Pullman-Holt 390ASB/HEPA Vacuum Replacement Parts

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  1. Pullman-Holt 390ASB HEPA Dry Vacuum

    The Pullman-Holt 390ASB is specifically designed for professional cleaning in abatement, restoration, and construction job sites. This 4-gallon, dry only HEPA vacuum helps contractors meet the latest EPA regulations for recovering lead dust (RRP).

    • Free Shipping!
    • Meets the latest EPA regulations for recovering lead dust (RRP)
    • Three levels of filtration
    • 4-gallon capacity
    • Powerful 1.5 HP motor
  2. Vacuum Bag Fits Pullman-Holt , Kent, and Nilfisk (5 PK)

    These disposable paper vacuum bags are designed to fit the Pullman-Holt Model 390 4-gallon HEPA vacuum as well as some other models.

    • Multi-brand replacement bags
    • Fits Pullman-Holt Model 390 series vacuums
    • Fits Kent and Nilfisk GD930 series HEPA vacuums
    • Sold in package of 5
  3. HEPA Filter for Pullman-Holt Model 390 Vacuums

    This replacement HEPA filter fits all Pullman-Holt Model 390 vacuums.

    • Genuine Pullman-Holt filter
    • True HEPA efficiency
    • Fits Pullman-Holt Model 390 Vacuums
  4. Pullman-Holt Motor Inlet Filter for 390ASB Canister Vacuum
    This motor inlet filter fits Pullman-Holt canister vacuum models 390CV and 390ASB.
    • Keeps your motor in clean condition
    • Fits Pullman-Holt Model 390ASB canister vacuum
    • Fits Pullman-Holt Model 390CV canister vacuum
  5. Pullman-Holt Air-Driven Beater Bar, 14 Inch

    This air-driven power head connects to the telescoping wand of the Pullman-Holt 390ASB canister vacuum, allowing you to easily clean carpeted floors. This beater bar is powered entirely by the suction of the vacuum—no electricity required!

    • 14" cleaning path
    • Air driven
    • No electricity required
    • Connects to Pullman-Holt 390ASB canister vacuum
  6. Pullman-Holt 13" Electric Power Head (B260976)

    This electric power head attaches to your Pullman-Holt Model 390 or 390ASB Canister Vacuum, and provides extra power and agitation for superior vacuuming results.

    • For use on Pullman-Holt Models 390 and 390ASB
    • Heavy-duty double steel brush roll provides extra agitation
    • See-through brush roll window
    • Weighs just 5 lbs
  7. Replacement Rubber Blade Set for 18-Inch Ermator Floor Tool

    These replacement rubber blades fit the Ermator Floor Tool. Packaged with one long and one slightly shorter blade.

    • Includes one long and one short blade
    • Long blade measures 17 1/4"
    • Short blade measures 15 1/2"
    • Designed to fit the Ermator Floor Tool
  8. Pullman-Holt Filter Retention Device (B160537)

    This filter retention device (paper bag retainer) fits the Pullman-Holt Model 390ASB HEPA Vacuum and Model 390CV Dry Canister Vacuum.

    • Filter retention device only
    • For use one Pullman-Holt Model 390ASB HEPA Vacuum
    • For use on Pullman-Holt Model 390CV Dry Canister Vacuum

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8 Item(s)