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  1. Heat Exchanger Coil and Shell

    Main stainless steel tube style heat exchanger fits Prochem Legend and Performer models. This part is sold as the coil and shell with mounting feet.

    • Replacement coil mount and casing
    • Does not include covers or shields
  2. Heat Exchanger HydraMaster CDS

    This heat exchanger is used on CDS units. This heat exchanger fits along the main tank and are sold separately.

  3. Prochem Heater Core Assembly, Copper
    Prochem part number: 8.602-978.0
  4. Core, HM Blower Heat Exchanger
    HydraMaster blower heat exchanger core.
    • HydraMaster 
    • Heat Exchanger Core
    • For use with Boxxer 421
  5. Heat Exchanger HydraMaster Maxx 450D & 470D

    Heat Exchanger Water to Water (Maxx 450D & 470D)

  6. Vac Preheater, BLUElineChamp

    Vacuum Preheater for Champ units using high pressure systems

  7. Heat Exchange Core For Titan
    ea Heat Exchange Core For Titan
  8. Vacuum Exhaust Heat Exchanger

    Vacuum exhaust heat exchanger pre-heats water by ducting blower exhaust through a radiator style coil.

    • For use with Prochem Blazer truck mounts
  9. Vac Exhaust Radiator

    Vacuum exhaust heat exchanger used on the Prochem Bruin series, Performer series, and early Legend truck mounts.

    • Aluminum tube and fin design
    • 5/8" hose barb
    • Top barb faces left
    • Bottom barb faces right
  10. Vac Exhaust Radiator

    Vac Exhaust Radiator

    • Aluminum tube and fin design
    • 5/8" hose barb
    • Top barb faces right
    • Bottom barb faces left
  11. Cover for Catalytic

    Cover for Catalytic

    • End cover for Catalytic heat exchanger
    • Fits Performer, Bruin II and older Legend truck mount units
  12. Assembly, Vac Pre Heat

    Assembly - Vac Pre Heat

    • Assembly - Vac Pre Heat
  13. Gasket Catalytic Converter

    Gasket for catalytic heat exchange system on the older Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Silver high temp gasket for catalytic heat exchangers
  14. Inlet Helicoil H.E. Fitting

    INL HE Helicoil H.E.

    • Inlet fitting for Helicoil heat exchanger part number PC-57520073-EA
  15. Gasket Blower Heat Exchanger

    Gasket for blower heat exchanger on most older Prochem truck mounts.

    • Rubber gasket for blower heat exchanger
  16. Cat HE Shield

    Cat HE Shield

    • Outer shield for Catalytic Heat Exchanger
    • Fits Prochem Performer, Bruin II and Legend truck mounts



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