Mytee 12" Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner Replacement Parts

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  1. Spinner Hard Surface Tool

    Cleaning hard surface floors is easier than ever with the Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner. It features a 12-inch cleaning path and delivers up to 3,000 PSI of cleaning power to blast away dirt and grime on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, tile and grout, and rubber-studded floors.

    • Make grout and tile cleaner than ever
    • Up to 3,000 PSI of cleaning power
    • Low profile design for hard-to-reach areas
    • Features a 12-inch vacuum cleaning path
  2. Brush, Spinner

    This is a replacement brush for the Mytee 12" Spinner (OE-SPN-EA). It's also the replacement brush for the Counter Spinner and the Corner Spinner.

    • Mytee
    • Replacement brush
    • For 12" Spinner, Counter Spinner, and, Corner Spinner
  3. 12" Brush, for Spinner Ring (G098)
    12" Brush, for Spinner Ring
  4. Grip, 1-1/2" Mytee/Redline Spinner

    1-1/2" Hand Grip

    • Mytee/Redline
    • Assist Handle
    • 1-1/2"
  5. Hose for 12" Spinner (OE-SPN-EA)

    This is the solution hose for the 12" Spinner that runs from the valve to the head on the older Spinners.

    • Replacement hose only
    • For use with older model 12" Spinner
  6. Sleeve, Vacuum Relief

    Vacuum Relief Sleeve

    • Mytee
    • Works With the 12" Spinner
    • Vacuum Relief
  7. Hex Nipple, 1/4"M x 1/4"M, Brass
    1/4"M x 1/4"M brass hex nipple.
    • Brass
    • 1/4"M x 1/4"M
    • Hex Nipple
    • 122-B
  8. Hex Nipple, 1/4"M x 3/8"M, Brass
    1/4"M x 3/8"M brass hex nipple.
    • Brass
    • 1/4"M x 3/8"M
    • Hex Nipple
    • 122-CB
  9. Spray Body Male

    Spray Body, Male with ¼” Male Pipe Threads for multiple wand applications.

    • Brass Spray Body
  10. Swivel Flange, Mytee/Redline Spinners

    This is the rotary swivel flange used on all of the Spinner Tile and Grout tools by Mytee/Redline.

    • Mytee/Redline
    • Stainless steel swivel
    • Fits all spinner models
  11. V-Jet 1/8

    V-Jet 1/8

    • Spray Jets
    • Stainless Steel
    • Used on 12" Spinner Models
  12. Clamp, Mytee/Redline Spinner Gun Mount

    Gun assembly mounting clamp for the new Spinner Series by Mytee/Redline.

    • Mytee/Redline
    • Valve Mount Clamp
    • Spring Steel 
  13. Assembly, New Spinner Trigger
    New style pressure gun for Mytee/Redline Spinner tools.
    • Mytee/Redline
    • High Pressure (3000+PSI)
    • Angled Gun 
  14. Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD

    Our most popular male quick disconnect plug! This brass coupler features heavy-duty double O-rings and works in all high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

    • Male connection
    • Double O-rings prevent leaking
    • Brass construction
  15. In-Line Solution Filter, 1/4", Brass
    This inline solution filter assembly is easy to install and works on most tools with 1/4" fittings. It helps prevent valve wear and clogged jets.
    • Brass Housing
    • Stainless Steel Filter
    • 1/4"M x 1/4"M
    • Helps prevent valve wear and clogged jets
  16. Washer, Nylon Spray Tip

    Nylon washer, fits the filter used with a tee-jet. Also used in the solution in line filter (MP-SILF-EA).

    • Washer, nylon
  17. Spray Screen Regular

    This standard brass filter screen with fine mesh saves you from having to clean jets at every job. It has no check ball or spring.

    • Brass filter with fine mesh filters unwanted debris
    • Saves you from cleaning jets at every job
    • No check ball or spring
  18. Turbo SS Spray V-Jet

    Turbo SS Spray V-Jet

    • V-Jet
    • Stainless steel
    • For use with older Turbo Spinner tool
  19. Wand Handle, 1 1/2", Low Profile

    Handle - 1 1/2'''' Low Profile

    • Grip, padded
  20. Adapter, T-Jet

    This is a brass T-Jet adapter with 1/4" female thread. Often used in the MP-SILF-EA assembly.


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