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  1. ZipWall® Heavy Duty Zipper (12 PK)

    The ZipWall Heavy Duty Zipper quickly and easily creates a handy entryway in poly sheeting on restoration jobs. Installs in no time. Buy this 12 pack for maximum value!

    • Adhesive-backed, installs right into your plastic barrier
    • Protects unaffected areas from dust, dirt, and fogging residues
    • Includes 12 Heavy Duty Zippers, 12 Flap Hooks, and 1 ZipperKnife
  2. ZipWall 12 4-Pack (SLP4)

    The ZipWall Kit is a unique containment barrier system that keeps dust, mold, and moisture from spreading into unaffected areas. If you do any type of repair work that generates dust, the ZipWall can save you countless hours of cleaning by confining dust and debris to your workspace.

    • Handles ceilings up to 12 feet high
    • Confines dust, mold, and moisture to your workspace
    • Create a drying zone to handle water damage jobs
    • One person can put up a ZipWall in less than five minutes!
  3. E-Z Up™ Dust Containment Poles

    E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles are designed to work with all types of poly sheeting and enable you to create a secure dust barrier in seconds. Simply clip the plastic sheeting onto the quick-clip head and adjust the pole to ceiling height. Then pump the foot pedal mechanism to ensure a snug fit.

    • Set up dust containment barrier in seconds
    • Available in 12-, 16-, and 20- foot sizes
    • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
    • One piece design—no loose parts
    • Sold as 2 poles per pack

    Starting at: $105.29

  4. ZIP-UP™ Twin Zipper Door

    Whether you need a simple narrow doorway for personnel or an opening wide enough for a forklift, the Twin Zipper Door allows you to create the ideal entryway for any job. Use one to create a single entrance/exit for workers or install two and roll up the sheeting between them to create a wider access point.

    • Easy to install
    • Creates airtight barrier
    • Create any sized opening for personnel or equipment
    • Each zipper measures 84" L and 3" W
    • Ideal for any containment project

    Starting at: $9.98

  5. ZipWall® FoamRail™ Span™ Adjustable Tapeless Seal

    The FoamRail Span attaches to any ZipWall pole and tightly seals a poly sheeting barrier against the ceiling, floor, or wall. It extends from 4’3” up to 8 feet, allowing you to achieve the right size for any job.

    • Creates tight seal without tape
    • Works with any ZipWall pole
    • Extends from 4' 3" to 8'
    • Requires no ladders
    • Reusable; leaves no damage

    Starting at: $59.10

  6. ZipWall 10 4-Pack

    The ZipWall 10 4-pack allows the restoration contractor to create a 30-foot-long dust barrier or build a three-sided barrier, creating a room within a room. Building the containment area you need is easy, fast, and stress-free.

    • Components can create a 30-foot containment area
    • Confines dust, mold, and moisture to your workspace
    • Handles ceilings up to 10 feet high
    • Kit contains four 10-foot poles with parts
    • Carry bag included
  7. ZipPole® ZipWall® 10, 2-Pack

    The ZipPole 2-Pack is ideal for quickly closing off a hallway or small room less than 10 feet wide. This kit includes two 10-foot stainless steel spring-loaded poles complete with heads, plates, and Gripdisk™ non-slip pads. Poly sheeting sold separately.

    • Ideal for setting up quick containment areas
    • Use in hallways or rooms less than 10 feet wide
    • Includes two 10-foot spring-loaded poles and parts
    • Stainless steel construction
  8. ZipWall® 20, 2-Pack

    The ZipWall 20 is ideal for any job with a ceiling height up to 20 feet. Just try putting up a 20-foot high barrier using a step ladder—it's impossible! But with the ZipWall 20, you can have a barrier up in just minutes.

    • Handles ceilings up to 20 feet high
    • Confines dust, mold and moisture to your workspace
    • Create a drying zone to handle water damage jobs
    • One person can put up a ZipWall® barrier in less than five minutes!
  9. ZipWall® 12, 2-Pack

    The ZipWall 12-Foot SLP 2 Pack comes with two ZipWall Spring Loaded Poles. This kit really comes in handy when you need extra poles for a big job. It's also an economical way to add poles to your ZipWall system.

    • Handles ceilings up to 12 feet high
    • Confines dust, mold, and moisture to your work space
    • One person can put up a ZipWall in less than five minutes!
    • Create a drying zone to handle water damage jobs
  10. ZipWall® ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels, 5 Foot Panel

    ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels are heavy-duty panels designed to be used again and again, providing restoration contractors with an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way of building containment zones up to 12 feet high and as wide as needed!

    • Built-in zippered access
    • Easier to use than plastic sheeting
    • No measuring or cutting required
    • Build containment zones up to 12' high and as wide as needed
    • Poles sold separately

    Starting at: $79.46

  11. Peel + Stick Zipper

    The Trimaco Peel + Stick Zipper adheres securely to plastic sheeting, tarps, poly sheeting, and vinyl fabrics. This double-sided zipper installs in seconds and can be operated from either side of your barrier material.

    • Creates instant doors on tarps, plastic coverings, and shrink wraps
    • Easy in and out access to job site
    • Use for hazardous material abatement stations
    • Each zipper measures 2 3/4" x 7'

    Starting at: $12.42

  12. 6 mil Clear Poly Sheeting

    This extra heavy-duty plastic film is ideal for most mold remediation applications where a thicker, more durable barrier is required.

    • Available in 10', 12' and 20' widths
    • A Lead RRP Essential
    • Ideal for drying chambers
    • A must for mold remediation
    • Can be used as a vapor barrier

    Starting at: $38.25

  13. 4 mil Clear Poly Sheeting

    This polyethylene sheeting is a heavy-duty plastic film designed for use in many different construction and covering applications.

    • 4 mil thickness
    • Available in 10’ or 20’ widths
    • A lead RRP essential
    • Ideal for drying chambers
    • A must for mold remediation

    Starting at: $23.48

  14. 2 mil Clear Poly Sheeting

    This medium-duty plastic sheeting is a popular choice for general containment applications on water damage jobs when creating drying chambers. It's also great for use as painter's plastic.

    • 2 mil thickness
    • Multiple sizes available
    • A lead RRP essential
    • Great for drying chambers

    Starting at: $17.52

  15. Preservation Tape

    Designed to not leave a residue, Preservation Tape, also known as "Hull Tape," is a tough, conformable, waterproof tape with a strong adhesive that bonds well to most surfaces through a wide range of temperatures.

    • Available in 2-inch or 3-inch sizes.
    • For use with poly film and ZipWalls
    • For use with Dri-Eaz Rescue Mats
    • For use with Injectidry Vac-it Panels

    Starting at: $9.96

  16. Shurtape Blue Containment Tape CP327, 2 Inches x 60 Yards
    This premium-grade blue containment tape is designed for building containment zones on restoration, remediation, abatement, and remodeling/construction jobs. It can be used on interior and exterior walls, glass, vinyl, metal, and wood.
    • Premium grade, multi-surface blue containment tape
    • 2-inch tape
    • Prevents lifting that could result in containment failure
    • Easy, no-residue removal
    • Removes cleanly for up to 14 days without surface damage

    Starting at: $7.76

  17. ZipWall® Heavy Duty Zipper (2 PK)

    The ZipWall Heavy Duty Zipper is an adhesive-backed zipper that installs right onto your plastic barrier in seconds (no special tools needed), allowing you to create any size opening with ease.

    • Adhesive-backed, installs right into your plastic barrier
    • Two zippers per package
    • Protects unaffected areas from dust, dirt, and fogging residues
    • Includes the ZipWall® ZipperKnife™ sheeting cutter and flap hooks
  18. ZipWall® FoamRail™ Cross Bars

    FoamRail Cross Bars work with ZipWall poles or wall mounts to create an extremely tight seal by pushing its foam edge against the plastic and the ceiling, floor, or wall. Now you can create a tight seal along ceilings, floors or walls without tape, ladders, or damage!

    • Creates an extremely tight seal without the need for tape
    • For use with ZipWall Poles or Side Clamp Wall Mounts
    • Includes T-clips
  19. ZipWall® Edge™ Head & Non-Skid Plate

    The Edge Head and Non-Skid Plate is designed to hold a barrier—without lifting the grid—where a drop-ceiling meets a wall. This easy-to-use accessory is compatible with all spring-loaded poles.

    • Specially designed for the edge of drop-ceilings
    • Holds barrier without lifting ceiling grid
    • Can be used with any ZipWall spring-loaded pole
  20. ZipWall® Replacement Non-Skid Plate (2 PK)

    These replacement ZipWall® Non-Skid Plates attach to the top of the wall jacks to securely hold poly sheeting in place. These plates are easy to install and built tough. The non-skid surface won't wear out of come off, even with repeated use.

    • Fits all Zipwall® poles
    • Non-skid surface that will not wear out or come off
  21. ZipWall® Unbreakable Head

    If you handle rough restoration jobs that end up snapping the heads of your ZipWall poles, it's time to upgrade to this new unbreakable version. It is made from an incredibly high-tech material that can withstand heavy weight and pressure without bending, breaking, or shattering.

    • Fits all ZipWall spring-loaded poles
    • Made from high-tech material
    • Will not break!
  22. ZipWall Replacement Head

    The HS1 ZipWall Head fits all ZipWall poles.

    • Replacement head only
    • Fits all ZipWall poles.
  23. Mit-X Fast Tack Web Spray Adhesive

    Perfect for poly sheeting! Mit-X Fast Tack Web Spray Adhesive is specially formulated to multiple surfaces to create a temporary or even permanent bond. It has a web spray pattern (as opposed to a spray-paint-type nozzle) that is clear, offers low soak-in and instant tack.

    • Web spray pattern
    • Ideal for restoration jobs and containment zones
    • Instant tack
    • Clear—no damaging dyes
    • Flexible bonds

    Starting at: $3.89

  24. Poly Hanger #1 (100 PK)

    Professional looking poly hangers speed the installation of poly walls to save labor time while providing a secure base for film suspension. With four different types of poly hangers you are sure to find one ideal for your particular job.

    • Hang sheeting directly to wall moldings of acoustic ceilings
    • Reusable
    • 100 per box

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