Pullman-Holt 102ASB12PD Vacuum Replacement Parts

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  1. HEPA Filter for Pullman-Holt Model 102 Vacuums

    High efficiency 'drop-in' style HEPA filter individually certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns (based on 1EST-RP-CC007 particle count test method).

    • Can be used with a Dacron bag to further improve efficiency
    • High efficiency drop-in style HEPA filter
    • Minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  2. Pullman-Holt Paper Bags for WD Model 102 Vacuums (5 PK)

    This disposable wet/dry paper bag fits the Pullman-Holt 12-Gallon Wet/Dry vac

    • Fits Pullman-Holt 12 gallon OE-WDH12-EA vacuum
    • Holds wet and dry contents
    • Disposable
  3. Pullman-Holt HEPA Pre-Filter for Model 102ASB

    Pre-filter for catching all the larger particulate debris, effectively prolonging the life of the primary and HEPA filters. Can be used both wet and dry.

    • Replacement for 12-gallon Pullman Holt wet-dry filter
    • Prolongs life of primary HEPA filter
  4. Pullman-Holt Never Clog Dacron Filter Bag, 14"

    Dacron Filter Bag fits Pullman-Holt 5-gallon and 10-gallon models.

  5. Pullman-Holt HEPA Filter Assy 102ASB (B160008)
    This economy replacement HEPA filter for Pullman-Holt Model 102ASB HEPA Vacuum includes the HEPA filter and air seal gasket.
    • For use on Pullman-Holt Model 102ASB HEPA Vacuum
    • Includes HEPA filter and air seal gasket
    • Economy replacement part
  6. Pullman-Holt Replacement Vacuum Motor, 120 Volt

    This replacement 120-volt vacuum motor fits Pullman-Holt vacuums.

  7. Replacement Rubber Blade Set for 18-Inch Ermator Floor Tool

    These replacement rubber blades fit the Ermator Floor Tool. Packaged with one long and one slightly shorter blade.

    • Includes one long and one short blade
    • Long blade measures 17 1/4"
    • Short blade measures 15 1/2"
    • Designed to fit the Ermator Floor Tool
  8. Pullman-Holt Replacement Can Cap Clamp

    This replacement can cap clamp fits the Pullman-Holt 30 ASB Bacpac Asbestos Vacuum.

  9. Pullman-Holt Velcro Strap

    This Velcro strap is designed to be used with the filtration system of Pullman-Holt HEPA 12-gallon wet/dry vacuums.

    • Nylon
    • 1" x 6"
    • Non-adhesive
    • Black

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