Pro's Choice Dinge Away, White

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Pro's Choice Dinge Away, White
  • Ready to use
  • Restores "traffic lane gray" to serviceable condition
  • Use with all non-gray or non-tan carpets
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Pro's Choice Dinge Away, White (12 PK)

Item # CC-DAW-CS

Size: 32 oz     Qty: 12

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Product Information

When carpet fibers in high traffic areas no longer reflect light the way the rest of the carpet does, the overall carpet appearance seems dull, ugly, and gray -- a condition known as "Traffic Lane Gray." Carpet with this condition is most often replaced not because it is worn out, but because it is unattractive.


Dinge-Away from Pro's Choice is a reflective enhancement spray that adheres to and modifies the reflective properties of the damaged, worn-out carpet fibers. Now instead of replacing dingy, unattractive fibers, you can extend the life of the carpet and return it to serviceable condition. 


Set yourself apart from the competition and impress your customers by rejuvenating their carpets!


NOTE: Use this product on all carpets that are not gray or tan.












Chemical Type Water Based
Brand Pro's Choice
pH 7.0
Dilution RTU
Product Type Liquid
Category Carpet Dye
Condition new