ProTeam GoFree Pro Flex Cordless Vacuum Parts & Accessories

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  1. ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro Cordless Backpack Vacuum

    Enjoy improved comfort and total freedom of movement with the newly redesigned GoFree Flex Pro from ProTeam. This cordless backpack vacuum offers 75 minutes of runtime and 30% improved productivity over corded backpack models.

    • Completely cordless with 75 minutes of continuous runtime
    • Weighs only 18 lbs
    • 10-amp motor; 63.7 dBA
    • 6-quart dust capacity; 4-level filtration
    • Includes Xover toolkit; rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
    • Not recommended for mold/lead remediation
  2. ProTeam 6 QT Intercept Micro Filter Bags, 107314 (10 PK)

    The Intercept Micro Filter is the first step in ProTeam's four level filtration process. It filters out at least 99.9% of indoor pollutants one micron or larger. This filter fits the Super Coach Pro 6, GoFree Pro, and GoFree Flex Pro Battery Backpack vacuums.

    • Genuine ProTeam replacement bag
    • 6-quart capacity
    • Triangular-shaped opening
    • Fits Super Coach Pro 6 & GoFree Pro
  3. ProTeam 6 QT Micro Cloth Filter, Super Coach Pro 6 & GoFree

    This 6-quart Micro Cloth Filter fits the Super Coach Pro 6. It is the second step in the 4 part filtration system that helps remove 99.9% of pollutants one micron or larger.

    • 6-quart micro filter
    • Step 2 in the filtration process
  4. ProTeam HEPA Filter, 107315 (2 PK)

    This HEPA filter fits the ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6 &10 GoFree Pro Battery Backpack vacuums. This filter is the final step of filtration in ProTeam's four-level filtration process that filters out at least 99.97% of indoor pollutants 0.3 microns or larger.

    • Genuine ProTeam filter
    • HEPA filtration (99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns)
    • Step 4 in the ProTeam four-level filtration process
  5. Lithium-Ion Battery for ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Backpack Vacuum, 12Ah

    This replacement Lithium-Ion battery fits the ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro backpack vacuum. It features up to 850 recharge cycles and control circuit for state-of-the-art performance. 

    • Fits new and older GoFree Flex Pro backpack vacuums
    • Provides 75-minutes of runtime (when used with newer model)
    • Features up to 850 recharge cycles
  6. Charger for ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Battery Backpack Vacuum

    This new charger features a fast charge time of only 2.5–3 hours for a full charge and easy-to-read charge status lighted display. The visual identifier is the light gray label (not black) with 4 columns of text above indicator lights and new serial number format.

    • Fits GoFree Flex Pro Battery Backpack Vacuum
    • Fully charges in just 2.5–3 hours
    • Easy-to-read charge status indicator light
  7. ProTeam Elbow Swivel Cuff, 1 1/2"

    Black elbow swivel hose cuff for ProTeam Backpack Vacuums.

    • swivel elbow cuff
    • 1-1/2" slip fitting
    • Original ProTeam part
  8. ProTeam Rocker Switch

    Dual pole single throw rocker switch rated at 20A 125/250V and 2HP 125/250V. Commonly used with 106287 switch box.

    • ProTeam
    • Dual Pole (4 Pin)
    • Single Throw (ON/OFF)
  9. Switch Cord and Power Cord Assembly for ProTeam GoFree Backpack Vacuum

    This replacement 10" switch cord and power cord assembly fits the ProTeam GoFree battery-powered backpack vacuum. This cord allows you to turn the vacuum on and off from the belt.

  10. ProTeam Two-Piece Straight Telescoping Wand (107529)

    This two-piece straight telescoping wand adjusts from 32” to 59”, allowing users of any height to comfortably reach surfaces high and low. It pairs with the ProTeam ProBlade™ Carpet or Hard Surface Tool, so you can easily tackle cleaning challenges on any type of surface. 

    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Lightweight—only 2 lbs
    • Extends from 32" to 59"
    • 1.5" wand diameter
    • Fits ProTeam ProBlade Surface Tools Only
  11. ProTeam ProBlade™ Carpet Floor Tool (107527)

    The ProBlade Carpet Floor Tool is engineered to distribute airflow along the entire width of the tool, from edge to edge, for improved suction and more efficient debris pickup. It is designed for use with low- to mid-pile carpet and works best when paired with the ProTeam straight telescoping wand.

    • Evenly distributes suction along entire tool width
    • 14" tool width
    • Ideal for use on low- to mid-pile carpet
    • Lightweight, easy to use
    • Pairs with ProTeam straight telescoping wand
  12. ProTeam ProBlade™ Hard Surface Floor Tool (107528)

    The ProBlade Hard Surface Tool distributes airflow evenly across the entire width of the tool for more efficient debris pickup. Lightweight and easy to use, this ergonomic hard surface tool pairs with the ProTeam straight telescoping wand. Enjoy improved productivity and reduced fatigue.

    • Airflow evenly distributed across entire tool
    • Ideal for hard surfaces high and low
    • Lightweight, durable construction
    • Pairs with ProTeam straight telescoping wand
    • 14" tool width
  13. ProTeam Swivel Cuff, 1-1/2", Black
    1-1/2" Swivel vacuum hose cuff.
    • Avoid kinks in vacuum hoses
    • Swivel turns with the tool for ease of movement
    • Crushproof
    • Black
  14. ProTeam 56" Two-Piece Two-Bend Aluminum Wand with Button Lock (101338)

    Reach remote areas with this genuine ProTeam 56" aluminum wand. It breaks down into two pieces for easy storage and transport and bends at two locations, allowing you to vacuum hard-to-reach areas. This wand accepts 1 1/2" hoses and has a button lock to secure the two pieces into place.

    • 56" long when assembled
    • Convenient button lock
    • 1 1/2" diameter
  15. ProTeam Xover Floor Tool, 14 Inch (107016)

    With a 14” wide cleaning path and wider mouth opening, this tool makes short work of big jobs. It picks up large and small debris, from ordinary dust and dirt to staples and paperclips. This tool is 44% more effective, giving you better results, less labor, and cleaner floors.

    • 44% more effective than standard industry floor tools
    • Glides easily over hard floors and carpet
    • 14" cleaning path 
    • Even airflow from edge to edge
  16. ProTeam E-Z Glide Floor Tool, 14 Inch (101446)

    The E-Z Glide Floor Tool with nylon brush is designed for use on carpet and hard floor surfaces. It is a replacement for the 14-Inch Original ProTeam Tool.

    • Use on carpet and flooring
    • 14" cleaning width / 1.5 Inch diameter
  17. ProTeam 14" Carpet Tool with Scallops (100147)

    This tool features scallops that will easily loosen soil and dirt from carpet fibers for your vacuum cleaner to pick up. With a 14" wide cleaning path, the ProTeam Carpet Tool is ideal for use on low to medium pile carpeting. It also has a soft rubber bumper that will help protect furniture and walls.

    • Ideal for low to medium pile carpeting
    • 1 1/2" connection diameter
    • For use with all ProTeam backpack and canister vacuums
  18. ProTeam 14-Inch Hard Floor Tool with Nylon Brush (100623)

    This 14" hard floor tool features a built-in nylon brush, ensuring is smoothly glides over the floor without scratching the surface. It is ideal for use on most hard floor surfaces, particularly those without a high-gloss finish.

    • 14-inch tool
    • Fits ProTeam backpack or canister vacs
    • Fits 1 1/2" ProTeam wands
    • Nylon brush
  19. ProTeam 3-Inch Dust Brush with Reducer, 1.5 Inch

    This ProTeam dusting brush has a 3-inch round head and reduces to a 1 1/2" connection. It features 1-inch horsehair bristles that help sweep dirt and debris into the vacuum suction.

    • For use with all ProTeam vacuums
    • Use with any vac that has 1 1/2" wand
    • Horsehair bristles
  20. ProTeam Crevice Tool, 17 Inch (100108)

    This 17" crevice tool attaches to a 1.5" hose and fits ProTeam vacuums. It allows you to easily get into tight cracks and crevices, such as those found in furniture and automotive interiors.

    • Fits all ProTeam vacuums
  21. ProTeam 12" Paddle Floor Tool (100730)

    This 12" paddle-style floor tool is designed for use with ProTeam vacuums. It connects to a 1.5" hose and is ideal for use on both carpet or hard floor surfaces.

    • Use with ProTeam vacuums
    • 12" length; 1.5" hose connection
    • Non-metallic construction
    • Use on both carpet or hard floors
  22. ProTeam Sidewinder Carpet Tool, 18 Inch

    The ProTeam 18" Sidewinder Carpet Tool makes cleaning along baseboards and in small cracks and crevices a cinch. From the upright design to the narrow width and low profile, this ordinary-looking floor tool delivers extraordinary cleaning results.

    • Cleans along baseboards, stairs, and crevices with ease
    • Designed for ergonomic cleaning of wide open areas
    • Ideal for use on commercial and low-pile carpet
    • Can be used on hard surfaces
    • Use only with ProTeam Sidewinder wands #105693 and #105695

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