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  1. Protimeter Heavy Duty Moisture Probe and Lead
    The Protimeter Heavy Duty Moisture Probe and Lead can be used with any Protimeter pin moisture meter and is designed for the measurement of moisture in awkward corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Protimeter Heavy Duty Slide Hammer

    The Slide Hammer Preobe has pin-electrodes with insulated shanks so measurements may be taken at the tip, allowing contractors to ascertain various depths in wood and wood structures, such as floors and timber stock.

    • For use with Protimeter Survey Master and MMS
    • Measures moisture at various depths in wood and wood structures
    • Integral pin-removal tool built into handle
  3. Needles/Pins for Protimeter Slide Hammer (10 PK)
    These replacement hammer electrode needles are for the Protimeter Slide Hammer. These needles fit the new style Protimeter Slide Hammer that uses threaded pins only. Sold in package of 10.
    • Package of 10 pins
    • For new style Protimeter Slide Hammer
    • Threaded
  4. Protimeter 1" Replacement Pins

    Replacement Pins for use with BLD2000 Mini, BLD5360 Surveymaster, BLD5364 Surveymaster Lite, BLD5060 Heavy Duty Extension Lead, and BLD5604 Timbermaster.

    • Package of 20 pins
    • 1 inch total length
    • 1/2 inch penetration
  5. Adjustable Humidity Sleeves

    These patent-pending adjustable humidity sleeves adjust to accommodate 4" to 6" thick concrete slabs, so there's no need to cut the sleeves. They are designed to fit the Protimeter BLD4755-5 Mini Hygrostick.

    • Patent-pending
    • Fully adjustable from 4" to 6"
    • No need to cut the sleeves to fit
    • Fits Protimeter Mini Hygrostick

    Starting at: $40.00

  6. Replacement Protimeter Quikstick Probe

    This replacement Quikstick Hygrometer Probe is designed for use with the Protimeter MMS2, MMS with firmware version 3.15 or higher, and Hygromaster/Hygrohawk with firmware 5.22 or higher.

    • Replacement Quikstick probe only
    • Fits Protimeter MMS2
    • Fits many other Protimeter meters
  7. Replacement HygroStick for the Protimeter MMS LH and MMS Plus
    The optional/replacement HygroStick is optimized for measuring humidity in the 30 to 100% relative humidity range and is ideal for measuring high moisture levels found in concrete floors.
    • Measure humidity levels between 30% and 100%
    • Standard probe on the MMS LH
    • Optional probe for the MMS Plus
  8. Protimeter Mini Hygrostick Probes (5 PK)

    These small probes are placed into the humidity sleeve that is inserted into the concrete slab and allow users to measure relative humidity (RH) and temperature to the exact standard.

    • Measures %RH
    • Measures temperature
    • Designed for harsh environments 
    • Fits humidity sleeve
  9. MMS2 Salt Calibration Check Adaptor

    This replacement adapter fits the salt calibration check for use with the MMS2 moisture meter.

    • For use with MMS2 moisture meter
    • Fits salt calibration
  10. MMS2 Salt Calibration Check 75% RH

    This salt calibration check is used with the MMS2 moisture meter and allows the user to check the humidity probe calibration at 75% RH.

    • Test bottle
    • Used with MMS2 moisture meter
    • Adapter sold separately
  11. Replacement Cap for Protimeter Surveymaster
    This replacement cap fits the old style (BLD5360) Protimeter Surveymaster.
    • Replacement cap only
    • Black color
    • Fits Model BLD5360 Protimeter Surveymaster
  12. Carbide-Tipped Spiral  Masonry 3/4" Drill Bit

    This replacement drill bit fits the MMS2 Floor Kit. It enables users to drill the correct hole size and depth for the humidity sleeves.

    • 3/4"
    • Carbide tipped
    • Spiral masonry
    • For use with MM2 Floor Kit
  13. Drill Bit Stop Collar, 3/4"

    This stop collar fits the 3/4" carbide-tipped spiral masonry drill bit. The stop collar locks onto the drill bit to allow for drilling to the correct depth in concrete slabs.

    • Stop collar only
    • Drill bit and hex key sold separately
    • Allows for drilling to accommodate humidity sleeves
  14. Wire Cleaning Brush, 3/4"

    This wire brush is designed to be used with the drill bit provided in the MMS2 Flooring kit. This brush cleans out the drilled holes for proper placement of humidity sleeves. It is recommended that a properly filtered industrial grade vacuum is used in conjunction with this wire brush.

    • Replacement wire brush
    • Cleans out holes for humidity sleeves
    • 3/4"
  15. Mini Hygrostick Extension Lead

    This extension lead connects the MMS2 meter to the mini Hygrostick.

  16. MMS2 Hard Case with Foam

    This replacement hard carrying case is designed to hold the MMS2 moisture meter. The soft foam cushions the meter, absorbing impact and preventing damage due to dropping or falling. The hard exterior withstands heavy abuse and resists dents, chips, and cracks.

    • Secures flooring kit in one case
    • Rugged durable construction
    • Foam lining included

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