Dry Air Tempest Centrifugal Air Mover Replacement Parts


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  1. Dri-Eaz Blower Wheel Kit for Sahara Air Movers (S137)
    Dri-Eaz Sahara blower wheel and locking bolt.
    • Dri-Eaz
    • Blower Wheel
    • For Use with Snail Fan Air Movers
  2. Dry Air Wheel DryAir Blower (CF-00M-P4A10280)

    Dry Air centrifugal air mover blower wheel with clamp.

    • Twister
    • Tempest
    • Typhoon 
    • Comes with Clamp
  3. Dry Air Rocker Siwtch 2 Speed (GN-00E-P3A10254)

    2 speed rocker switch for Tempest air mover.

    • Dry Air
    • Tempest
    • Dual Throw (2 Speed)
  4. Dry Air 1/4-20 Well Nut w/ Washer (CF-00F-R4A10001)

    Well nut, and washer for Tempest and Typhoon fans.

    • Tempest
    • Typhoon 
    • Well Nut and Washer
  5. Dry Air Universal Air Mover Clamp
    The Dry Air Technology Carpet Clamp uses a unique over-center locking system. Once engaged, it will not let go until the technician removes it. It also features an adjustable soft rubber boot that grips the carpet securely without the risk of damage.
    • Over-center locking for a positive lock every time
    • Easy to install on just about any air mover
    • Adjustable locking foot for all types of carpets
  6. Dry Air Fan Housing (CF-02C-A1A20319)

    Dry Air fan housing only.

    • Tempest 
    • Typhoon
    • Housing Only
  7. Dry Air Tmpst Twstr Typh Rubbr Feet Large Rear (GN-00C-R6N10357)
    ea Tmpst Twstr Typh Rubbr Feet (Large Rear)
  8. Dry Air Motor Tempest® 2 Speed (CF-00M-N1A10001)

    Tempest air mover motor.

    • Tempest
    • 2 Speed Motor
    • Draws 3A
    • Turns at 1050 RPM
  9. Dry Air Power Cord DryAir Fan (GN-00E-P4A10316)

    Dry Air fan power cord.

    • 14/3 x 20' 
    • Molded male plug end with ground
    • Fits all Dry Air fans 
  10. Dry Air Tempest® Strain Relief (CF-00E-PNN10314)
    ea Tempest Strain Relief New Style

    Price: $1.01

    Sale: $0.37

  11. Dry Air Foot Rubber Air Mover (GN-00C-RNN10006)
    This rubber foot fits Dry Air air movers.
    • Tempest
    • Typhoon
    • Force 9
    • Clean Force
  12. Dry Air rubber foot for Tempest® (GN-00C-RGN10561)
  13. Dry Air Air Mover Strain Relief (CF-00E-PNN10006)

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13 Item(s)