Prochem Triad Air Mover


Each    Qty: 1

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Prochem Triad Air Mover


Each    Qty: 1

  • 1.48 amps
  • Single speed air mover with onboard GFCI outlets
  • Stackable for storage
  • Adjustable to 3 positions
  • Ductable for intake and exhaust

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Product Information

Get the Triple Advantage with the Prochem Triad: High Performance, Ergonomics, and Space Savings!


High Performance

The Triad relies on revolutionary "Thrust Fan" technology to achieve high performance and efficient evaporation. It actually makes this air mover up to 55% more efficient in performance per amp! By using high static pressure, high airflow volume, and high velocity, you get the best evaporation results.


Plus, the Triad only draws 1.48 amps, and with the onboard GFCI outlet you can daisy chain up to 10 Triads on a single 15-amp circuit! You no longer need to compromise evaporation rates due to power limitations.



Weighing only 21.7 pounds, the Triad is exceptionally light weight. The “briefcase-style” handle makes the air mover very easy to transport, whether it’s up and down stairs, or in and out of a work van.


Space Savings

The Triad is almost one-half the size of conventional air movers, so you can fit up to twice as many in your vehicle. This means you need fewer vehicles and fewer trips to transport supplies and equipment to a job site!


The Triad not only offers a small design (allowing it to fit where other air movers can’t), but a versatile one, too. It can be placed on its side to gain high reach on “wicked” walls, or you can set it up vertically for Class 3 losses on the ceiling. The Triad also has a down draft feature to dry directly underneath the air mover.


The Triad offers airflow control options, and can be ducted from either the intake or outtake ports. 


Features and Benefits:

  • Half the Size - Stack two Triad Air Movers in the same space as a single conventional air mover, and stack up to six on a dolly for transport
  • Low 1.48 Amp Draw - Up to 10 Air Movers on a single 15A circuit without worrying about tripped circuits
  • New Thrust Fan Technology - The Triad utilizes new Thrust Fan Technology, which makes this air mover up to 55 percent more efficient in performance per amp compared to many competitive air movers
  • Optimized CFM, Static Pressure, and Air Velocity - Advanced engineering design produces the best combination of air flow for high evaporation rates
  • Dries Directly Under the Air Mover - Rotate the bottom vent plate into position to direct air flow for drying the area directly below the air mover
  • Ductable Intake and Exhaust - Providing a convenient way to direct air remotely
  • Ergonomic Briefcase-Style Handle Design - Provides easier handling and carrying
  • Three Standable Positions - The Triad makes it easy to put the air flow exactly where you want it, even on stairs
  • Daisy-Chainable - An integrated power outlet allows easy positioning by connecting one air mover to another
  • Low noise level – the Triad has a measured 66 dB sound level, making this exceptionally quiet air mover perfect for use in occupied areas
  • Power light indicator – the built-in power light indicator quickly shows if the air mover is powered
  • Easy to clean – simply remove six screws for quick and easy cleaning


Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Amp Draw: 1.48 amps
  • Dimensions: 22.5 in x 18.5 in x 12 in
  • Weight: 21.73 lbs


Amps 1.5
Category Low Profile/Thrust Technology Air Movers
Brand Prochem
Volts 110/120
Color Blue
Horsepower 0.25
Operating Speeds Single
Positions 3
Stackable Yes
Condition new
HEPA Filtration Optional