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  1. ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6 HEPA Backpack Vacuum with Xover Tool Kit

    The Super Coach Pro 6 features a unique triangle shape and articulating harness that better conforms to your back and offers a more comfortable fit. Xover tool kit included.

    • 6-quart capacity; 66 dBA
    • CRI seal of approval
    • HEPA filtration rated at 99.97% at 0.3 microns
    • Includes Xover tool kit; 50-foot power cord
    • Not Recommended for Mold/Lead Remediation
  2. ProTeam 10 QT Open Collar Intercept Micro Filter Bags, 100331 (10 PK)

    These 10-quart Micro Filter Vacuum Bags are thicker, won't shred, and are treated with an antimicrobial organic agent. The double-pleated design gives 21% more filtration area while the multi-layered soft non-woven material increases suction. 

    • Genuine ProTeam replacement bag
    • 10-quart capacity
    • Treated with antimicrobial organic agent
    • Improves air flow and vacuum performance
    • For use with all CoachVac, Super CoachVac, and MegaVac vacuums
  3. Stratus Green Clean Bath & Bowl Cleaner

    This all-purpose bathroom cleaner easily removes soap scum, calcium, magnesium, rust, and other hard water deposits. Use it with confidence on all bathroom surfaces, including toilets, urinals, showers, sinks, faucets, walls, tile and grout, and more! This non-corrosive cleaner will not harm chrome or porcelain. 

    • Non-corrosive 
    • Easily removes calcium, magnesium, and rust
    • pH: <1.0
    • For use on porcelain, toilet bowls, and urinals
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $6.41

  4. Stratus Concentrated Non-Solvent Degreaser, 32 oz

    Stratus Concentrated Non-Solvent Degreaser features a powerful grease-fighting formula that emulsifies and lifts oily, sticky soils from a variety of surfaces for easy, fast removal. This solvent-free degreaser is safe for use on any water-safe hard surface.

    • Green Seal™ certified
    • Non-corrosive and non-flammable
    • pH: 10.5–12.5 (Concentrate)
    • Safe on most surfaces
    • Dilutes 2–4 oz per gallon

    Starting at: $9.19

  5. Stratus Concentrated VOC Free Glass Cleaner, 32 oz

    Don't let dirt and smudges ruin your windows, glass, and mirrors. Use Stratus Concentrated VOC Free Glass Cleaner to achieve a beautiful streak-free shine! This fast-drying formula applies easily, cuts through dirt and grime immediately, and leaves surfaces clean and beautiful with a minimum of wiping.

    • Fast, streak-free cleaning
    • No VOCs; Green Seal™ certified
    • pH: 7.0–8.0
    • Use on all all water-safe surfaces
    • Dilutes 15:1

    Starting at: $8.78

  6. Stratus All Purpose Cleaner

    Stratus All-Purpose Cleaner features a concentrated, low-foam formula that quickly cuts through stubborn soiling on a variety of water-cleanable surfaces, including concrete, wood, and more. It requires no rinsing, dries quickly, and saves labor!

    • General-purpose cleaner
    • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-flammable
    • pH: 9.5–11.5
    • Can be used on all water-washable hard surfaces
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $6.73

  7. Stratus Oxy-5 Cleaner

    Stratus Oxy-5 Cleaner is formulated with hydrogen peroxide and a specialized surfactant blend that powers through tough soils. It cleans and brightens through the power of color-safe oxygen bleaching, though it does not contain actual bleach.

    • Versatile cleaner or spotter powers through tough soiling
    • Green Seal Certified and CRI approved
    • pH: 5.0–7.0
    • Safe on most any surface, including both carpet and hard floors
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $9.12

  8. Stratus Sani-Spritz Spray

    Sani-Spritz is a one-step disinfectant cleaner that is ideal for use in areas where infection control is critical, such as hospitals, schools, and commercial institutions. Sani-Spritz is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, plus it is virucidal and fungicidal when used as directed.

    • Multi-use disinfectant for hard surfaces
    • Effective against a variety of bacteria
    • pH: 10.0–12.0
    • Lemon scent
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $3.58

  9. Utility Pail, Double-Sided

    This double bucket features two deep wells that are ideal for separating cleaning solution and rinse water for efficient cleaning. It features a molded-in pour spout and plastic grip for reduced splash and easy emptying. Can also be used to transport tools and supplies.

    • Double compartments for separating cleaning and rinsing solution
    • Great for carrying tools and supplies
    • Heavy-duty, chemical-resistant plastic
    • 19-quart capacity
  10. Bowl Brush Holder

    This compact storage caddy saves space and fits most round bowl brushes.

    • Compact design; fits anywhere
    • Made from durable plastic
    • Holds most round bowl brushes
    • Bowl brush sold separately
  11. Bowl Brush Round Head

    This round-headed synthetic bristle brush is designed for easy and effective toilet bowl cleaning. The bristles are stiff for aggressive cleaning and scrubbing of stubborn, caked-on matter.

    • Rounded head for easy use
    • Durable synthetic bristles
    • Brush has 360-degree fiber placement
    • 10-inch handle
    • Overall length of 15 inches
  12. Impact® Gator® Round Trash Container, Gray

    Gator Round Trash Containers are built tough to withstand heavy loads and high impact. They feature 6 air-venting passages that provide up to 75% reduction in the force required to remove a filled liner. The offset ridge design allows these containers to nest comfortably without jamming.

    • Available in 32- and 44-gallon sizes
    • 6 air-venting passages
    • Built-in poly bag cinches keep liners in place
    • High-impact plastic is crush-resistant
    • Handles solids, liquids, and more

    Starting at: $29.96

  13. Wet Floor Sign, Yellow (English, Spanish)

    Never risk a lawsuit or injury when all it takes is posting this heavy-duty plastic sign to warn people of dangerous wet surfaces. This bright yellow plastic sign features clear warnings in both English and Spanish.

    • Highly visible bright yellow color
    • English warns CAUTION WET FLOOR
    • Spanish warns CUIDADO PISO MOJADO
    • Folds flat for storage

    Starting at: $10.46

  14. Impact® Gator® Vinyl Caddy Bag

    The Gator Caddy Bag fits snugly around all 32- and 44-gallon trash containers to keep your frequently used items within easy reach. It features 9 heavy-duty pouches that make it easy to organize and separate your tools.

    • Handy storage option for tools and accessories
    • Heavy-duty vinyl with elastic pockets
    • Fits 32- and 44-gallon containers
    • Water-resistant synthetic fabric
  15. Impact® Gator® Trash Container Dolly, Plastic, Black

    The Impact Gator Dolly securely attaches to any 20-, 32-, 44-, and 55-gallon trash container and makes it easy for you to roll it around your facility. It features five 3" non-marking swivel casters that quietly roll in any direction.

    • Extremely durable
    • 3" non-marking quiet swivel casters
    • Securely attaches to 20-, 32-, 44-, and 55-gallon containers
    • Vented design prevents suction problems
    • Some assembly required; hardware included
  16. O'Cedar MaxiStrong Unflagged Angle Broom with 48

    This ultra-durable broom features an extra thick and sturdy metal handle (48" x 15/16") and a threaded tip with a reinforced steel internal stud. It easily handles heavy debris and wet surfaces indoors or out in garages, loading docks, and sidewalks.

    • 13-inch sweeping surface
    • 48-inch firm-grip, metal handle
    • Unflagged polypropylene bristles
    • Low profile head for cleaning under cabinets

    Starting at: $14.28

  17. O'Cedar MaxiPlus® Lobby Dust Pan with Rear Wheels

    This newly redesigned lobby dustpan doesn't just look better, it performs better too. From the ultra-thin sweeping edge to the new Easy-Lock™ handle, this dustpan is designed for maximum efficiency. Sweep and empty refuse without bending over or straining your back!

    • Ultra-thin sweeping edge
    • Reinforced yoke resists cracking from repeated use
    • Built-in broom cleaning teeth on either side of pan
    • 12-inch wide pan; 36-inch handle
    • Easy-Lock™ handle locks unit into an upright position
  18. Creative Products Microfiber Wave Hook Mop, 18 Inch
    This 100% polyester microfiber mop has special bonding yarn that works well on all applications. It is great on medium to heavy soils.
    • For medium to heavy soils
    • Special bonding yarn
    • 100% polyester microfiber
    • Color maintains appearance
    • Extra durable

    Starting at: $12.14

  19. Creative Products Microfiber Hook-Style Mop Frame, 16 Inch

    This hook-style mop frame features removable hook and loop strips and works with any hook-style microfiber mop. The 16-inch frame features a convenient swivel design, making it easy to maneuver around obstacles. Fits most standard tapered handles. 

    • 16-inch mop frame
    • Use with hook-style microfiber mops
    • Removable hook and loop strips
    • Fits telescopic or tapered handle
    • Gray in color
  20. Microfiber Cloth, 16" x 16", 300 Gram

    Softer than silk, yet bull-dog tough, these 300-gram weight microfiber cloths measure 16" x 16". They pick up more dirt and dust than traditional rags and wipes, plus they use less chemical and leave surfaces dry and streak-free.

    • Withstands up to 500 washings
    • 300-gram quality
    • Lint-free
    • Lasts longer and picks up more dirt
    • Use on any surface, will not scratch

    Starting at: $1.08

  21. Creative Products Microfiber Flexible Duster
    This flexible duster bends easily to help you get into tough-to-reach areas for thorough dusting. It comes complete with wand, handle, and microfiber sleeve.
    • Flexible dusting wand
    • Easily bends to get hard to reach areas
    • Microfiber sleeve included
    • 21-inch duster with 12-inch removeable handle
  22. Creative Products Microfiber Telescopic Aluminum Mop Handle

    This telescoping aluminum handle works with friction lock mop heads. It also features has a hole to work with clip attachable heads. When collapsed, this handle measures 39.5". Fully expanded, it measures 72".

    • For use with tab, hook, or pocket frames
    • Telescoping aluminum handle
    • Compatible with friction lock and clip heads
  23. Casters for Microfiber Buckets (4 PK)

    These 2-inch swivel casters fit 6-gallon microfiber buckets. The black wheels feature gray rubber with a non-marking tread, so they won't leave marks on your floors.

    • 2" swivel wheels
    • Non-marking tread
    • Fits 6-gallon microfiber buckets
  24. Microfiber Bucket Lid, Blue

    Sealing lid for 6-gallon bucket designed to work with the microfiber pre-treatment system.

    • Sealing lid for 6-gallon microfiber bucket
    • Comes in red or blue
    • For use with pre-treatment system

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