B&G 2-PB Sprayer Parts


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  1. B&G Deluxe/Stainless Valve Assembly (3000084)

    This plastic shut-off assembly fits both the PA-ETS2-EA and the PA-BGS2-EA sprayers.

    • Shut-off, plastic
    • PA-ETS2-EA and PA-BGS2-EA
  2. B&G Handle & Rod (43000250)

    Pump-up handle for all B&G sprayers.

    • Pump rod, plated.
  3. B&G BG/Deluxe Pump Barrel Rebuild Kit (43000152)

    Parts Kit for BG2

    • Plunger, parts kit
  4. B&G Chemical Resistant Pump-Up Sprayer with Plastic Valve (2 Gallon)

    Need a workhorse tank made of a durable, chemical resistant plastic with a funnel top designed for fast, easy filling? Grab this B&G model! This sprayer has a 40-inch heavy-duty hose, 12-inch brass extension and long-lasting valve.

    • Convenient 2-gallon size
    • Viton seals
    • Dual nozzle sprayer
  5. B&G 3gl Extension (22032132)

    18" Brass extension with tip for 3-gallon sprayer.

    • Extension, sprayer
  6. B&G Economy/BG/Deluxe Plastic Cap (43000371)
  7. B&G 40" Hose Assembly (33000067)

    This hose fits most of the B &G sprayers that we stock.

    • Hose, pump sprayer
  8. B&G Pump Spring for All Models (33000002)

    Spring for BG2

    • Spring, plunger
  9. B&G Economy Pump Wand (43000233)

    B & G sprayer 12-inch wand, used on the economy and deluxe sprayers.

    • Wand, extension
  10. B&G Deluxe/SS Valve Lever (33000011)

    Plastic replacement handle for the shut-off assembly on the PA-ETS2-EA and the PA-BGS2-EA sprayer.

    • B&G Sprayers
    • Trigger
    • For Use with Economy and Industrial Model Sprayers
  11. B&G 2gl Extension (22032131)
    ea 2gl Extension w/ Tip Cap Adapter (New style)

    Price: $16.86

    Sale: $11.25

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11 Item(s)