Prochem ProCaps Encapsulation Machine Deluxe


Each    Qty: 1

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Prochem ProCaps Encapsulation Machine Deluxe


Each    Qty: 1

  • Deluxe model features onboard spraying system
  • Cleans and freshens carpet surfaces with less effort
  • Low moisture encapsulation cleaning process
  • Streamlined, compact design for congested areas
  • 17-inch cleaning path

Product Information

The ProCaps is a low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning machine that removes soil quickly while improving overall carpet appearance. The ProCaps scrubs in the cleaning solution then thoroughly extracts it out, leaving carpets fresh, clean and residue free.


The ProCaps Deluxe machine has a built-in on-board spraying system-50 PSI spray jet so you can productively clean and freshen up carpet surfaces with less effort!


A unique brush system features two counter-rotating brushes to effectively clean and agitate both sides of the carpet nap. The brushes lift and groom the carpet pile, while the debris bin catches soil and debris.


With the ProCaps you not only save on operator effort, you also save time and money on every job. Not only is the ProCaps easy for your veterans to use, it’s also faster and easier to train new techs on.


Why buy more machine than you need? If all you want to do is encapsulation, don’t invest in an expensive multi-purpose floor machine; get the right machine for the job—and your wallet—the ProCaps Machine.


ProCaps Features:

  • Clean and freshen carpet surfaces with less effort
  • Low moisture encapsulation cleaning process removes soil while improving the overall appearance
  • Streamlined, compact design makes it easier for the operator to clean in congested areas
  • Weighs 74 pounds


What is Encapsulation Cleaning?

Encapsulation cleaning is a low-moisture, interim maintenance method ideal for businesses that do not have time to wait for carpet to dry from traditional hot water extraction.


Because the soil is encapsulated (using an encapsulating chemical such as Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant Plus), whatever does not come out during extraction will be removed in subsequent dry vacuuming. Encapsulation cleaning can even eliminate the need for re-shampooing when wicking or capillary action occurs in heavily soiled carpets.


This process allows maintenance companies to provide a continual high level of appearance at a lower price than other methods while generating high levels of productivity. This method is designed for commercial maintenance only.


How It Works:
The encapsulating chemical is sprayed onto and then brushed into the carpet using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine, or bonnet cleaner, or encapsulation machine such as the ProCaps.


The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can’t attract other soils. The encapsulated soil particles are then removed by normal vacuuming.


What our customers are saying:

"I couldn't applaud this product enough. Not only is this good for encapsulation, but it also doubles up as a great pile lifter. I use this machine everyday."

Mike Grzegorzewski

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Amps 7
Brand Prochem
Solution Tank Size 2 Gallon
Category Encapsulation, Mohawk Approved, Shaw Approved
Cord Length 40 ft.
PSI 50
Cleaning Method Encapsulation
Number of Jets 1
Heating System None
Weight 70 - 79
Volts 110/120
Condition new