ProTeam ProForce 1500XP HEPA Replacement Parts

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  1. ProTeam 1500XP HEPA Upright Vacuum

    ProForce 1500XP HEPA is a powerful, lightweight upright vacuum designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Comes with on-board tools and ProTeam's "3/3/3/3" Warranty.

    • 15-inch cleaning path
    • CRI seal of approval
    • Dual-motor system
    • 3.25-quart dust capacity with HEPA filtration
  2. ProTeam 3.25 QT Intercept Micro Filter Vacuum Bags (10 PK)

    These replacement Micro Filter Vacuum Bags hold up to 3.25 quarts of dry debris. They're designed to fit ProTeam ProForce 1500/1500XP and Prolux Uprights. Sold in a package of 10.

    • Genuine ProTeam replacement bag
    • Micro filter vacuum bag
    • 3.25-quart capacity
    • Sold in a package of 10
  3. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Power Nozzle with Crimps (104506)

    Brush roll motor for ProForce 1500 commercial upright vacuum.

  4. ProTeam Upright Vacuum Drive Belt - 104217

    This replacement belt fits the ProForce 1500/1500XP upright vacuums.

    • Replacement belt
    • Fits the ProTeam ProForce 1500 and 1500XP
  5. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Handle Switch, Rocker, On/Off (105147)

    This single throw rocker switch is used on the ProTeam ProForce 1500 and the ProForce 1500XP upright vacuums.

    • ProForce 1500 and 1500XP
  6. Rear Wheels, ProForce 1500/1500XP (Set of 2)

    Rear wheels for the ProForce 1500/1500XP

    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
    • Rear Wheels
    • Set of 2
  7. Hose Assembly w/Cuffs for ProTeam ProForce 1500XP (104961)

    This is the 1-1/4" vacuum hose for the ProForce 1500XP. The hose which attaches to the wand (104294) allow for the use of several different tools to help vacuum out those tough to reach corners and crevices. Assembly includes hose and cuffs.

    • Comes with Cuffs
  8. Hose, Power Nozzle to Lower Duct
    ProTeam power nozzle to lower duct hose.
    • ProTeam
    • Lower Duct Hose
    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
  9. ProTeam Quick Release Cuff
    For ProForce 1500XP
    • Collar and Latch Fitting
  10. ProTeam ProForce Brush Roll (104216)

    This is a complete brush roll made to fit the all 15 inch ProTeam upright vacuums except the 1200XP and ProGen Series. Also fits an array of Electrolux upright vacuums.

    • 14" brush roll
    • Fits all 15 inch Proteam upright vacuums, except the 1200XP and ProGen Series
    • Complete rush roll
  11. Cord Wrap Bracket, ProForce 1500/1500XP

    ProForce 1500/1500XP cord hook.

    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
    • Cord Wrap
    • Part of Handle Assembly
  12. ProTeam ProForce Lockout Safety Switch (104279)
    ProForce 1500/1500XP base lockout safety switch.
    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
    • Lockout Safety Switch
    • Preserves Brush Roll Belt and Drive Motor
  13. Filter, ProTeam HEPA Exhaust

    Replacement exhaust filter with HEPA rating for use with the ProTeam vacuum systems. Found on the Newer ProForce 1500 & 1500XP / HEPA with a filter on the front, HalfVac, Super HalfVac, ProGen 12" and ProGen 15" models.

    • For New Style ProForce
    • HEPA Rated
  14. ProTeam HEPA Media Exhaust Filter for Old-Style 1500/1500XP (105136)

    Replacement HEPA Exhaust Filter for the older ProTeam ProForce 1500 with the HEPA filter on the side of the unit, and Prolux uprights with HEPA filtration.

    • Provides HEPA filtration
    • Fits Older Style Pro-Team ProForce 1500 and 1500XP
    • Fits Electrolux Discover uprights
  15. ProTeam ProForce Power Cord (104284)

    This power cord is for use on both the ProTeam ProForce 1500 and 1500XP upright vacuums. Measures 50' for use over a wide range, and has molded plugs on both ends.

    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
    • 14/3 x 50'
    • Molded Plug Ends
    • Strain Relief Clasp
  16. ProTeam  ProForce 1500XP Wand (104294)

    Plastic wand for the ProForce 1500XP upright vacuum. This connects to the hose (104961) and allows for multiple tools to be employed to reach and vacuum those tough to reach ceiling corners and stair crevices.

  17. Assembly, ProTeam 1500XP HEPA Power Nozzle Cover (107282)

    Complete cover assembly with spring locks and decals for the ProTeam ProForce 1500 and 1500XP upright vacuums.

    • ProTeam
    • Complete Cover Assembly
    • For 1500/1500XP
  18. Circuit Breaker, ProTeam 2A
    ProTeam 2A circuit breaker.
    • ProTeam
    • 2A
    • 125V
  19. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Motor Assembly w/Jumpers (104957)

    This kit contains the vacuum (suction) motor and the jumper wires for the ProForce 1500 and the ProForce 1500XP upright vacuums.

  20. ProTeam Motor Intake Filter, ProForce 1500/1500XP

    ProForce 1500/1500XP foam motor filter.

    • ProForce1500/1500XP
    • Vacuum Filter 
    • Foam
  21. Filter Cover, ProForce 1500 1500XP

    ProForce 1500/1500XP filter cover.

    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
    • Hepa Filter Cover 
    • Does Not Include HEPA Filter
    • Charcoal Gray in Color
  22. Board, ProTeam ProForce Indicator
    ProTeam ProForce indicator board.
    • ProTeam
    • Operation Board
    • ProForce 1500/1500XP
  23. Spring, ProTeam 2PK Handle Lock
    ProTeam 2pk handle lock springs.
    • ProTeam
    • Springs
    • Package of 2
  24. ProTeam Bearing for ProForce 1500XP

    This ProTeam bearing fits the ProForce 1500XP vacuum.


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