Stellite® Joint Cleanout Blade, 7"

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Stellite® Joint Cleanout Blade, 7"
  • Removes joint filler/sealant
  • Will not melt material
  • Ultra-durable, long-lasting blade
  • Works with Perfect Trac and US Saws machines
  • Arbor size: Universal or 5/8"–7/8"
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Stellite® Joint Cleanout Blade, 7" x 0.125"

Item # SB-7JFRB125-EA

Size: Each    Qty: 1

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Stellite® Joint Cleanout Blade, 7" x 0.187"

Item # SB-7JFRB187-EA

Size: Each     Qty: 1

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Product Information

Rip Through Thousands of Feet of Filler/Sealant Without Heating or Wear Issues!

Stellite-tipped cutting blades effectively remove both soft and semi-rigid materials without melting the material—including polyureas!


This cobalt-chromium “super alloy” succeeds where other tooling falls short. Diamond blades can build up too much heat, which melts the filler/sealant, resulting in a goopy mess that is difficult to remove. Stellite blades, however, contain each contain six thermally stable Stellite cutter tips, which effortlessly slice through hard or soft fillers/sealants without melting the product.


And unlike carbide-tipped blades, which require frequent replacement due to dulling issues, the cutting bits of Stellite blades maintain their sharpness. Their hardened nature helps ensure long blade life and high productivity.


Stellite blades are ideal for use with walk-behind joint cutting and cleanout saws. Saws with lower RPM settings will help further reduce any heating of the blade and filler. The high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) soild Stelllite cutting bits keep the blade from dragging, which minimizes friction heat.


Once you try a Stellite blade for filler/sealer removal, you’ll never go back to your old blades again!



Brand Metzger McGuire
Category Joint Saws
Condition New