Pumie Scouring Stick

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Pumie Scouring Stick
  • Erases toilet bowl rings in seconds
  • Contains no harsh detergents or other chemicals
  • No gloves or applicators needed
  • Sticks are individually sealed in plastic film
  • 100% pure pumice bar
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Pumie Scouring Stick

Item # RA-PSS-EA

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Pumie Scouring Stick (12 PK)

Item # RA-PSS-CS

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Product Information

Pumie Scouring Sticks clean porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry, and iron. It efficiently removes water, juice, acid stains, scale, rust and mineral deposits from urinals, sinks, tubs, showers and plumbing. Pumie works where chemicals fail.


Pumie erases toilet bowl rings in seconds and removes graffiti and paint from tile, concrete and masonry walls.  As a commercial kitchen aid it takes off re-baked food and grease and eliminates carbon buildup in ovens, grills and iron cookware. The strongest acid formula cleaners may fail to remove some stains, but pumice speeds the action of chemicals or works well alone, so you can complete the job other cleaners start. The Pumie Scouring Stick is made of 100% pure pumice, the naturally occurring mineral that uses abrasive action to remove tough soils. It is safe for hands and contains no harsh detergents or other chemicals.



Brand Pumie
Category Multi-use Restroom Cleaners, Toilet/Urinal Cleaners
Condition new