PROSOCO Consolideck® Paver Kare® Paver Enhancer WB

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PROSOCO Consolideck® Paver Kare® Paver Enhancer WB
  • Water based
  • Provides excellent water repellency
  • Enhances color of interlocking concrete and other natural stone surfaces
  • Low odor
  • Makes concrete surfaces easier to clean
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PROSOCO Consolideck® Paver Kare® Paver Enhancer WB (1 GL)


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PROSOCO Consolideck® Paver Kare® Paver Enhancer WB (4 GL)


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Product Information

Paver Kare Paver Enhancer WB is a long-lasting, penetrating water repellent for enhancing the natural color of most clay, concrete, and porous natural stone paving, new or old.

This water-based blend of siloxane resins increases paver service-life by providing protection against weather- and water-borne staining and soiling. It also helps pavers resist damage from destructive de-icing salts.

Paver Kare Enhancer WB is ideal for interlocking concrete, clay and integrally colored concrete paving, indoors or out. It will not alter the natural texture of treated surfaces.



  • Provides excellent color enhancement and protection from water penetration
  • Reduces staining and simplifies maintenance
  • Penetrating treatment—will not peel or blush
  • Low-odor, water-based formulation complies with all known national, state and district AIM VOC regulations
  • UV Stable—suitable for interior or exterior application



  • Porous, Textured Surfaces: 60–100 square feet per gallon
  • Semi-porous Surfaces: 100–150 square feet per gallon
  • Dense, Smooth Surfaces: 150–300 square feet per gallon


Brand Prosoco
Category Concrete Protector
Product Type Liquid
Max Coverage Per Gallon 150 - 300
VOC Level Low
pH 8.9
Condition New