Dri-Eaz LGR 2800i Dehumidifier Replacement Parts


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  1. 3M™ Filtrete (HAF) Filters for Dri-Eaz LGR 2800i & 3500i Dehumidifiers (3 PK)

    This replacement 3M Filtrete High Air Flow (HAF) Filter fits the Dri-Eaz 2800i and 3500i LGR Dehumidifiers. It protects the internal components of your equipment without restricting airflow.

    • Replace after 3 cleanings
    • High air flow (HAF)
    • Utilizes an electrostatic charge to pull contaminants from the air
  2. Lay Flat Ducting, 10 Inch x 250 Feet, 2 mil Thickness

    When you need Lay Flat Ducting for your air scrubber, negative air machine, or dehumidifier, choose a tough product that holds up over the long haul. This duct comes in a 10-inch x 250-foot roll. Custom-cut just the amount you need and store the rest!

    • 10-inch diameter when expanded
    • 16 inches wide when flat
    • 2 mil thickness

    Price: $44.45

    Sale: $35.49

  3. Coupler, Male 1/4" Drain Hose
    These couplers are typically used on the 1/4" drain hoses for most dehumidifiers. This coupler is a 1/4" open flow, Acetal, free float mounting, male insert. It can withstand temperature ranges between -40° and 180°F.
    • 1/4" hose barb
    • Male coupler
    • For use with Jon-Don Ultimate 340 and Phoenix 200Max dehumidifiers
  4. Dri-Eaz sensor cable assembly for 2800I (08-01721)
    Sensor cable assembly for the LGR 2800i Dehumidifier.

    Price: $12.89

    Sale: $7.27

  5. Dri-Eaz VMax Adapter for LGR i-Series Dehumidifiers
    Accelerate drying on your water damage jobs with the VMax Adapter. This easy-to-use device attaches to your LGR2800i or LGR3500i dehumidifiers and directs the warm, dry air across the floor in a focused, turbulent flow.
    • Fits LGR2800i and LGR3500i dehumidifiers
    • Installs in seconds
    • Durable rotomolded construction
    • Helps speed up drying
  6. Dri-Eaz I-Series Control Panel

    This replacement control panel assembly fits the Dri-Eaz LGR7000XLi, LGR2800I, and LGR3500i dehumidifiers. 

  7. Dri-Eaz Power Cord (02-01614)
    DriEaz power cord.
    • Dri-Eaz
    • 25' 14/3 Power Cord
    • For Use with 2800i/7000XLi
  8. Dri-Eaz Large Rubber Foot (03-00131)

    This large rubber foot fits all Dri-Eaz air movers and some other models of Dri-Eaz equipment, including the Dri-Eaz DefendAir EX air scrubber. Mounting screw not included.

  9. Dri-Eaz Female Dehumidifier Coupler (08-00302)

    Quick Connect Body 1/4" Barb for the Dri-Eaz units.

    • Female Coupler 
    • 1/4" Barb for 
    • Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers
  10. Dri-Eaz 12" Duct Ring (04-00042)

    Attaching ducting to your fan provides a simple solution for adding or exhausting air into/out of tight spaces like attics or crawl spaces. This ring will allow for 12" ducting to be added to the Vortex Axial Air Mover and DefendAir EX Air Scrubber.

  11. Dri-Eaz Wheel Dri-Eaz Dehumidifier (13-00053)
    Dri-Eaz 12" wheel.
    • Dri-Eaz
    • Non Marking Wheel
    • 12" x 2" x 5/8"
  12. Tri-Fold Rivets 3/16" x 5/8"

    These rivets hold the high-voltage board onto Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers.


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