Injectidry Water Separator Replacement Parts

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  1. Injectidry Vac-It Panel Carry Bag

    If you're tired of having Vac-Panels laying all over the place, then this heavy duty nylon carry bag is for you. Capable of carrying 10 Vac-It Panels.

    • Can carry 10 Vac-It Panels
    • Can be used to carry Rescue Mats
    • Also used as an Adaptadry Carry Bag
    • Adjustable soft shoulder strap
  2. Injectidry Silencer

    The Silencer is made of ABS plastic and quiets the drying system by about 25%. It reduces some of the impeller noise in addition to the air rush sound. Attaches to the 2-inch OUT trunkline and sets up in seconds.

    • For use with Injectidry HP 60 and HP Plus
    • Quiets the HP60 Drying System by about 25%
    • Silencer only
  3. Injectidry Replacement Hose Cuff, 1 1/2"

    Replacement 1.5" hose cuff used on Injectidry HP-60 and HP-60 Plus Units.

    • Replacement 1.5" hose cuff
    • Used on Injectidry HP-60 Units
    • Used on Injectidry HP-60 Plus Units
  4. Tubing Stoppers, Replacement RP2 Soft (100 PK)

    This bag of 100 squeezable tubing stoppers is used to cap the unused 3/8" ports on Injectidry Vac-It Panels.

    • 3/8" tubing stoppers
    • Soft rubber
    • Squeezable
    • Used to cap unused ports on Vac-It Panels
  5. Carry Bag, Injectidry General Purpose

    This heavy-duty multi-purpose carry bag is made from nylon and measures 42" x 29". It is great for transporting your Direct-It or HP60 accessories

    • Constructed of heavy-duty nylon
    • Measures 42" x 29"
    • Great for transporting your Direct-It Accessories
  6. Injectidry High-Pressure Safety Yellow Blank Hose, 1.5
    This replacement high-pressure yellow blank (vacuum) hose is designed for use on Injectidry HP60 and HP60 Plus units. Each hose measures 1 1/2" x 50'.
    • Replacement high-pressure blank (vacuum) hose only
    • Yellow color
    • For use on Injectidry HP60 and HP60 Plus units
  7. Injectidry QCT01 Quick Connect Panel T

    This Injectidry Quick Connect Panel T is used to connect the 1.5" hoseline on the Injectidry Floor System. It can serve as a replacement or additional unit as needed.

    • Quick Connect Panel T only
    • Small size
    • Used with the Injectidry Floor System
  8. Injectidry Duffle Bag with Wheels

    Need a handy way to transport your Injectidry HP60 and Direct-It systems? This rolling duffle bag is just the thing! It measures 38" x 16" x 16" and includes a handle and wheels, plus a convenient and adjustable shoulder strap. This durable bag is made from heavy-duty nylon to resist tears and rips.

    • Bag measures 38" x 16" x 16"
    • Handle and wheels for easy transport
    • Nylon construction for excellent durability
    • Holds your HP60 and Direct-It systems

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8 Item(s)