Phoenix Quick Chamber System

Item # PH-QCS-EA

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Phoenix Quick Chamber System

Item # PH-QCS-EA

Each    Qty: 1

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  • Designed for the water restoration professional
  • Comes with three aluminum extruder standards
  • Comes with one aluminum extruded extender bar
  • Comes with custom-fitted bag for transport

Product Information

Effective and Efficient System for Creating a Grain Barrier


Build the ideal containment area practically anywhere in a structure (e.g., hallway, doorway, etc.) by sealing open thresholds and passage ways. The Quick Chamber not only incorporates durability in its design and construction but flexibility in its application. One of its best features is one-person installation.



Once in place, the Quick Chamber restricts moisture transfer in and out of affected areas so secondary damage is circumvented from the get go.


The unit enhances dry-down time by preventing moist air from entering the chamber. Why waste valuable dehumidifying time when you can minimize affected areas and finish up fast? Every restoration team needs a Phoenix Quick Chamber System in their truck.



  • Three Quick Chambers; each adjusts from 27 to 48 inches wall separation
  • One Extender bar expands openings from 48 to 73 inches
  • Carrying case with dividers (for plastic sheeting)



  • Quick setup
  • Outstanding Phoenix reliability
  • Versatile adjustment; from 27 to 73 inches
  • Lightweight, rigid aluminum parts
  • L foot locks plastic in place; will not rotate or slip out of position
  • Spring clip retainers grip plastic during setup for a tight seal



Extender Bar




For Openings up to 48 inches:

  1. Measure opening. Cut plastic sheeting 1 foot wider than desired opening and 1 1/2 feet longer. With the pump released and fully collapsed, slide the Quick Chamber open to the nearest position smaller than the measured width.
  2. Place Quick Chamber (Spring Clip side up) atop plastic sheeting, about 8 inches from the top. Center it.
  3. Wrap the top of the sheeting over the top of the Quick Chamber, securing it with the spring clips.
  4. Lift the Quick Chamber/plastic sheeting to the ceiling or top of the doorway. Pump the expansion lever until the pair are secured to the side walls.
  5. Weights (not provided) or a second Quick Chamber can be placed on the excess plastic sheeting while on the floor to reduce air leaks. In applications, this will not be necessary since a single Quick Chamber (no weights) results in significant grain isolation.


For Openings 48 inches to 73 inches use Extender Bar Accessory:

  1. If you need to install the Phoenix Quick Chamber into an opening wider than 48 inches, an Extender Bar must be used. Prior to Step 1, the Quick Chamber should be prepared as follows:
  2. Attach the Quick Chamber Extender Bar as described in Step 1 by depressing the domed snap button on the Extender Bar assembly, then slide it from storage to use position.
  3. Depress the Quick Chamber adjustment lever and separate the two parts of the Quick Chamber.
  4. Insert the Extender Bar between the two halves of the Quick Chamber
  5. Use both adjustment levers to extend to the appropriate width.





Brand Phoenix
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