Blueline ThermalWave 2 Replacement Parts


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  1. Carquest Engine Thermostat 180 Degree (32428)
  2. Fuel Filter Assembly for Kubota Engine

    Prochem Fuel Filter for Kubota Engines

    • Fuel filter for carbureted units
    • Filter mounts under van before fuel pump
    • Will not work with diesel or fuel-injected engines


  3. Anti-Freeze Overflow Bottle

    KBT Bottle Overflow

    • Fits Prochem Performer and Bruin
    • Fits Blueline Thermalwave SM and Bluewave truck mounts
  4. Nissan Rotor

    Rotor for Nissan engine A12/A15 with electronic ignition.

    • Replacement rotor for Nissan A-12 and A-15 engines
  5. Nissan Distributor Cap

    Nissan distributor cap for the model A-12 A-15 engine.

    • Replacement cap for distributor
    • Fits Nissan A-12 and A-15 engines


  6. Spark Plug Nissan Engine

    Nissan spark plug for model A-12 and A-15 engine. 4 required.

    • Spark plug
  7. Oil Filter for Nissan Engine

    This oil filter fits the Nissan A-12 and A-15 engines. This filter should be changed very 100 hours. This filter's color/appearance may vary slightly from the photograph, however, it is still compatible with Nissan A-12 and A-15 engines.

  8. PCV Valve

    Nissan PCV valve for the model A -12 and A-15 engine.

    • Valve, PCV
  9. Valve, Cover Gasket Nissan A15 (GSK VS30018)

    Nissan valve cover gasket for model A-15 engine.

    • Gasket, Valve cover
    • For use with Nissan engines
  10. Chemical Pump Check Valve (42-809265)

    This check valve fits most Prochem stainless steel chemical pumps.

    • Check Valve
    • For Use with Many Prochem and HydraMaster Chemical Pumps
    • Ships Same Day
  11. Chemical Pump Disk (36-003)

    This plastic chemical pump disk works as a diffuser to cushion the diaphragm providing longer life to the diaphragm.

    • Chemical Pump Disk
    • For Round Style Last Step Chemical Injection
  12. Chemical Pump Diaphragm

    Diaphragm for chemical pump used on all Prochem truck mounts and on all non-HP BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Rubber diaphragm
    • For use with Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts
    • For use with select newer Hydramaster units
  13. Sensor, Temperature Gauge
    Temperature gauge sensor.
    • Variable Temperature Sensor
    • For Use with Various Styles of Truckmount
    • Free Technical Support
  14. Hour Meter

    Round hour meter used on ALL Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Hour meter
  15. Circuit Breaker, 20A

    20-amp, 12-volt circuit breaker is easy to install and resettable.

    • Circuit Breaker
    • 20A
    • Resettable
    • 30-008
  16. Gasket Thermostat Engine

    Nissan engine thermostat gasket for model A-15 engines.

    • Paper thermostat gasket for Nissan A12 engine


  17. O-Ring Y-Strainer

    This O-ring is .676 Id x .816 Od. It fits the Y-Strainer for the solution outlet assembly and the bypass manifold assembly for most Prochem and BLUEline units.

  18. 3.5" Diameter Flexible Exhaust Hose (2560-3500)

    3.5" Diameter high temperature hose sold by the foot.

    • Sold per linear foot
    • High Temperature
    • Silicone Impregnated
    • Supported With a Steel Wire Helix
  19. Sapphire Scientific ModuleZeems EFI  (36-208)
  20. 2" Vacuum Cap (19-013)
    2" vacuum cap.
    • 2" Cap
    • Found on ProChem Sapphire and Vortex Units
  21. Waste Tank Filter, 2"F Stainless Steel
    2"F stainless steel waste tank filter.
    • Stainless Steel
    • 2"F x 4"D x 10"L
    • Waste Tank Filter
    • PASS50-2-100
  22. Valve, 180 Thermal Relief

    General Pump 180° thermal relief valve.

    • General Pump
    • Thermal Relief
    • 180° Open
  23. TKX Lubricant, 16oz (4KK77)
    Aerosol blower lubricant. For use with all truckmount and blower types.
    • Blower Lubricant
    • Non Drying Oily Film
    • Displaces Moisture
    • Protects Against Corrosion
    • For use with All Vacuum Blower and Truckmount Types 
  24. Carquest Spark Plug Wires Nissan A15 (WIR354001)

    Package of 5 spark plug wires (WIR35-4001) Nissan A12/A15

    • Spark Plug Wires 
    • WIR35-4001
    • Nissan A12/A15

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