Poly Hanger #3 (100 PK)

Item # RP-PH3-EA

Pack of 100    Qty: 1

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Poly Hanger #3 (100 PK)

Item # RP-PH3-EA

Pack of 100    Qty: 1

  • Suspends film directly from ceiling grid
  • Reusable
  • 100 per box

Product Information

Poly Hangers #3 support poly sheeting from ceiling grid and other objects.


Poly sheeting is installed over the pin and is held in place by a removable retainer. Hanger 3 supports poly both horizontally and vertically for building full containments, connecting tunnels, dust curtains and jobs that require an efficient protective barrier.



  • Containments for abatement
  • Dust protection barriers
  • Construction area enclosures
  • Leak diversion
  • Drying chambers



  • Saves labor
  • Eliminates potential damage caused by tape or glue
  • Poly will not fall down
  • Looks professional - not makeshift
  • Faster installation
  • Reusable*


*Note: Do not reuse these Poly-Hangers if the teeth become worn. This can be caused by failing to compress the retainer when installing and removing.



Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Category Barrier Systems
Condition new