Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens (10 PK)

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Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens (10 PK)
  • Improved design reduces odor and splashback!
  • Uses organic deodorizing compounds
  • Flexible clamshell design
  • Two sided anti-splash texture
  • Helps prevent cross contamination
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Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens, Mountain Air


Size: Each    Qty: 10

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Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens, Melon Mist


Size: Each    Qty: 10

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Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens, Sunburst


Size: Each    Qty: 10

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Product Information

Keep Urinals Cleaner and Smelling Fresher with Unitex!


Control Odors

Unitex Premier Urinal Screens use a specially engineered copolymer that is impregnated with organic deodorizing compounds that are 200% stronger than traditional vinyl urinal screens. Recent improvements in design have added 5% more fragrance, helping restrooms to smell cleaner longer than before!


Available fragrances include Melon Mist, Mountain Air, and Sunburst. 


Reduce Mess

Now featuring spikes that are 40% higher, Urinal Premier Urinal Screens help to reduce splashback, ensuring liquid waste stays in the drain where it belongs and not splashed on the floor or pant legs. This helps reduce cleaning time and ensure a more pleasant restroom experience for patrons.


Fits Any Urinal!

Unitex Premier Urinal Screens feature a flexible clamshell design that fits into any urinal contour. The translucent color makes it easy to see that the drain is free-flowing and clear of debris without having to touch the screen. The newly redesigned screens are 10% heavier, ensuring they stay in the bottom of the urinal better than before.


Unitex Premier Urinal Screens are VOC compliant in all 50 states.


Packaged 10 screens per box.



Brand Unitex
Color Various
Category Restroom Odor Control
Condition new