Oreck Orbiter Commercial Model ORB550MC Brushes and Parts


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  1. Oreck® Orbiter® Orange Heavy-Duty Scrub Brush

    Dig out the dirt and get your floors clean with this heavy-duty scrub brush for the Oreck Orbiter. This brush features stiff bristles that can be used wet or dry to scrub away the grime on scratch-resistant, high-traffic floors to make them look like new again. 

    • 0.028" polypropylene bristles
    • Great for heavy-duty jobs
    • 12" diameter
    • Fits Oreck Orbiter
    • Bright orange color
  2. Oreck® Commercial Orbiter® Blue Tile & Grout Medium-Duty Scrub Brush

    Tackle greasy, slippery floors and clean out gunky grout lines with this medium-duty scrub brush designed to fit the Oreck Commercial Orbiter. It's ideal for use in restaurants, kitchens, and other food service/prep areas.

    • Medium duty
    • Ideal for tile and grout
    • 0.020" poly bristles
    • 12" diameter
    • Fits Oreck Orbiter
  3. Oreck® Commercial Orbiter® Green Medium-Duty Scrub Brush

    The green medium-duty brush is used for general-purpose scrubbing on hard surface floors. This brush features 0.012" nylon bristles. 

    • 12" scrub brush
    • For use with Oreck Orbital
    • Ideal for medium-duty scrubbing applications
  4. Oreck® Commercial Orbiter® Nylo Grit Scrub Brush, Silicone Carbide

    To tackle heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping jobs with your Oreck Orbiter, choose the Nylo Grit Scrub Brush. This ultra stiff brush is slightly more aggressive than the orange brush and features imbedded particles in the bristles for added scrubbing power. 

    • Ideal for heavy-duty scrubbing applications
    • 0.040" grit
    • Silicon carbide brush
    • 12-inch diameter
    • Fits Oreck Orbiter
  5. Oreck® Commercial Orbiter® Lambswool Bonnet

    Bring out your floor's natural gloss with the Lambwool Bonnet for your Oreck Orbiter! This bonnet will polish laminate, wood, vinyl, linoleum, and tile floors—coated and uncoated—to a beautiful shine.

    • Polishes floors to a brilliant shine
    • 12-inch diameter
    • Wool fiber construction
    • Fits Oreck Orbiter
    • Must use Oreck® pad holder (sold separately)
  6. Oreck® Orbiter® Drive Pad Block

    This black plastic pad block fits on the bottom of Oreck Orbiter Floor Care Machines. It features durable plastic teeth that securely hold a variety of scrubbing pads in place.

    • 12" pad driver
    • Fits Oreck Orbiter
    • Will hold variety of pads
    • Plastic teeth

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