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  1. Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

    Use the Grandi Groom to agitate pre-sprays with ease, allowing the chemical to reach soils and dissolve them prior to extraction. It's also great for grooming carpet after cleaning to promote a better appearance and faster drying.

    • Ideal for agitating pre-spray into carpet
    • Excellent for working protector into carpet fiber
    • 18-inch-wide head
    • Complete with handle and head
  2. Evolution Wand with Slot Glide, 12 Inch

    The Evolution Wand is the first and only rotationally molded carpet wand on the market. It is exceptionally lightweight—only 6.5 pounds—which is about half the weight of conventional wands.

    • First and only rotationally molded carpet wand
    • Lightweight—only 6.5 pounds!
    • Innovative laminar airflow technology
    • 1.5" wand tube
  3. Spray Bottle Holder, Stainless Steel

    This stainless steel spray bottle holder can store up to three 32-ounce spray bottles or spotting bottles. It mounts virtually anywhere with four screws. 12” long x 3 1/2” wide x 4” tall.

    • Holder for both spray and spotting bottles
    • Holds up to three 32-ounce bottles
    • Mounts virtually anywhere
    • Stainless steel construction
  4. Double Pump-Up Sprayer Bin

    ‭Prevent damage to both sprayers and other equipment while your van ‭is in motion with this sturdy aluminum rack. This bin holds two 2-gallon or 3-gallon pump-up ‭sprayers.

    • Bin holds two 2- or 3-gallon pump-up sprayers
    • Prevents damage to sprayers
    • Aluminum rack
  5. Prochem Stair Tool

    This heavy-duty truck mount stair tool from Prochem is just the thing to help you make quick work of any job with stairs. The exclusive Velvet Touch valve assembly is easy on your hands and the adjustable grip lets you apply extra pressure when needed.

    • Streamlined design eliminates whistles
    • Custom-made valve will handle up to 800 PSI
    • Stair tool has two open, 1/8" 80015 stainless steel v-jet
    • Fits 2" hose cuff; 1 1/2" version available upon request
    • Comes standard with 1/4" male coupler
  6. B&G Chemical Resistant Pump-Up Sprayer (2 Gallon)

    These sprayers are designed with a fan tip for optimum coverage during application. The sprayer's solvent-resistant viton seals and heavy-duty, chemical-resistant poly tank make this a top-of-the-line product pick.

    • Holds 2 gallons
    • Fan tip designed for maximum coverage during application
    • Solvent-resistant seals
    • Chemical-resistant tank
  7. PowerForce Dial-A-Mix Sprayer 250-1,000 PSI

    The PowerForce Dial-a-Mix allows you to dispense the exact amount of chemicals you need to clean heavy traffic areas with no guesswork.

    • Dial-up dilution ratio
    • Designed for high pressures of truck mount units
    • Apply hot, ready-to-use TLC
    • 5-quart container
  8. FREIJE Electronic Water Treatment Ionizer
    The FREIJE Electronic Descaler is an electronic solution to the challenge of scale-prone hard water. This unique 12-volt technology provides a convenient and powerful electronic treatment of scale-prone water and puts an end to the headaches caused by scaling in your truck mount operation. The high-frequency currents scour pipes to suspend hard water minerals and prevent them from clogging pipes.
    • Suspends hard water mineral deposits
    • Uses high frequency currents; no salt
    • Ideal for truck mounts
  9. HydraMaster CDS™ 4.8 OverDrive Truck Mount

    The CDS 4.8 OverDrive features a design concept that centers around the idea of transforming the vehicle into a cleaning system with the turn of a key. From arriving at the location to being ready to clean carpet, unit activation is fast and easy.

    • Superior heat performance
    • Space-saving design
    • Dependable performance
  10. Snap Block Holder

    24 gauge stainless steel snap block holders are designed to mount inside van doors, on walls, etc. Holds four sheets of standard blocks, keeping blocks handy and trucks neat and organized. 13” high x 12 1/2” wide x 4 1/2” deep.

    • Holds four sheets of standard blocks
    • Keeps blocks handy, neat and organized
    • Mounts on van doors or walls
    • 24 gauge stainless steel
  11. Tab Dispenser

    Spot welded, 24 gauge stainless steel tab holder keeps tabs within reach. Mounts just about anywhere in seconds. Available for 3” or 4” square tabs.

    • Keep tabs in easy reach
    • Available for 3-inch or 4-inch tabs
    • Spot welded, 24 gauge stainless steel construction

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