Prochem Blazer Truck Mount Replacement Parts

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  1. Pressure Regulator Repair Kit for Prochem Blazer Truck Mount

    This pressure regulator rebuild kit is designed for Prochem Blazer truck mount units. Ths kit is for the brass handle on the Prochem regulator and replaces kit PC-16808193-EA.

  2. Pulley, Dual for Blazer
    Pulley Dual for Blazer
  3. O-Ring Check Valve Assembly

    This O-ring goes on the check valve cap and seals the cap to the check valve. Measures 7/8" ID x 1 1/16" OD.

    • O-Ring fits cap on older Prochem brass chemical pumps


  4. O-Ring Y-Strainer

    This O-ring is .676 Id x .816 Od. It fits the Y-Strainer for the solution outlet assembly and the bypass manifold assembly for most Prochem and BLUEline units.

  5. Gasket Waste Tank Lid

    Waste tank lid gasket for original Blazer series.

    • Rubberized waste lid gasket
    • Fits original Blazer series only


  6. Gasket Catalytic Converter

    Gasket for catalytic heat exchange system on the older Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Silver high temp gasket for catalytic heat exchangers
  7. Filter, Pre-Air Kohler

    This pre-air filter has been manufactured to fit the following Kohler Command engine-equipped truck mount units: Prochem Legend, Legend SE and Legend XL.

    • Pre-filter


  8. Briggs & Stratton Fuel Solenoid (692094)

    Briggs and Stratton fuel solenoid for carburetor.

    • Solenoid, Carburetor
  9. Briggs & Stratton Fuel Filter (394358S)

    Briggs and Stratton 75 micron fuel filter.

    • Filter, Fuel
  10. Briggs & Stratton Oil Filter (491056)

    Briggs and Stratton oil filter.

    • Filter, OIl
  11. Briggs & Stratton Air Filter (394018S)

    Briggs and Stratton engine air filter element.

    • Air filter, Briggs and Stratton
  12. Chemical Pump Check Valve (42-809265)

    This check valve fits most Prochem stainless steel chemical pumps.

    • Check Valve
    • For Use with Many Prochem and HydraMaster Chemical Pumps
    • Ships Same Day
  13. Chemical Pump Disk (36-003)

    This plastic chemical pump disk works as a diffuser to cushion the diaphragm providing longer life to the diaphragm.

    • Chemical Pump Disk
    • For Round Style Last Step Chemical Injection
  14. Chemical Pump Diaphragm

    Diaphragm for chemical pump used on all Prochem truck mounts and on all non-HP BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Rubber diaphragm
    • For use with Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts
    • For use with select newer Hydramaster units
  15. Cat Pumps 3CP Pump (3CP1140CS.3)

    Cat 3CP1140CS.3 Pump

    • Cat Pumps
    • 3CP1140CS.3
    • 16.5MM Shaft
    • 2200 PSI, 3.6 GPM
  16. 12V Fuel Pump (035000-0510)

    Electric 12 VDC fuel pump.

    • Fuel pump
    • 12 volt
    • 2-3 psi
  17. GoodYear Matchmaker Belt (AX38)
    Matchmaker belt AX38.
    • AX38t
    • BlazerXL/LegendXL/Apex/Boxxer 421,427
  18. GoodYear Matchmaker Belt (AX36)
    Matchmaker belt AX36.
    • AX36
    • Blazer Plus
  19. Waste Tank Filter, 2"F Stainless Steel
    2"F stainless steel waste tank filter.
    • Stainless Steel
    • 2"F x 4"D x 10"L
    • Waste Tank Filter
    • PASS50-2-100
  20. TKX Lubricant, 16oz (4KK77)
    Aerosol blower lubricant. For use with all truckmount and blower types.
    • Blower Lubricant
    • Non Drying Oily Film
    • Displaces Moisture
    • Protects Against Corrosion
    • For use with All Vacuum Blower and Truckmount Types 
  21. Stainless Steel Chemical Pump (100906)

    Stainless steel chemical pump by General Pumps.

    • Stainless Steel 
    • Easily Rebuildable 
    • Used On A Wide Variety Of Truck Mount Systems
  22. Briggs & Stratton Air Filter (30-430)
  23. Truck Mount Pump Out System

    Featuring a 12VDC motor this diaphragm waste pumpout produces consistent, smooth pulsation to prevent misdirected wastewater flooding. This pump can be run dry for short periods without causing damage to the pump.

    • 0.5HP drive motor
    • Diaphragm pump by COMET USA
    • For use with any truck mount system
  24. Hose, Winterizing and Descaling
    Truck mount winterizing and descaling hose kit.
    • Winterizing and Descaling Hose
    • Provided by Jon-Don
    • Free Technical Support

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