Metzger/McGuire SPAL-PRO 2000 Dual Cartridge

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Metzger/McGuire SPAL-PRO 2000 Dual Cartridge
  • Ideal for joint and crack repair in heavy-duty environments
  • Rapid setting; ready for traffic in 15-30 minutes
  • Charcoal gray
  • Available in 450 ml and 900 ml cartridges
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Metzger/McGuire Spal-Pro 2000, 450 mL

Item # CU-MMSP2K45-EA

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Metzger/McGuire Spal-Pro 2000, 900 mL

Item # CU-MMSP2000-EA

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Product Information

SPAL-PRO 2000 is a rapid setting, two-component polyurea polymer liquid of 100% solids content. It is ideal for the repair of spalled joints, and can also be used to fill random cracks and patch gouges, holes, and surface defects, etc. It is ideal for use in environments that are subject to hard wheel traffic and heavy loads.


When cured, SPAL-PRO 2000 is a charcoal gray solid with a hard rubber-like hardness of A-95. Unlike other flexible polyureas, Metzger/McGuire SPAL-PRO 2000 is rated "heavy duty," so it will not deflect under heavy loads, allowing joint edges to deteriorate or spall. 


This rapid-setting formula is ready for moderate traffic loads in just 15 minutes and full, heavy traffic in 30 minutes, making this an ideal repair product for busy facilities that don't have the luxury of downtime. 


SPAL-PRO 2000 can also be used in ambient or freezer applications. Use it with confidence in coolers/freezers down to minus 20˚F (-29˚C), or at temperatures up to 120˚F (49˚C)—all with equally successful results


SPAL-PRO 2000 provides a consistent cure and excellent quality in all environments. It leaves no uncured strips, no soft spots, no hard spots, or other deflects



  • Expansion capability is limited due to its supportive hardness and compressive strength
  • Intended for interior use. It is not UV resistant. Sunlight or lights emitting UV rays may cause discoloration
  • Not recommended for use under VCT/seamless floor systems.


Brand Metzger McGuire
Category Joint and Crack Repair
Color Charcoal
Material Concrete
solids (%) 100
Condition New