TM5 VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine, 20 Inch

Item # OE-TM5-EA

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TM5 VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine, 20 Inch

Item # OE-TM5-EA

Each    Qty: 1

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  • Ideal for wet encapsulation or dry compound cleaning
  • Can also be used to agitate pre-sprays and scrub hard surfaces
  • High productivity rates—up to 4,000 sq ft per hour
  • Very low maintenance design

Product Information

Get Amazing Results on Multiple Surfaces with the
VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine


Just one machine delivers amazing cleaning results on multiple types of flooring: residential carpet, commercial carpet, and even hard floors.


With two powerful counter rotating cylindrical brushes, the VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine agitates carpet fibers and breaks up tough soils like no other machine can.


Very Low Maintenance

VLM stands for “very low maintenance,” so you’re assured high productivity rates (4,000 sq ft per hour) with very little downtime. The interchangeable brushes, Renovators, and Dust/Splash covers attach in a snap – no tools required! This durable, stainless steel and aluminum machine can work for 24 hours straight; no slowing down and hardly any wear!


Collect Dirt BETTER than a Commercial Vac!

The brushes reach deep into the carpet fibers to pull up loose soil and deposit it into two Renovators. The brushes are so effective, in fact, that they deliver better performance than most commercial vacuums. It even picks up staples, paperclips, and other debris that stop some commercial vacs in their tracks.


This deep-down dirt-removing power is especially handy on those nasty, heavily soiled carpets. The powerful brushes break up and loosen tough, caked-on soiling, reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals needed to achieve great results.


Take Encapsulation and Dry Compound Cleaning to a Whole New Level!

The brushes agitate both sides of the carpet nap, delivering your encapsulation chemical deep into the pile where it can surround the dirt and soils. For dry compound cleaning, this unit provides just the right amount of agitation, and then efficiently collects the compound and soiling into its Renovators. There’s no soaking of the carpet, no water marks, and no wet or sticky residues left behind!


Scrub Hard Surfaces Like Never Before!

The unit has a splash-proof design, so it’ll scrub tile and grout, natural stone, PVC and profiled floors without splashing chemicals and water everywhere. Stubborn dirt and soiling are no match for its powerful scrubbing action.


Boost Hot Water Extraction Performance

Boost the performance of your hot water extraction process by first agitating the carpet fibers, preparing them to better receive your pre-spray. After your pre-spray is down, the efficient counter-rotating brushes put your pile brush to shame by thoroughly agitating the chemical, helping it to break up liquefy caked on soil, grease, and dirt.


Take It up a Notch with the Tandem Bar!

Connect two machines together, and go from a 20” cleaning path to a 40” cleaning path. In an instant, your productivity is doubled, making these units ideal for large commercial areas.



  • Length: 20”
  • Width (with renovators): 17.52”
  • Weight: 61.6 lbs
  • Motor: 750W
  • Electricity: 120V
  • Brush rotation: 380 RPM
  • Sound level: 57.8 dB
  • Dirty water capacity: 0.9 gal
  • Cleaning capacity (carpet/hard floor encapsulation cleaning): 4,000 square feet/hour
  • Available brush types: 3
  • 2 year limited warranty on machine
  • 5 year limited warranty on motor




Brand Strong Industries
Category Encapsulation, Grout Scrubbers, Grout/Tile Tools, Hard Surface Brushes, Shaw Approved
Cleaning Method Dry Powder, Encapsulation, Hot Water Extraction, Shampooing
Warranty Information 1 year limited warranty on machine 2 year limited warranty on motor
Condition New