Eureka Sanitaire SC889A Vacuum Replacement Parts


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  1. Sanitaire Replacement Brush Strip for VGII Brush Roll

    These replacement brush strips fit the VibraGroomer II brush roll.

    • Replacement brush strips
    • Fits the Vibra Groomer II brush roll
    • High-quality construction
  2. Sanitaire Vacuum Brush Roll 12 VG II (53270)

    This 12" Eureka Sanitaire Vibra Groomer comes complete with ball bearings and fits vacuum models SC684, SC688,SC886,SC887,SC888, SC889A and SC899

    • Vibra Groomer II
    • 12" roller brush
    • Fits multiple Sanitaire models
  3. Sanitaire Upright ST Dustbag with A & H (5 PK)

    Upright ST Dustbag with A & H, 5 Bags Per Pkg.

  4. Sanitaire Belt

    This round vacuum belt that fits most standard Sanitaire commercial upright vacuums.

    • Replacement vacuum belt
    • For use with Sanitaire upright vacuums
    • High-quality
  5. Power Cord for Sanitaire Commercial Vacuums, 50 Foot, 3 Wire

    This after-market 50-foot power cord is designed to fit most Sanitaire commercial upright vacuums.

    • Power cord
    • For use with Sanitaire vacuums
  6. Vacuum Magnet Bar, 12 Inch

    This magnet bar fits to the front base plate of upright vacuums, so janitorial staff members can deep clean the largest office without repeated back-straining bending. Staples and paperclips? No worries. They are trapped before they damage the unit!

    • Picks up staples/paperclips before they can harm motor
    • Great investment to save time when vacuuming
    • Fits most 12-inch machines
    • Cuts down on back-straining stops and starts
  7. Sanitaire Replacement Handle Socket Assembly (38183-4SV)

    This replacement 38183-4SV Handle Socket Assembly is designed to fit the Sanitaire model SC889A upright vacuum.

  8. Sanitaire Upright 3-Way Rocker Switch (27871)
    Sanitaire dual throw, three position, rocker switch.
    • Sanitaire
    • Dual Throw Rocker Switch
    • For Use with SC889A, SP5035A, SC889, SP5035

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8 Item(s)