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  1. Unitex® Super Shine Water-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish, 16 oz

    Specifically developed for building care professionals, this product never leaves behind oily residues to attract new soils like fingerprints or smears. Elevator panels, drinking fountains, and virtually all metal surfaces are left sparklingly clean.

    • Water-based formula will not leave behind oily residue
    • Resists soiling
    • pH: 5.6–6.6
    • Safely and effectively cleans and polishes all metal surfaces
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $5.24

  2. Glad® ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags, 13 Gallon, 24" x25 1/8", 0.90 mil, White (100 PK)

    Glad ForceFlex trash bags feature a unique diamond texture that stretches and resists punctures, rips, and tears. These  13-gallon tall kitchen trash bags confidently hold heavy loads and protect against leaks and messes. Ideal for use in kitchens, cafeterias, offices, and more.

    • Unique woven design prevents punctures, rips, and tears
    • Strong, 3-layer drawstring closure
    • 13-gallon capacity
    • Super heavy duty for carrying heavy refuse
  3. Unitex® Trash Liners, Linear Low Density, Light Duty

    Linear low-density liners are ideal for use when carrying loads with sharp objects, be it metal, plastic, or stiff corners of paper (such as from magazines or reams of paper). These bags come in a handy coreless dispenser box for quick and easy access.

    • Ideal for carrying large loads with sharp objects or protruding corners
    • Star seal provides extra capacity
    • Provides excellent leak protection

    Starting at: $19.75

  4. Unitex® Trash Liners, High Density

    High-density liners are ideal for disposing of refuse with no sharp objects or protruding edges. Food service environments and other areas with food-based refuse or trash with liquids should use high-density liners. These bags come in a handy coreless dispenser box for quick and easy access.

    • High-quality, high-density bags
    • Ideal for use in food service environments
    • Ideal for containing trash with liquids
    • Folded for convenient dispensing
    • Star seal provides extra capacity

    Starting at: $23.16

  5. Unipro Floor Machine, 17 Inch, 1.5 HP

    This 17" floor machine has a 1.5 HP motor and provides a brush speed of 175 RPM. It is perfect for jobs large and small in any commercial environment, including retail, schools, office buildings, and more.

    • 1.5 HP motor, 175 brush RPM
    • 17-inch cleaning path
    • Heavy-duty, 50-foot power cord
    • 3 year warranty
    • Pad driver and clutch plate included
  6. Turbo Force Hybrid Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool, 12 Inch

    The Turbo Hybrid is the professional's number one choice for open area cleaning of tile and grout. It operates at pressures up to 2,500 PSI and will clean 400–1,000 square feet per hour!

    • Cleans 400–1,000 sq ft per hour
    • Operating pressure range 500–2,500 PSI
    • Lightweight, durable design
    • Patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves floor drier
  7. Stratus All Purpose Cleaner

    Stratus All-Purpose Cleaner features a concentrated, low-foam formula that quickly cuts through stubborn soiling on a variety of water-cleanable surfaces, including concrete, wood, and more. It requires no rinsing, dries quickly, and saves labor!

    • General-purpose cleaner
    • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-flammable
    • pH: 9.5–11.5
    • Can be used on all water-washable hard surfaces
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $6.73

  8. Stratus Green Clean Bath & Bowl Cleaner

    This all-purpose bathroom cleaner easily removes soap scum, calcium, magnesium, rust, and other hard water deposits. Use it with confidence on all bathroom surfaces, including toilets, urinals, showers, sinks, faucets, walls, tile and grout, and more! This non-corrosive cleaner will not harm chrome or porcelain. 

    • Non-corrosive 
    • Easily removes calcium, magnesium, and rust
    • pH: <1.0
    • For use on porcelain, toilet bowls, and urinals
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $6.41

  9. Stratus Concentrated Non-Solvent Degreaser, 32 oz

    Stratus Concentrated Non-Solvent Degreaser features a powerful grease-fighting formula that emulsifies and lifts oily, sticky soils from a variety of surfaces for easy, fast removal. This solvent-free degreaser is safe for use on any water-safe hard surface.

    • Green Seal™ certified
    • Non-corrosive and non-flammable
    • pH: 10.5–12.5 (Concentrate)
    • Safe on most surfaces
    • Dilutes 2–4 oz per gallon

    Starting at: $9.19

  10. Stratus Concentrated VOC Free Glass Cleaner, 32 oz

    Don't let dirt and smudges ruin your windows, glass, and mirrors. Use Stratus Concentrated VOC Free Glass Cleaner to achieve a beautiful streak-free shine! This fast-drying formula applies easily, cuts through dirt and grime immediately, and leaves surfaces clean and beautiful with a minimum of wiping.

    • Fast, streak-free cleaning
    • No VOCs; Green Seal™ certified
    • pH: 7.0–8.0
    • Use on all all water-safe surfaces
    • Dilutes 15:1

    Starting at: $8.78

  11. Stratus Oxy-5 Cleaner

    Stratus Oxy-5 Cleaner is formulated with hydrogen peroxide and a specialized surfactant blend that powers through tough soils. It cleans and brightens through the power of color-safe oxygen bleaching, though it does not contain actual bleach.

    • Versatile cleaner or spotter powers through tough soiling
    • Green Seal Certified and CRI approved
    • pH: 5.0–7.0
    • Safe on most any surface, including both carpet and hard floors
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $9.12

  12. Stratus Sani-Spritz Spray

    Sani-Spritz is a one-step disinfectant cleaner that is ideal for use in areas where infection control is critical, such as hospitals, schools, and commercial institutions. Sani-Spritz is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, plus it is virucidal and fungicidal when used as directed.

    • Multi-use disinfectant for hard surfaces
    • Effective against a variety of bacteria
    • pH: 10.0–12.0
    • Lemon scent
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $3.58

  13. Hospeco® Health Gards Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

    This high-impact plastic toilet seat cover dispenser is a must-have for heavily trafficked public restrooms. The design saves toilet tissue and shows restroom patrons your concern for their health and hygiene.

    • High-impact plastic
    • Save money on toilet covers
    • White color blends in with most backgrounds
    • Shows customers you care about public hygiene

    Starting at: $7.79

  14. Kimberly-Clark Professional® Scott® Personal Seats Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers (3,000 PK)

    These flushable toilet seat help restroom visitors stay clean and comfortable, plus they meet EPA requirements for post-consumer waste. Each box holds 125 covers, making it ideal for high traffic restrooms. Compatible with several Scott (Kimberly-Clark) dispensers.

    • Premium-quality toilet seat covers
    • Flushable and quick-dissolving—will not clog plumbing
    • Meets EPA requirements for post-consumer waste
    • Compatible with several Scott (Kimberly-Clark) dispensers
    • 125 per box; 24 boxes per case (3,000 units total)
  15. Windsoft® Household Roll Towel, 2 Ply, 100-Sheet Rolls (30 PK)

    If you're looking for a simple, low-cost paper towel—this is it! These 2-ply paper towels are ideal for stocking the kitchen/food areas of most offices or commercial facilities. There are 100 sheets per roll, and each sheet measures 11" x 8.8".

    • Standard kitchen roll towels
    • Premium embossing; 2 ply
    • White
    • Each sheet measures 11" x 8.8"
    • 100 sheets per roll; 30 rolls per case
  16. Silhouette OptiServ®  Controlled Roll Towel Dispenser, Black

    Silhouette OptiServ Controlled Paper Dispenser is hands-free so you only have to touch your personal towel, reducing the chance for cross-contamination from touching commonly used surfaces, such as levers or buttons. This makes it ideal for food preparation and healthcare environments.

    • Accommodates a variety of 8" roll towels
    • Black translucent finish
    • Hands-free and ADA compliant with locking cover
    • Each pull of exposed towel dispenses a single 11" towel to control cost
    • Measures 12 1/8" x 16 13/16" x 9 13/16"
  17. EcoSoft® C-Fold Towel, White, 200 Sheets (12 PK)
    EcoSoft C-Fold Towels are ideal for food processing/food service applications and lodging/hospitality properties. This C-fold towel is 100% recycled and contains a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste.
    • Green Seal™ certified
    • 100% recycled fibers
    • White
    • Each towel measures 10 1/8" x 13"
    • 200 towels per pack; 12 packs per case
  18. EcoSoft® Multifold Towel, White, 250 Sheets (16 PK)
    EcoSoft Multifold Towels are a great alternative to premium-grade folded towels. They meet EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. Made entirely from recovered fibers, they contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer material.
    • Ideal for lodging/hospitality facilities and commercial buildings
    • 100% recycled fibers
    • White
    • Each towel measures 9 1/8" x 9 1/2"
    • 250 towels per pack; 16 packs per case
  19. EcoSoft® Multifold Towel, Natural, 250 Sheets (16 PK)

    EcoSoft Multifold Towels are made entirely from recovered fibers. They meet EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. These towels are an excellent choice when quality is important but price is a factor. Towels measure 9 1/8" x 9 1/2".

    • Green Seal™ certified
    • Meets EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content
    • Natural color
    • Each towel measures 9 1/8" x 9 1/2"
    • 250 towels per pack; 16 packs per case
  20. EcoSoft® Universal Roll Towel, Green Seal™ Certified, Natural, 8

    EcoSoft Green Seal Universal Roll Towel is ideal for public restrooms or other heavy traffic areas. This 100% recycled towel satisfies those who prefer to purchase quality toweling produced with methods less harmful to the environment.

    • Green Seal™ certified
    • 1 ply
    • Natural color
    • Each roll measures 8" x 800'
    • 800' per roll; 6 rolls per case
  21. EcoSoft® Universal Roll Towel, White,  8

    EcoSoft Universal Roll Towel is made entirely from 100% recovered fiber and meets EPA guidelines with a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste paper. This towel is ideal for use in applications where space is a consideration and recycled toweling is requested.

    • Made from recycled fibers
    • 1 ply
    • White
    • Each roll measures 8" x 350'
    • 350' per roll; 12 rolls per case
  22. EcoSoft® Facial Tissue, 2 Ply, 100 Sheets (30 PK)

    EcoSoft Facial Tissue is a 2-ply facial tissue that offers the softness and absorbency of your regular household tissue. It comes with attractive packaging that looks clean and professional for any commercial setting.

    • Made entirely from recycled fibers
    • 2 ply
    • White
    • Each sheet measures 8" x 8"
    • 100 sheets per box; 30 boxes per case
  23. EcoSoft® Jumbo Universal Bath Tissue, Green Seal™ Certified, 2 Ply, 9" Diameter, 1,000 Feet (12 PK)

    EcoSoft Bath tissue is soft, absorbent, and meets EPA guidelines for an environmentally friendly toilet tissue. It features a 3.32" core and comes packaged 12 rolls per case.

    • Green Seal™ certified
    • 2 ply
    • White
    • Each roll measures 3 1/2" x 1,000'
    • 1,000' per roll; 12 rolls per case
  24. EcoSoft® Universal Center Pull Roll Towel, Green Seal™ Certified, White, 2 Ply, 600 Feet (6 PK)

    EcoSoft Universal Center Pull Roll Towels are made from high-quality fiber and features extra embossing for maximum softness and absorbency. When dispensed, this center pull towel ensures users only take one towel at a time. Each 2-ply sheet measures 7 x 12 inches.

    • Green Seal™ certified, 100% recycled materials
    • Extra embossing; 2 ply
    • White
    • Each sheet measures 7" x 12"
    • 600' per roll; 6 rolls per case

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