HydraMaster RX-20 Rotary Power Wand Replacement Parts


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  1. Assembly, RX-20 Complete Star Assembly

    Star Assembly Complete for the Hydramaster RX-20 Rotary Extractor.

    • Complete Star assembly RX20
  2. HydraMaster RX-20 Hard Floor Attachment, MD

    For medium-duty cleaning of stone, slate, terrazzo, tile, or sealed concrete floors, the RX MD floor attachment is ideal. You can also use this accessory for one-step stripping of resilient floors.

    • Fits the RX-20
    • For medium-duty cleaning
    • Use on stone, slate, terrazzo, or sealed concrete
  3. RX-20 Pad and Bonnet Driver
    This attachment allows the RX-20 to quickly convert so it drives either carpet cleaning bonnets or standard hard floor pads. The 15-inch drive block accommodates a 17-inch carpet bonnet.
    • Bonnet or pad driver
    • 15-inch drive block accommodates a 17-inch bonnet
    • Fits the RX-20
  4. HydraMaster RX20 Cast Shoe (000-064-011)

    RX-20 Cast Vacuum Head

    • RX-20
    • Casted Aluminum Shoe
  5. Head, RX-20 New Style High Efficiency

    Complete RX-20 skid (new style).

    • RX-20
    • Complete Head
    • High Efficiency
  6. Star, RX-20 Heat Treated SST

    S/S Heat Treated Star

    • RX20 Stainless steel star
  7. Hub, RX-20 Double Thread

    Hub with Double Thread

    • Fits All RX-Star Attachments
    • Fits All Duty Hard Floor Attachments
    • Fits Pad Driver Attachment 
  8. Swivel, RX-20 Rotary Union

    Rotary Union 1/8 Brass

    • RX-20
    • Brass 
    • 1/8" Rotary Union/Swivel
  9. Gasket, RX-20 Felt Ring
    This felt ring is for the hub on the RX-20 star assembly (head). It provides a buffer between the plastic hub and the the shroud that, when oiled, will prevent the head from seizing to the shroud.
    • Felt ring gasket
    • For the hub on the RX-20
    • Store in bag of oil when not in use
  10. Gasket, RX-20 Vacuum Head

    Gasket (Skid)

    • RX-20
    • Gasket
    • Works on all versions of vacuum head
  11. Hose, RX-20 Vacuum Base to Handle

    2" Vac Hose for RX20

    • RX20 
    • Reinforced 2" Hose
    • Runs from base to handle
  12. Hose, RX-20 Vac Hub to Skid

    RX-20 Hub to Skid Hose

    • RX20 Vacuum hose hub to skid
    • Wirebound
    • 1" x 7"
  13. Kit, RX-20 Star Arm

    Star Arm Replacement Kit

    • RX-20
    • Star arm replacement kit
    • Contains all available items to change one arm
  14. Plunger w/ Collar, RX-20 Handle Lock Assembly

    Old style locking plunger 

    • Brass Plunger
    • Old Style 
    • Measures 1.568"
    • Has collar
  15. Jet, RX-20 Cone Spray
    This is a 1/8" stainless steel full cone spray jet. It's used on the high-efficiency, 3-jet RX-20 star assembly (head). This jet has an internal vein (HM-076078-EA) that manipulates the water into a dimensional cone shape.
    • Full cone spray jet for RX-20
    • Stainless steel; 1/8"
    • 3 required for unit
  16. Hex Nipple, 1/4"M x 1/4"M, Brass
    1/4"M x 1/4"M brass hex nipple.
    • Brass
    • 1/4"M x 1/4"M
    • Hex Nipple
    • 122-B
  17. Hex Nipple, 1/8"M x 1/8"M, Brass
    1/8"M x 1/8"M brass hex nipple.
    • Brass
    • 1/8"M x 1/8"M
    • Hex Nipple
    • 122-A
  18. Nipple, 1/8"MPT x 4", Stainless Steel
    This stainless nipple is used in place of the brass nipple on the RX-20. Measures 1/8" male pipe by 4" in length.
    • Stainless steel 
    •  Can be used in place of the brass nipple on the RX-20 
    • Measures 1/8" male pipe by 4"
  19. Skid, RX-20 Vacuum Head

    High efficiency skid

    • High Efficiency 
    • RX-20 Bottom Skid
    • Half Vacuum Slot
  20. Skid, RX-20 Vacuum Head Old Style

    Old style skid

    • RX-20 Bottom Skid
    • Full Vacuum Slot 
    • Welded Stainless Steel
  21. HydraMaster RX-20/RDM Power Trigger (000-167-010)
    This is the right side trigger for the RX-20 and controls power to the head.
    • HydraMaster
    • RX-20 RDM
    • Motor trigger handle
    • Right trigger
  22. Switch, RX-20 RotaryDriMatser

    Micro Switch for power on HydraMaster RX-20 and Rotary DriMaster.

    • RX-20
    • Rotary DriMaster
    • Micro Switch 
  23. Rod, RX-20 Handle Adjustment
    This is the stainless steel rod for the adjustable handle assembly on the RX-20. This is only the threaded rod by itself and it is for use with the clamp-style locking assembly. It will not work with the knob locking assembly.
    • RX-20
    • Rod handle adjustment
    • For use with clamp-style locking assembly
  24. Kit, RX-20 Relay
    This kit updates the relay inside the handle assembly (replacing 157-032) for the RX-20.
    • Relay kit for the RX-20
    • Replaces HM-157032-EA
    • Free technical support!

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