Procter & Gamble Orvus Paste

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Procter & Gamble Orvus Paste
  • Gentle detergent for cleaning rugs and embroidery
  • Contains no dyes, perfumes, enzymes, or brighteners
  • pH: 7.8
  • For use on rugs and fine fabrics
  • Ready to use
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Orvus Paste, 7.5 lbs


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Orvus Paste, 7.5 lbs (4 PK)


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Product Information

Orvus Paste is an extremely gentle detergent for cleaning fine rugs and embroidery. It' neutral-pH, non-irritating formula will not discolor dyes. The gentle surfactant formula is made of 100% sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and is completely biodegradable. It contains no dyes, perfumes, enzymes, or brighteners that may harm or alter the color of rugs or fabrics.

Orvus Paste contains no phosphorous. It is a soft solid when cool. When warmed, Orvus melts to an amber liquid. It gives equally satisfactory residue-free results in either condition.



Chemical Type Water Based
Brand Procter and Gamble
Approved Use Wool
Scent Detergent
Cleaning Method Shampooing
pH 7.8
Material Carpet, Upholstery
Dilution Variable
Product Type Paste
Category Shampoos
Condition new