush is tough enough to scrape up the gunk and grime that you thought was permanent or just plain impossible to remove. The ultra-tough bristles are also soft and pliant enough not to cause damage or tear out grout.

    • Designed for aggressive grout scrubbing
    • Stainless steel bristles
    • Will not rust
    • Easy to clean
    • Compatible with most handles with a standard threaded tip
  13. Swivel Scrub Brush

    The Swivel Scrub never met a corner or crevice it could not reach, so those hard-to-reach places just got easier to clean. Designed with a distinct U-joint and swivel arm to give you better results with less effort.

    • Measures 10 inches x 3 1/2 inches
    • U-Joint and swivel design
    • Tynex bristles
    • Use with threaded handle
    • Ideal for baseboards, edges, and ledges
  14. Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Scrub Brush

    This tile and grout brush features green Tynex bristles for the toughest grout cleaning challenge. It has a 10-inch wood block that can be used with a tapered or threaded handle (sold separately). This brush also effectively scrubs baseboards.

    • 10-inch brush
    • Tynex bristles
    • For use with tapered or threaded handle
    • Ideal for baseboard scrubbing
  15. Dual Action Scrub Brush

    Time is money, and when you need to speed through a job, choose the Dual Scrub Brush with a two-position trim to clean floors, walls, and especially under equipment. Designed with a 10-inch plastic block with sturdy brush.

    • Scrub floors, walls, and under equipment
    • Two position trim
    • 10-inch plastic block
    • Use with threaded handle
  16. O'Cedar MaxiScrub™ Iron Scrub Brush

    This easy-grip, highly durable corner scrub brush features an angled head that helps get into those tight corners effortlessly. A large handle protects knuckles from surface scrapes. This handy brush features long-lasting, white polypropylene bristles that resist fraying and splitting.

    • 6 inches x 2 1/2 inches
    • Angled head gets into corners
    • Large handle protects knuckles
    • Long-lasting, highly durable white polypropylene bristles
    • 1-inch trim
  17. Tampico Scrub Brush

    This multi-use upholstery scrub brush is constructed of dense white tampico fill. It tackles wet and dry fabric, but it is particularly great for getting into corners thanks to its compact size (9" x 2").

    • 9 inches x 2 inches
    • Dense white tampico fill
    • Pointed end
    • Ideal for upholstery
  18. Utility Brush, Short Handle, 5 inch

    Our short-handled, white utility brush is ideal for stairs, edges, corners and other hard-to-reach areas. This tough, all-plastic brush is aggressive enough to tackle the tough stains, but it also works gently enough to make sure there is no fiber damage.

    • 4-1/2-inch scrubbing head
    • 5-inch handle
    • Ideal for stairs, edges, and corners
    • Bristles have 2-inch trim
  19. Utility Brush, Long Handled, 19 1/2 Inch

    This long-handled utility brush is ideal for stairs, edges, corners, and a variety of other hard-to-reach areas. The durable, white, all-plastic bristles are aggressive enough to clean carpet without damaging fiber.

    • 4 1/2 x 4 inches
    • 16-inch handle
    • Ideal for stairs, edges, and corners
    • Will not damage carpet fiber
    • White plastic bristles
  20. Malish Nylon Vehicle & Truck Brush

    Scrub off tough dirt and grime from the exteriors of cars, trucks, windows, and even aluminum or vinyl siding with the Malish Nylon Vehicle & Truck Brush. This handy brush features feather-tipped nylon bristles that scrub away the dirt without scratching the surface beneath.

    • Nylon feather-tipped bristles
    • Great for scratch-free scrubbing of cars, trucks, and vinyl or aluminum siding
    • Fits tapered and threaded handles
  21. Economy Curved Handle Wire Scratch Brush, Carbon Steel

    For tough jobs, like removing rust, paint, scale, and grease, these abrasive Scratch Brushes are a must. Each brush features carbon steel filling material staple set in a smooth, wax-tumbled hardwood block. The handle is curved for ergonomic user comfort. These brushes are also ideal for cleaning threads and files.

    • Designed for heavy-duty abrasive scrubbing
    • Ideal for cleaning dirt, rust, scale, paint and more
    • Round carbon steel filling material
    • 14-inch curved handle
    • Trim length 1 1/8"

    Starting at: $2.29

  22. Pad Driver

    Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. Includes a 1-1/4-inch thick plastic riser and has a 5-inch center hole. Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed offset at 1/2-inch are staple-set in the Tuff-Block, making this a superior driver.

    • Marine-grade plastic block
    • Plastic riser mounted on pad driver
    • Secure pad holding power
    • Available in sizes from 12–19 inches
    • 5-inch center hole

    Starting at: $30.57

  23. Pad Grabber

    When you need an extra measure of security while using your high- or low-speed machine, get the pad grabber. In an instant, center and install your pad—without tools. Be sure your pad holds tight during the toughest jobs with this handy innovation.

    • Teeth on both pieces for extra hold
    • Simple to install on pad holder
    • For use on right rotation machines
  24. Cimex Pad Driver InstaLock (3 PK)

    Set of three InstaLock Pad Drivers for the 19" Cimex machine.

    • Fits Cimex 19-inch machine
    • Three drivers to get you up and running
    • InstaLock locks right into place

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