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Sonozaire Model 330A Ozone Generator

Item # OE-330A-EA

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  • Produces 3,400-4,500 milligrams of ozone per hour
  • Can handle jobs up to 150,000 cubic feet
  • 60 CFM fan
  • 58 lbs
  • For use in un-occupied areas only

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Sonozaire Model 330A Ozone Generator

Sonozaire® Odor Neutralizers produce ozone electronically from oxygen in the air. Ozone is an activated form of oxygen that oxidizes odor molecules and reduces them to odorless compounds. They are used in numerous applications to control and destroy organic odors.


All Sonozaire® models have an adjustable ozone output level to allow maximum output for short treatments, lower levels for longer treatments or continuous use.


These models are designed for use in uninhabited locations, unless used with control methods to limit the ozone level to OSHA or EPA limits.


• Fire/Smoke Damage
• Disaster Restoration
• Carpet Cleaning
• Garbage Rooms
• Pet Odors
• Dry Cleaning
• Air Quality in Large Areas
• Automotive Detaling
• General Odor Control in Hotel Rooms and Rental Units
• Tobacco Odors
• For Use in Eliminating Almost Any Organic Odors



1. Use a vacant room or construct a room out of wood frame and sheet rock to use for your restoration room.
2. Seal off the cracks around the door to prevent ozone leaks.
3. Post a notice on the door instructing no one to enter and lock the door during treatment
4. Place items in the room and hang garments a few inches apart on racks for treatment.
5. Place a fan in the room to circulate the ozone during treatment for better success.
6. Mount the ozone machine outside of the treatment room and pipe the ozone into the room at a high point on the wall or ceiling.
7. Install a vent pipe high on the opposite side of the room from the ozone inlet pipe to allow air to pass through

Cabinet Dimensions: 24" x 27" x 14"
Weight: 58 lbs
Blower Size: 60 CFM
Power: 115 Volts, 130 Watts, Less Than 1.5 amps
On Site Restoration: Can treat areas up to 150,000 Cubic Feet
Restoration Chamber: Can treat areas up to 7,500 Cubic Feet

Condition new
Brand Sonozaire
Treatment Area (Cu. Ft.) 100,000 - 200,000
CFM (Max. Airflow) 50 - 100
Amps 1.5
Volts 110/120
Category Ozone Generators