Cimex CR48CM Rotary Encapsulate Machine Replacement Parts


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  1. Cimex Cyclone 19" with Pad Drivers

    Designed for a fast finish, the 19" Cimex Cyclone vanquishes the competition in a single pass, cleaning 2,500–4,000 square feet of carpet an hour. Job speed is enhanced by direct-to-pad solution administration—no spraying necessary!

    • Cleans 2,500–4,000 square feet of carpet an hour!
    • Direct-to-pad solution administration—no spraying
    • Floating cleaning heads provide effective agitation
    • Reversing cleaning action extends life of brushes and pads
    • The most labor-efficient machine on the market

    Price: $2,598.68

    Sale: $2,502.37

  2. Cimex White Nylon Tile and Grout Brushes (3 PK)

    White nylon brushes for cleaning tile and grout. Fits Cimex machine. Sold in package of 3.

    • Fits Cimex machine
    • Designed for cleaning tile and grout
    • Sold in a set of 3
  3. Cimex Floor Pads, 7 3/4 Inch (15 PK)

    Use these replacement pads for the Cimex machine when buffing and cleaning hard floors. Sold in a case of 15.

    • Replacement pads for Cimex machine
    • Available in champagne, gray and red
    • Sold in case of 15

    Starting at: $17.77

  4. Set, 3 Pad Driver Cyclone 38 (3862)
    Set/3 Pad Driver Cyclone 38
    • Cimex USA
    • Pad Driver Set
    • For Use with Cyclone 38

    Price: $233.69

    Sale: $147.69

  5. Cimex Pad Driver InstaLock (3 PK)

    Set of three InstaLock Pad Drivers for the 19" Cimex machine.

    • Fits Cimex 19-inch machine
    • Three drivers to get you up and running
    • InstaLock locks right into place
  6. Water Feed Elbow for Cimex Cyclone

    This water feed elbow fits the Cimex Cyclone.

  7. Cimex USA Rotary Switch w/ Knob (40119)
    Cimex Rotary Switch
    • Rotary Switch
    • Comes with Knob
  8. Cimex USA Pivot Bracket L/H w/ Bearing (054172)
    Pivot Bracket L/H Clayflex Bearing Included
  9. Cimex USA Pivot Bracket R/H w/ Bearing (054173)
    Pivot Bracket R/H Clayflex Bearing Included
  10. Cimex USA Tubing Cimex19p (40059)
  11. Cimex White Nylon Carpet Brushes with Diffuser (3 PK)

    This long-lasting carpet brush is safe for commercial carpets. Made with a diffuser to help distribute detergent evenly over carpet.

    • Long lasting
    • Distributes solution evenly
    • Safe for commercial carpet
  12. Replacement Belt for Cimex Cyclone

    This replacement belt fits the Cimex Cyclone.


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