Cimex CR48CM Rotary Encapsulate Machine Replacement Parts

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  1. Cimex Cyclone 19" with Pad Drivers

    Designed for a fast finish, the 19" Cimex Cyclone vanquishes the competition in a single pass, cleaning 2,500–4,000 square feet of carpet an hour. Job speed is enhanced by direct-to-pad solution administration—no spraying necessary!

    • Cleans 2,500–4,000 square feet of carpet an hour!
    • Direct-to-pad solution administration—no spraying
    • Floating cleaning heads provide effective agitation
    • Reversing cleaning action extends life of brushes and pads
    • The most labor-efficient machine on the market
  2. Cimex White Nylon Tile and Grout Brushes (3 PK)

    White nylon brushes for cleaning tile and grout. Fits Cimex machine. Sold in package of 3.

    • Fits Cimex machine
    • Designed for cleaning tile and grout
    • Sold in a set of 3
  3. Cimex Floor Pads, 7 3/4 Inch (15 PK)

    Use these replacement pads for the Cimex machine when buffing and cleaning hard floors. Sold in a case of 15.

    • Replacement pads for Cimex machine
    • Available in champagne, gray and red
    • Sold in case of 15

    Starting at: $20.00

  4. Set, 3 Pad Driver Cyclone 38 (3862)
    Set/3 Pad Driver Cyclone 38
    • Cimex USA
    • Pad Driver Set
    • For Use with Cyclone 38

    Price: $239.04

    Sale: $147.69

  5. Cimex Pad Driver InstaLock (3 PK)

    Set of three InstaLock Pad Drivers for the 19" Cimex machine.

    • Fits Cimex 19-inch machine
    • Three drivers to get you up and running
    • InstaLock locks right into place
  6. Water Feed Elbow for Cimex Cyclone

    This water feed elbow fits the Cimex Cyclone.

  7. Cimex USA Rotary Switch w/ Knob (40119)
    Cimex Rotary Switch
    • Rotary Switch
    • Comes with Knob
  8. Cimex USA Pivot Bracket L/H w/ Bearing (054172)
    Pivot Bracket L/H Clayflex Bearing Included
  9. Cimex USA Pivot Bracket R/H w/ Bearing (054173)
    Pivot Bracket R/H Clayflex Bearing Included
  10. Cimex USA Tubing Cimex19p (40059)
  11. Cimex White Nylon Carpet Brushes with Diffuser (3 PK)

    This long-lasting carpet brush is safe for commercial carpets. Made with a diffuser to help distribute detergent evenly over carpet.

    • Long lasting
    • Distributes solution evenly
    • Safe for commercial carpet
  12. Replacement Belt for Cimex Cyclone

    This replacement belt fits the Cimex Cyclone.


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12 Item(s)