Ermator T7500 Replacement Parts


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  1. Longopac Replacement Bag (4 PK)

    The Longopac bagging system makes concrete dust disposal easy and convenient. It attaches to just about any dust collector or vacuum and securely holds all dust and debris.

    • 72-foot-long continuous liner
    • 5.5 mil thickness 
    • Makes up to 25-30 bags
    • Easily attaches to virtually any dust collector
    • Allows for dust-free disposal
  2. Aluminum Female Camlock Connector, 3 Inch
    This 3-inch aluminum female camlock connects a 3-inch vacuum hose to Ermator's T7500, T8600, and T10000 dust collectors.
    • 3-inch female camlock
    • Aluminum construction
    • Connects 3-inch vacuum hose to Ermator dust collectors
  3. T-Line HEPA Filter for Ermator T7500 & T8600 Dust Extractors

    This T-Line HEPA filter fits the Ermator T7500 and T8600 Dust Extractors. It provides 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns, ensuring the air on your job site is clean and virtually dust-free.

  4. Filter Sock Assembly for Ermator T7500 & T8600 Dust Extractors

    This replacement filter sock assembly fits the Ermator T7500 and T8600 dust extractors.

  5. Ermator Floor Tool

    This 18" floor tool connects to a 2" wand. It is designed to smoothly glide along hard floors.

    • 18" width
    • Connects to 2" wand, standard on all Ermator units
    • Smoothly glides along the floor
    • For use with dust collectors and flood extraction units
  6. Ermator Two-Piece Wand (1224035)

    This rugged aluminum wand attaches to any 2" hose, extending your reach for job cleanup tasks. It disassembles into two pieces for easy storage when not in use. This wand is ideal for use with Ermator dust collectors as well as flood extraction units.

    • 2-inch diameter
    • Fits Ermator HEPA dust extractors
    • Works well for flood extraction jobs
    • A must-have for job site cleanup!
  7. Camlock Reducer Connector
    Camlock Reducer Connector
  8. Ermator T-Line Hose 3" x 33' Conductive
    This 3" T-line hose from Ermator measures 33 feet long. It is compatible with the Ermator T8600 Dust Collector.
    • Replacement hose
    • 3" diameter and 33-foot length
    • Compatible with Ermator T8600
  9. Vacuum Hose Cuff, Fits 2-Inch Hose x 2-Inch Tool
    This vacuum hose cuff will connect a 2-inch hose to a 2-inch tool or a variety of other 2-inch utility accessories.
    • Hose cuff
    • 2"H x 2"T
  10. Ermator Front Swivel Caster Wheel for T7500 and T8600

    This replacement front caster wheel fits the Ermator T7500 and T8600 dust collectors. This wheel offers 360° swivel for full maneuverability. It easily and securely bolts to the frame.

    • Swivels for ease of use
    • Easily to replace; bolts on to unit
    • Sold individually
  11. Hubcap for Ermator T7500/T8600

    This replacement hubcap fits the large front wheel of the Ermator T7500 and T8600 dust collectors. Each hubcap is sold individually and is easy to install.


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